Ep 10: Oakley Goes to School

Well, Oakley’s back to school episode is currently my second most-popular episode of this season! I am happy for him, but also just a “tad” worried he may steal the Oscar I’ve been working towards! ๐Ÿ˜‰ย  Jokes of course, I’m happy the fans seem to love his adorable personality and looks so much <3

I mean, how does this little puppy on his way to school NOT tickle your cute receptors?! ๐Ÿ˜‰

oakley cute dachshund goes to school

Guys, if you didn’t hear yet, I’ve made it to the FINALIST round in the People’s Choice Awards, and I still need your votes! I know it’s a lot to ask – to vote 25 times per day for me – but this is a race of the “People”, or rather, the “fans”, and the most dedicated fans will determine who will win this! Vote here! (This link will open in new tab if you want to open it now for later but keep reading this post). You can vote multiple ways every day, voting closes Oct 19

So continuing, let’s take a look at how this episode was made, and some of the bloopers to go with it!

But first, let’s watch the episode here:

At 3.6 million views at the time of writing this, heck, it might even give Jurassic Wiener a run for its money!

People seemed to love Oakley’s opening scene of waking up in his cute mini bed to his alarm clock.

Cute Dachshund Waking up for School

Now if you were wondering if this is Oakley’s real bedroom… it is. And if you have a good eye, you might have noticed that the bed he is sleeping on is the same bed as the one from our prison cell in PRISON BREAK. Since it wasn’t tempurpedic, I just gave it to him.

We had lots of people asking how we got Oakley “trained” to fall asleep. Haha.

ADORABLE dachshund sleeping

He wasn’t trained to do that. It’s just a waiting game. The humans coax Oakley to sleep with soft pets on his head and gentle words, and sitting and being very quiet…

Oakley Falling Asleep

And after all that waiting, it just takes a little snap of the fingers to wake him up.

Oakley Dachshund Waking Up

It was a little more difficult when making Oakley fall asleep during the history class, though! It seems there was always some sort of noise that distracted him; a truck going by, a crack, people down the hall, etc, etc.

Oakley Falling Asleep in Class

After breakfast, Oakley takes the bus (not missing it this time!) to school. We were very fortunate to have found such a fun, cooperative school to let us shoot this episode there – and also a bus driver who didn’t mind lending us her time and her bus!

But then again, who wouldn’t want to drive this guy to school?!

oakley dachshund cute school costume

If you’re wondering if Oakley is actually a Blue Jays fan, he sure is. In fact, he’s been trying out for the team for a while now.

Blue Jays Dogs Baseball

Having more characters (dogs) involved is always fun and makes for a great cast, but as my Dad always says, each additional dog makes it shooting what you want exponentially more difficult. So, lining up our expressions, directions of which way we were looking, actions, etc, is very tough! So you do need a bit of creative editing to make it all come together.

filming dogs actors movie

But, as you saw in the episode, it all worked out. Just need to keep it fun, and don’t forget to laugh while making it.

You may have also noticed, it seems dogs prefer not to leave a desk the same way a human would, by just stepping off the chair. Us dogs prefer to hop over the desk it seems…

Hopping over desks

The golden retriever you see here, whose name is Dillon, same as in the episode, is a huge sweetheart despite us giving him a bit of a bullish jock persona in the video. Fun fact, he was actually raised and trained through a puppy prison program. From there, he found his mom and is now working towards being a therapy dog. He also played the woman principal who was worried her curls would make her look too “goldendoodley”.

funny dog principal

We didn’t actual give the principal a name in the episode, but if you can think of a good one, tell us in the comments below!

Then there was Sandy, whose real name is Jayati, and who has played in a few episodes before, such as Lifeguard, Spacedog Cru, Anchordog, etc. Here’s a picture of her and Oakley sharing an ice cream cone during his dream sequence.

cute dogs sharing ice cream

She gets along swell with Oakley. In fact, they even get romantic. Sometimes too romantic, if you know what I mean… ๐Ÿ˜‰

Now, Oakley seemed to get all the attention with this episode, but it should be mentioned I still play THREE roles in this episode! I was myself, at the beginning and end, I was the math teacher, Mr D, and the history teacher, Mrs. Hooterson.

Mrs Hooterson History Teacher

Fun fact, my wig here is actual a piece cut from an owl plush toy, hence the name, Hooterson.

Any other questions about the making of this episode, ask us in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer them! ๐Ÿ™‚

Glad you guys liked this one, and I know, many of you are asking for a follow-up episode where we see Oakley and Sandy go on their date! Maybe one day we’ll make that happen, but for now there are only TWO episodes left in Season 2… So don’t miss ’em!

And don’t forget to vote for me in the People’s Choice Awards! A vote for me is a vote for Oakley, too, because I promise I’ll share it with him! ๐Ÿ™‚

oakley school dog

~ Keep studyin’,

~ Crusoe



29 Responses to Ep 10: Oakley Goes to School

  1. Love this episode especially the lunch scene. My big dog, Lucky, would have eaten his lunch, the bag, socks if possible, and anything else he could find. lol
    I vote every day! Go for the win!

  2. Love him in his bed and tossing the alarm clock.
    Loved Crusoe in all his roles, of course!
    GREAT show. What patience and talent your mum and dad have as well. Keep ’em coming.

  3. There should be a double date episode, with Crusoe and Paisley and Oakley and Sandy. They can go to a nice restaurant and forget their wallets and the boys have to lick dishes clean, or maybe all four run for it. . .

  4. I love watching your videos every week & I know Crusoe & Oakley are brothers so my question is do you own him to

  5. You need to go big time tv show! I love watching your videos & all more than any other movie or series out there. Family fun, humour , beautiful scenery, & of course Crusoe & friends!!!

  6. This episode is thoroughly delightful. Kudos to Oakley and his facial expressions. Crusoe is such a natural. Love both to pieces as they are hugely entertaining as ever. More episodes please. I enjoy their scenes immensely. More power to you boys. Now let’s vote for Crusoe.

  7. Miss Weatherbee. I also would like it if Oakley would be allowed to have his English accent all the time. I think it is adorable. Make a joke about it every once in a while. Say ever since he binge watched Downtown Tabby he’s never been the same.

  8. Is it hard to film dogs and kids in the same scene? Do they distract each other? Thank you for the creativity, fun, and joy you bring us each day!

  9. Johnโ€™s idea about the double date is great. I say โ€œnoโ€ to big time TV. This experience is way more fun, and brightens up my world! I have the apron (had to have it, actually), and cannot wait to impress my guests with it.

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  12. I especially love the interaction between the brothers. Their distinctly different personalities add to the humor. Make more Oakley vlogs and more videos with the activities of the brothers. An idea for a video based on something my grandson did when he was on a T-ball Little League baseball. All the kids were about 4-5 yr old. All the kids except my grandson just stood at their bases/position and never played the balls hit to them. My grandson took over all the action, running after each hit ball and returning it to the pitcher. Crusoe could do that. And my grandson even took over batting then fielding his own hit ball. Maybe Oakley could be the umpire and Crusoe would disagree with his calls that didnโ€™t favor Crusoe. I am in love with the wiener brothers!

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