My name is Crusoe and I am a miniature black and tan dachshund. But don’t take ‘miniature’ too much to heart. I was named after Robinson Crusoe for my deep sense of adventure and my natural ability to instill fascination in the public eye. My tagline is “the wiener dog who thinks he’s more of a celebrity than he really is”, but I think at this point I pretty much am a celebrity! You can read about me in the news here.

Interested in working with me as an animal influencer? See this page!

On multiple occasions vets have said I am the most muscular wiener dog they’ve ever seen. Just sayin’.

crusoe-book-nytimes-bestsellerI’m also the author of the self-titled, New York Times Bestselling book!

Learn more about the book here, and check out my new, second book right here!

Continuing with my story, it was shortly into my first year of life that I had my first debut on television for winning ‘best trick’ at an annual wiener dog event. After that, my life snowballed into that of a renowned international celebrity. On that topic, I also love snowballs..

Heck, I even won myself a People’s Choice Award for ‘Animal Star’ of 2018.

crusoe winner animal star people's choice awards1

I travel quite frequently, including to such places as Maine, Bahamas, Florida, France, Italy, Switzerland, Mexico, and having toured all across the US & Canada. I am an intrepid expedition leader and seeker of sexy ladies. My alter ego is also the infamous BATDOG.

My Family:

My parents are Ryan and Lauren, who are also my acting managers and promoters. They do a pretty good job but I’m always open to new managers who can fulfill more of my desired celebrity lifestyle on a daily basis. Here’s our family portrait.
crusoe and dad owner Ryan Beauchesne

Where I’m From:

I was born in Montreal, then raised near Mont Tremblant, Quebec for the first couple years of my life. It was then that I moved to the city, where I still am today, in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. However, I take a lot of weekend trips back to my original home (now considered my chalet) in the country, or to Toronto to visit my brother Oakley.

My Brother!

If you don’t know me super well yet and have maybe just seen me a coupel times online, you might say, “hey, isn’t there a second dog?!”

Yes, there is! It’s my half-brother named Oakley. We have same father, differnet mother, and I’m about a year older than him. You may also question why he’s not always with me in my videos. Well, he lives with the parents of MY parents who live in Toronto (I live in Ottawa), so we’re about a 5 hour drive apart. Unfortunately, that means we only see each other every couple months for holidays or if his parents go away for a while, then we look after him.

Oakley is the perfect compliment to my handsome, chivalrous, and chiseled self, as he is clumsy, goofy, and often confused – but all in all, a big cutie!

Surgery & IVDD:

crusoe learning to walk again after surgery25% of dachshunds will encounter an issue with IVDD (intervertebral disc disease). Unfortunately, I’m part of that percentage, because in August 2016 I underwent emergency surgery on my spinal cord to remove ruptured disc material. Mum and Dad were heartbroken but determined to help me recover. Many people have said they have showcased the best possible example to help a dog recover from IVDD, and my recovery and rehabilitation process has been document in these blog posts & videos. I have also created a page specifically dedicated to IVDD on my site to help other dog owners going through similar issues.

I am happy to say I made a full recovery and am pretty much back to 100% my old self. Prevention is key, and that’s how I hope to avoid any other future episodes.

Happy to Have You!

Always happy to make new friends and fans! 🙂

Just read a few of my blog posts and you’ll see what I’m all about. Or read what the media is saying about me here or what my fans are saying about me on my quotes page.

Subscribe to my blog by entering your email in the box at the top-right. I only post once a week, so that’s the max number of emails you’ll get from me. I also highly recommend you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, which are pretty much the continuations of my blog. And don’t forget to check out my book!

As I always say,

Keep ballin’,

~ Crusoe

Crusoe on log



69 Responses to WHO DAT DOG?

    • I am from greenfieldpark qc we rescued a dachshund about 8 years ago from the west island.is it possible Caruso has a sister he doesn’t know about? The resemblance and mannerisms are extremely similar. I can send you some pics of Lucy if you are interested..

  1. Hi Crusoe, my Mommy just found you on reddit and subscribed to your blog. I love it! You’re really handsome. I’m just a big chub. My uncle even calls me Chubs. I’m paralyzed because of IVDD, and I created a blog of my own to spread awareness of IVDD and how it affects us. Maybe you can check it out sometime. I would like to make a post featuring your blog too if that’s okay; I’ve just never met another doxie blogger!

  2. Hi Crusoe,
    We’ve managed to hijack Mom’s iPad. We may get busted so we’ll have to make this quick. We love the potty pic and wonder if you would sell us a print. Mom and Dad are Veterinarians and we think your potty pic would look great in the clinic restroom and may help encourage some of the patients to mind there potty habits. Ooh, here comes Mom, gotta go…
    Scooter and Doodle

  3. hi crusoe!! i just have a dog like you 🙂 he is a male (too) but he is really stubborn xD i’m used to it 🙂 byes!


