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2021 wall calendar

2021 Wall Calendar

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2021 mini wall calendar

2021 Mini Wall Calendar

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2021 planner Crusoe

2021 Planner Calendar

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2021 box calendar

2021 Daily Calendar

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Crusoe’s Crew Mask

Daphne’s Bestest Words Mask

Oakley Dokily Face Mask

Classic Crusoe Logo Mask


BATDOG & Robin Mask

mask - daphne day

It’s a Daphne Day Mask

let it snow cute dachshund house garden flag

Let it Snow House/Garden Flag

christmas dachshund flag

Santa Paws House Flag

Hire Crusoe on Cameo

Personalized Crusoe Message

Using the Cameo app, hire Crusoe to say a personalized message for a friend or family member, such birthdays or well wishes, etc.

Hire on Cameo

crusoe on dvd

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Crusoe on DVD

crusoe 2nd book

Crusoe Book 2: Worldly Wiener Dog
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crusoe dachshund book

Crusoe Book – New York Times Bestseller
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crusoe dachshund emojis

CrusoeMoji App

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doggoramps small dog bed ramp

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DoggoRamps – Small Dog Bed Ramp

doggoramps couch ramp for dogs

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DoggoRamps – NEW Couch Ramp!

daphne tshirt crusoe store

It’s a Daphne Day T-Shirt ☀️

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crusoe art prints

Crusoe Fine Art Prints

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Chef Crusoe Apron

rather be fishing with crusoe tshirt

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Rather Be Fishing with Crusoe TShirt

crusoes crew official tee

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Crusoe’s Crew – Official Fan Member Shirt!

keep ballin

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Keep Ballin’ T-Shirt

who you callin a wiener cowboy crusoe

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Who You Callin’ a Wiener T-Shirt

innocent oakley tshirt

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Innocent Oakley Shirt

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Science is for Wieners TShirt

crusoe is my crush dachshund tee

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Crusoe is My Crush T-Shirt

wiener airways tshirt

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Wiener Airways T-Shirt

classic crusoe tee

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Classic Crusoe Shirt

rather be fishing with crusoe dog shirt

Fishin’ with Crusoe – Doggy T-Shirt

Crusoe is My Crush – Doggie Shirt
Rather Be Fishin'

WINGMAN Doggy T-Shirt

Cowboy Doggy T-Shirt

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Crusoe and Oakley Blanket

20% OFF
Crusoe and Oakley Blanket

Keep Ballin' Tote Bag

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Keep Ballin’ Tote Bag

Shopping Tote Bag

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Grocery Shopping Tote Bag

Cowboy Wiener Mug

wiener airways mug

Wiener Airways Mug

Get a Long Little Doggie Mug

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Long Dog Mug

Keep Ballin' Mug

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Keep Ballin’ Mug


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Crusoe Candle

Cru Crew Magnet

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Cru’s Crew Magnet

BATDOG & Robin Pillow

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BATDOG & Robin Pillow

Buddy Belts Harness

Buddy Belts Harnesses

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noodleandfriends jackets for dachshunds

Noodle & Friends Coats & Sweaters

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crusoe blanket bed

Crusoe’s Preferred Blanket-Bed

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Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund

Crusoe is the wiener dog extraordinaire who has won the hearts of many through his wacky home-made outfits, viral videos, NYTimes Bestselling book, and larger-than-life personality.



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