We are currently looking for a part-time (to start) helper with everything “Crusoe”. We’re looking for someone with a good understanding of a wide skill-set who can help out with a huge variety of tasks. We understand this might not fit for everyone, but if it does, and you’d love to work on a fluid, ever-changing, exciting project on developing the brand, fame, and supporting businesses of Crusoe, DoggoRamps, and more, then we’d love to hear from you.

Cool parts:

  • Flexible schedule
  • Spend time and develop content with a cute little dog
  • Develop a variety of experiences (creating viral videos, managing businesses and social media accounts, hands-on crafting and set design, etc)
  • Potentially travel involved for appearances or events
  • See the inner workings of a social-media famous dog and everything around that
  • Assist in managing business side as well, including DoggoRamps
  • Potential to develop to full-time and even take a stronger business role in the future

The areas you’ll be working on:

Creative Side:

  • Video/episode ideas, organizing shoots, filming, and post-production.
  • Photography, behind-the-scenes content, photo shoots.
  • Social media management of multiple Instagram and Facebook accounts.
  • Set creation, crafting and costuming.

Business Side: 

  • Customer service and order support
  • Email outreach to brands, media, and potential partners
  • Analytics of social media & website
  • New product/merchandise development

“Must-Haves” versus “Nice to Haves”:

Must Have:

  • A deep understanding of Crusoe’s brand and what we do
  • Intermediate to advanced photography
  • At least intermediate in PhotoShop
  • At least beginner understanding of videography
  • Social media account management & content creation
  • Good communication skills in writing and verbally
  • At least a little bit crafty 😉
  • Availability during some weekdays and weekends and owns a vehicle
  • Good understanding of budgeting (for video shoots, etc)

Nice to Have:

  • Video editing & post production (Adobe Premiere)
  • Understanding and ability to read analytics
  • Graphic design ability and nice style for web and products
  • Overall business savvy
  • Ability to use WordPress/Shopify and some HTML/CSS knowledge
  • Facebook ad management

Other notes:

  • There is ability to work at home for certain things, but most things at first will take place at Crusoe’s location, so vehicle is needed. (Our location is near Gatineau)
  • Certain video/photo shoots can occur at various times, whether weekday or weekend, so some flexibility to be available at different times is required.

Think you might be the right fit? celebritycrusoe@gmail.com




Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund

Crusoe is the wiener dog extraordinaire who has won the hearts of many through his wacky home-made outfits, viral videos, NYTimes Bestselling book, and larger-than-life personality.



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