  4. October 28 is a great day for a birthday. It’s my birthday too – I turned 12 this year. And I’m a black-and-tan dachshund too!

  5. Hi Crusoe! i just wanted to know if i can have a picture of you! i am a really really really big fan! Oh! i(molly) am a dapple dachshund and my sister Gracie is a regular dachshund. we have another sister named pebbles she is a Maine coon. Well i hope i can get a picture and can you sign your name to? i’ll tape that picture(hopefully with signature( to my owners room. Thanks! your biggest fan!

  6. Hi Crusoe! i just wanted to know if i can have a picture of you! i am a really really really big fan! Oh! i(molly) am a dapple dachshund and my sister Gracie is a regular dachshund. we have another sister named pebbles she is a Maine coon. Well i hope i can get a picture and can you sign your name to? i’ll tape that picture(hopefully with signature( to my owners room. Thanks! your biggest fan! I hope you and i can be friends!

  7. Hi Crusoe, I’m Loverboy, but mom and dad call me Lb. I’m a 5 year old tan dapple standard doxie. I recently became a big brother to a 2 legged sister and it is the best job in the world. I didn’t think I would like that job much but it has so many benifits…. like someone else to give me treats. My mom says you are I are so much alike because we are both ladys men, but I tend to go after taller women, my main woman is a Doberman named Miley. Well I just wanted to say hi and tell you I’m a big fan.

  8. Hi Crusoe! My name is Dash and I’m eleven months old. I am a Dachshund and Mini Pin. My previous family had to give me up because they weren’t allowed to take me to their new home, but they found another family that is so awesome! This is my first day home with them and it is so cool here! I have an older brother and sister (two legged ones) and a younger brother that has special needs. He has Down Syndrome and Autism and can’t talk. While that makes me a bit sad, I love spending time with him. He likes to chase me around and feed me treats. I feel so blessed that I get to be a part of his life.

    My new mommy is a huge fan of yours! Can’t wait to read more of your blog while sitting on her lap.



  9. Hi Crusoe! I am Louis a 3 year old daschhound and I am so jealous of you! To prove it I stole my kid Gretchen’s tablet it’s supper time gotta go.

  10. Hey my Doxie friend, my name is Rascal, I’m a red dachshund, 5years old. I sit in my dads lap everytime he gets on that TV that has buttons that he keeps tapping with his fingers and that thing he calls a mouse, well it doesn’t look like a mouse, anyways I watch you everytime he watches you. I wished I was there to play. Can you please send me a autographed picture of you saying, to Rascal… Thanks Crusoe. Love you buddy.

  11. Hey there Crusoe ! My name is Isabella Francine. I’m also a black and tan mini wiener. I swear we could be twins! I love, love, love going for walks! But it never fails , I always hear some little kid yelling, “look mommy, it’s a wienie dog”! Crazy, isn’t it ? Like no ones ever seen a wienie dog before ! Do you ever get the same comment ? Anyway, I just wanted to tell you ,I think you are totally amazing. My mom really enjoys your website ! Keep it coming ! My best to you. Love, Isabella { Bella }.

  12. As a little dog myself (not a dachshund but a black and tan mutt) it is wonderful to see that you are super famous seeing as it will be inspiration for me to become queen of the world or at least my property because my owners NEVER ever treat me like the queen I am.

  13. Hi Crusoe! I love to follow you! Thank you for all the creative ideas and the good cause that you are doing! Way to go Crusoe! By the way, my name is Bentley, a mixed Bichon Poodle. You are my model!

  14. Hi Crusoe, my name is Murph – I’m a dachshund, but my parents just call me “wiener dog”. I like to travel just like you. I envie you because of all the colorful costumes that you get to wear.

  15. Hi Crusoe, Max here. I’m a piebald mini-doxie, age 6 months going on 12 years (i.e. Mom says I’m very smart for my age). Everyone thinks I’m a beagle at first sight due to my coloring (white with medium cream patches),they’ve never seen a piebald doxie before, but my Mom says I’m the cutest dog ever! I love your blog – my Mom subscribes and loves it too. We’re so glad you opened your store and plan to buy something from it in the future. I wish I could find some items on other sites that have my piebald colors, but alas I haven’t found anything yet. I guess the world isn’t yet ready for a piebald doxie! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you, and your Mom and Dad!

  16. Hi Crusoe : )

    Our doxie GiGi is a mini too, black and tan just like you! We were happy to see you when you came to Tampa. Keep on ballin!


