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My 1st World Problems as a Celebrity Dachshund

My 1st World Problems as a Celebrity Dachshund

I may be a celebrity, and you probably think my life’s as good as it gets. But don’t be confused, I have problems just like everyone else. It’s just that my problems are maybe, well, less ‘severe’ than some others’. Also, this post was by fan-request, so it’s not that I am particularly frustrated or… Read more!

Shoppin’ at PetSmart

Shoppin’ at PetSmart

Who doesn’t love a shopping spree? Or even more so, what celebrity doesn’t love a shopping spree? I definitely do. My favorite place to go to, (and really the only place I’m allowed into) is PetSmart. I try to make it a weekly thing. I still, however, do the majority of my shopping online. Did… Read more!

Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund

Crusoe is the wiener dog extraordinaire who has won the hearts of many through his wacky home-made outfits, viral videos, NYTimes Bestselling book, and larger-than-life personality.



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