I would like to take this opportunity to address some questions or concerns you may have with my lifestyle (as I obviously get some ‘questioners’ once in a while) – since I understand as someone “just looking in”, you may not have the full picture…

Does Crusoe Like Dressing Up?

Crusoe snow jacket dachshundI definitely don’t dislike it, and this is where many people get the wrong idea. Just because your dog may not like being dressed up, doesn’t mean I don’t. In fact, since I was just a puppy I had to wear coats, jackets, sweaters, and boots to withstand the cold outside our northern Quebec home – and life jackets out on the boat. Wearing costumes was just a natural progression, and it’s really “no biggie”.

But… I Know Dogs. How Can A Dog Enjoy This?

crusoe-movie-criticWell first of all, every dog – like every human, is different. Mum says, I’m “special”. I’ve always been extremely calm, cooperative and easy-going. It’s just in my nature, and it’s the reason that I’ve garnered the fame I have – because I can handle costumes and situations with ease where most dogs wouldn’t. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m a dog like any other dog, but photo shoots, flashing lights, and costumes, are something that are just part of my “routine”.

I truly enjoy the attention and the spotlight – not to mention the playtime and treats that follow every photo shoot!

When people see me in person, they often remark, “oh he’s so calm”. And it’s true. I have a very easy-going, no-worries personality. So please, I appreciate it, but don’t worry about me! 🙂

How Do We Know the Costumes Are Not Uncomfortable or Too Hot?

Mum and Dad always ensure any outfits I wear are comfortable and light-weight. For example, the police car, the airplane, and the fire truck, were all made of foam board and felt – very light weight and comfortable materials. And in any regard, I’m never in a costume for more than a couple minutes – and most of the time not even that long! dachshund bed rampEven if you watch a 4 or 5 minute video, that would have been shot in several takes, with plenty of treat and play-time breaks in between! We always ensure it’s a fun and positive experience! After all, why do you think I’m so cooperative?!

As a sidenote – and an example of just how well Mum and Dad are devoted to my well-being – they have constructed steps and ramps for every single sofa and bed in the house, and have baby-gates for each set of stairs. Since dachshunds have back issues, they take every precaution. The same applies for any outfit I wear.

But He’s a Dog! Doesn’t He Ever Get a Chance to Just Be “A Dog”?

dachshund-acupressure-vancouverHa. Well, remember that you’re judging my life just on the 6 or 15 second video you’re seeing once every week or two. And sometimes, I might even go a whole month without posing for a single photo. Life in between that is as good as can be.

Mum and Dad both work from home and treat me like their own child. I mean the world to them – trust me, I’m probably one of the most pampered and well treated dogs there is. If you’ve been a fan long enough and have read our stories and know Crusoe more than just one Facebook video you saw, you will know this too.

To the right is me getting a acu-pressure massage. (I get daily massages).

But Isn’t It a Bit Much? I Mean, Bunny Teeth?!

To use the Easter Bunny Video as a recent example, the outfit itself fits just like a coat or jacket. No problem there – I didn’t think twice about it. article-2634883-1E0FB4FE00000578-112_634x412The teeth are just a bit of cardboard that when slipped under my lip, I don’t even notice they’re there. It’s easy to get the wrong impression from a video when you don’t see what goes on behind the scenes, but I can assure you, this was easy-peasy.

All in all, there are many animals out there in this world that deserve your concern. I however, am lucky to live such an amazing life.

I understand that still not everyone may enjoy a dog in a costume or outfit. So if you’re one of those people, instead of giving yourself and me a hard time, feel free to unfollow.

And for all those who see the light-hearted fun and who can enjoy a laugh where it’s needed, thank you! 🙂

Keep ballin’,

~ Crusoe



10 Responses to FAQs

  1. No worries, dude. You bring a lot of joy to those of us that get Doxies. Otherwise, you can’t argue with the Internet. It ain’t worth the trouble. Keep ballin’!

  2. I live in Florida and I show my husband his pics and videos because I just love him. I think what you do is very creative and he seems just fine-calm and cool. I wanted so badly to see him at his meet up but could not. Maybe you all can come south next time? I look forward to meeting this special little guy one day.

  3. Someone recently made a somewhat ugly comment on my page when I shared a video of you Crusoe…but I assure you that Mom and I snatched them a bald spot right on their head! I too live a very blessed life and we love you and what your parents do! Keep ballin’ indeed!

  4. Dude we the two household seems like to hear mom laugh at your videos. She has even started looking for us fancy dress clothes, my daughter ate all our old dress clothes when she lived here as a pup. She had a real bad problem with chewing stuff up so now all that’s left is one summer dress of granny’s and one left over from a previous resident dachsie. That dachsie was a bad girl she was very tiny only about 8 pounds and was very fearful of little kids and mom was starting to get grandkids from my husissy and she would growl and snap at the babies so mom found her a home with no kids. We granny and me happen to love the grandkids, they get down on my level and play with me and I sneak in kisses when I can and listen to them squeal. We love you man.

  5. Cru, all of your long-time fans know how much you are loved and adored by your mum and dad! Hopefully if any of the new ones had any doubt, all that is erased now. Hollah!

  6. You are one lucky pup! It is so obvious to any but the most negative that you are loved and well cared for. Pffftttt…be happy ’cause you sure make me laugh!

  7. I was in the first few hundred of Crusoe’s Facebook fans. So I’ve kept up with him & Oakley since pretty much the beginning of his FB career. In the beginning, we saw & heard a little more about your home life. Believe me!!! Crusoe & Oakley have special parents! I said a couple of years ago that ya’ll will be on Ellen before it’s over with! I still think it will happen!! Keep posting for those of us that love it!! Dara

  8. I’m just impressed that you are able to complete your cooking shows without eating all the ingredients up front. My Sammy would never be so well-behaved.

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