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Interested in working with Crusoe for your next campaign? Find some quick details below, and just email when you’re ready to discuss! Just like you look for the right animal influencer for your campaign, we too look for brands that are a good fit to our brand and beliefs.


Crusoe is a miniature dachshund with an eccentric, whimsical, and larger-than-life personality who travels and experiences the world from his own unique and comical perspective. He is best known for his wacky videos often featuring his unique homemade outfits which together have topped over 1.1 billion views, many of which reaching 30+ million views individually. Not only a movie star, Crusoe is also the author of his own award-winning blog and New York Times Bestselling book, with his second book just released in Fall 2018. Not only that, but Crusoe has also seen success with major merchandise deals for calendars, plush toys, and more, and has partnered with many brands under influencer partnerships including Kraft Heinz, American Express, Bayer, and more. Crusoe was also the recipient of the 2017 Shorty Award for ‘Best Animal Influencer’ and 2018 People’s Choice Award for ‘Animal Star’, the first year for that category.

He is 8 year’s young and lives in his home of Ottawa, Canada, yet spends several months of the year at his Florida home. In 2016, Crusoe underwent surgery on his back for a ruptured disc followed by months of rehabilitation. Many considered it a textbook example of rehabilitation routine, and we are so thankful to say he is now back to 100% his happy little self.

NETWORKS (last updated May, 2021):

Platform Followers Comments
Facebook Fan Page  3.1M Alongside our regular daily pics and little videos, we are also releasing weekly “episodes” of about 5 minutes in length and have had amazing traction so far. Crusoe’s Watch Show is the 12th most followed Watch Show globally and its viewer retention metrics are extremely strong. We are proud to have such a devoted, loyal fan base with amazing engagement.
Facebook Fan Group  150K A quickly growing fan group with exceptionally high engagement, activity, and viewership of posts. Posts done to main Facebook Page are often shared through to the group to boost organic exposure among fan base even further.
Blog & Email List  Pls inquire. Readership is high and loyal with long session durations, high engagement in comments, and post-shares in the thousands.
 Instagram  840K Engagement to follower ratio quite high, and appeals to slightly younger audience than the Facebook fans.
 YouTube  1.4M High, reliable viewership numbers and good longevity of content.
 TikTok  1.5M Just started experimenting with TikTok in mid-2017 and have already reached 20K followers in a short period. It should be a good platform to each the Gen Z audience.
 Twitter  32K Not a main network for our online presence but we keep up appearances there! 😉
Total: >7M A total following of almost 3 million, and not including blog subscribers and website readership.


Although varying slightly by platform, the general audience of our fan base is as follows:

  • 70% female, 30% male
  • Top country is USA, followed by Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia.
  • Majority are dog owners, generally small dogs but not all.
  • Age range varies by platform.


  • 2018 People’s Choice Award for Animal Star
  • New York Times Bestselling Book.
  • 2017 Shorty Award Winner for ‘Best Animal Influencer’
  • One of People Magazine’s Top Animal Influencers (June 26 2017 issue)
  • Seen on Good Morning America, Ellen DeGeneres, GoPro and more.
  • See all press & media coverage here.


Here are some of the brands we’ve worked with in the past or are continuing to work with. Alongside the more typical influencer campaigns for product or service promotion, we have also worked quite extensively with tourist boards, hotels, and attractions for destination marketing given Crusoe’s “frequent flyer” and “world traveler” status! 😉

famous influencer dog brands work

“Working with Ryan and Crusoe was one of the best influencer experiences I have had so far. From the beginning steps of the process through to the end, Ryan did more than expected which made him very easy to work with. Ryan and Crusoe far exceeded our expectations. I would definitely work with them again in the future and I highly recommend them to anyone.”

– Justin Jones, CEO/Founder, Internet Marketing Expert Group, in regards to the Visit My Smokies campaign.


Campaign: Description:
Book Tour For our very first book tour across North America, we partnered with Marriott Hotels, and specifically their Residence Inn brand, as well as the tourist boards of each city we went to, including California State Tourism, Visit San Francisco, Visit LA, Visit Dallas, Discover Atlanta, and more. We spent several days in each place where we conducted a book signing to meet fans, but also to explore the area and develop some great content about the fun and interesting things you can do with (or without) your dog in the city, as well as share unique features of each hotel location we stayed at. So all the while on tour, we were exploring, developing, and sharing some amazing content, promoting the destination and the accommodation, that was then propagated further by the tourist boards and Residence Inn social pages.
Heinz Spokeswiener For Kraft Heinz’ 2016 SuperBowl ad which featured dachshunds running towards condiments in hot dog costumes, Heinz approached us to be their animal influencer “spokeswiener” around the commercial and the campaign. We traveled to New York and Chicago for media hits to encourage viewership of the commercial; we live-tweeted the SuperBowl game from the Heinz headquarters whilst taking over their account, and created supporting social media content to create excitement around the spot and also to promote votes for the commercial under USA Today’s Ad Meter. We were able to help them garner the #2 spot! (We were so close to getting #1, though!)
Petco & Amex For a promotion American Express was running in partnership with Petco (essentially, spend a certain amount of money with your Amex card and receive a certain extra value), we created a cute 30-second video for social media to advertise the promotion. To this day, it’s the fastest influencer-made promotional video of theirs to hit 1 million views.
No Bite is Right Bayer Canada has engaged us for so far two years in a row to be the ambassador for their No Bite is Right campaign, promoting awareness and adoption of their topical flea and tick prevention product. This has included a multi-week long tour across Canada, hosting events with fans and conducting endless media hits to talk about the cause and Crusoe’s own experience with a tick. The PR company working on Bayer’s behalf commented that the viewership numbers they reached via the media hits and social media views was much more than they ever could have afforded by putting their marketing dollars straight to those media outlets as ad buys.


crusoe and ryan dad
If you have a campaign you think would work well for me, and me for you, send us a message! We love working with brands that we have an affinity with.

Talk to you soon,

Ryan & Crusoe


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Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund

Crusoe is the wiener dog extraordinaire who has won the hearts of many through his wacky home-made outfits, viral videos, NYTimes Bestselling book, and larger-than-life personality.


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