  17. Crusoe this is Stuey I am the Foster Social Event Coordinator for Muddy Paws Second Chance Rescue and I would like to talk to you about making an appearance at one of our Meet and Greets. With you there helping us promote our foster dogs and pups to get their FUREVER HOME. Please help!

  18. Hi Crusoe!!
    My name is Morgan and I am a wired-hair doxie. I was curious why you don’t trust wired-hair doxies? I am super sweet and lovable and always love to play and give smoochies. My mommy and daddy love you and all the silliness you post about. So glad you have recovered from your surgery last year and that you have healed up great! I think you should come to Arizona so we could meet, we could have a lot of fun! You could also meet my sister Willow.

  19. HI Crusoe!
    My name is ABBY. I & my rescue step-brother Charlie look a lot like you but much bigger but just as sweet. I am a Doberman and he is a Coonhound and we love your outfits. Looking for a chef hat cause I cook with my mom all the time. I too had a terrible back injury. When I was 2 my daddy accidently ran over me with a four wheeler (I was chasing him). My doctors said I could have a very major surgery with pins screws and rods or if I could be still for a month and no movement I might heal on my own. With my loving mommy daddy and granny I laid for a month. I am 5 AND I am perfect now. I am so glad you are doing great with your surgery. Love your videos and hope to see more soon. Thank you for making my momma laugh.

  20. Hi Crusoe! My name is Zenah and I am a chocolate brown doxie who survived hurricane Katrina. I have a brother named Chester . My brother is black k and tan with white spots on his chest . I have degenerative disc damage and I had surgery in 2009. I am so happy with my wheel cart ! My parents talk about Crusoe and love your photos ! Crusoe, you are so handsome and stylish ! Glad you are better after your surgery ! Being in a wheel cart isn’t that bad , in fact , I can do pretty much everything my brother Chester does except climb steps . Life is great!

  21. Hi Crusoe,
    My name is Baxter and I just turned 1 years old. You are my hero, I have watched all your videos and they are awesome. When is your next vid coming? I can’t wait to see it. By the way you ‘Saloon Showdown’ vid is amazing the first time I saw it I laughed my and my family’s favourite part is when you say ‘Who you callin’ a wiener’ Ha! Anyway how is Oakley doing hope you two are well. Bye!

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  23. “The Amazing Spider Weenie” is the funniest thing I’ve seen all week! I’m sitting here on my couch watching Crusoe “wiener slap” the bad guy, and I’m laughing like an idiot! Too funny!

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  25. we love you, crusoe!!! you make us smile!! I adopted a very sweet and loveable female mini daschund that is dapple colored with blue eyes and you remind me of each other by your traits!! I just have called head over heels for the breed!! you are the best!!!

  26. Hey my adorable friend😊I do get a kick out of your adventures 😉 . Your good natured an adaptable personality has won over so many. Oakley is indeed the best brother to share the hijinks with. It would be a kind gesture if I may request a pawprint picture I’m 68 an don’t travel well so I am.unable to go see you. I can print one but to have your pawprint would make an ole lady smile☺. I had a sweetie for 14yrs his name was Dakota an its taking some time for my heart to adopt another. Thank you again for the warmth I get sharing you activities,even laughing which helps me. Go get’um Crusoe an Oakey. Thank your mum an dad for giving you the best healthy life an adventures

  27. hey crusoe i really like you a relalyl logtr. you are best boy

    whos a good dgogie
    whos a good dodgie
    you are
    thsats who
    love you

    you are best byo!!!!!!! lov u

    -dog lubr 600000

  28. “The Amazing Spider Weenie” is the funniest thing I’ve seen all week! I’m sitting here on my couch watching Crusoe “wiener slap” the bad guy, and I’m laughing like an idiot! Too funny

  29. We love all things “Crusoe and Oakley” — I am a Business teacher in Coatesville, Pennsylvania USA and would love to buy a copy of the Crusoe the Tax Accountant photograph. I have Crusoe’s calendar proudly displayed in my classroom (I also teach Marketing) and it is the perfect visual example for beautiful dogs in advertising!

  30. I want to know where Carusoe’s Family got or made their ramp cover for the front steps of front door. I can’t seem to find any that look. All I see are for cars. My dachshund Beau has hurt his back a d he cannot get up the steps outside. Please let me.

  31. Hi Crusoe! You are so handsome! I have watched almost all of your youtube vids! They are awesome! I love you!

  32. Si tu mascota es adulta, llévala a un chequeo anual con el veterinario. Los perros y los gatos deben ser vacunados una vez al año contra las enfermedades más comunes (rabia, distemper, parainfluenza, parvovirus, entre otras). En algunos casos específicos, se debe vacunar contra otras enfermedades, como es en Brasil, en donde es recomendable la vacunación contra la Leishmania.

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