Episode 7: In the Kitchen with Chef Crusoe

By this time you’ve probably seen Chef Jacques Crusoe’s new cooking episode where he prepares the French classical dish of ‘Coq au Vin’!

Chef Jacques Crusoe

And if you’re anything like this person, you may be going on your 20th+ time viewing! 😉

chef crusoe 20 times

So if you haven’t already, or want to watch for your 21st time.. check it below, and then after that, I’ll show you more about how this episode was made and some of its best parts!

Amazingly, it’s been one of our best-received episodes to date! So, thank you fans! So happy you liked it. Perhaps there will be more cooking episodes by Chef Jacques Crusoe to come! Or perhaps Jacques’ third cousin; the Italian chef, will show up?.. or his 5th cousin, the British chef?.. 😉

You guys really seemed to dig many of the lines from this episode, which people are quoting already!

one liners

Here’s some of the fan-favorite lines from the episode! If I’m missing your favorite, let me know in the comments below!


One doggy, two doggy, three doggy rule!

A Frenchman never pulls out his carrot


non non non


And these, too:







Eesh. lol


One thing a few people asked about was how I was able to stand near all that hot food and pans!

Well, any shots of food cooking were done without me around. The pan was then put in the fridge to cool down, so I could do the next shot with cold food/pan. Then when that was done, I went on break, the food was cooked again, then put in fridge, and repeat for each step!

Phew, a lot of work, but also good because it gave me plenty of breaks… where I could go roll in the grass or something!

But how did I climb up into the garden box?

Crusoe Garden Box

Dad was my stepping stool, which is in essence, his role in my life.

And that’s about it! I won’t explain how I did everything, because a French chef must maintain some of the magic, after all!

Glad you all got such a tail-wag out of this one!

tail wag

And exciting news! Oakley is BACK for my next episode! BUT – bummer, we’re skipping a week, so instead of airing September 2nd like it was supposed to, the episode will air September 9th, just because it’s a long weekend for both US & Canada, and lots of people are going away for the weekend, etc (including myself), so yep, we’ll be back September 9th!

Stay tuned!

Keep lickin’,

~ Crusoe



10 Responses to Episode 7: In the Kitchen with Chef Crusoe

  1. Ooogmygootness….This episode has a ton of fodder for Urban Dictionary….”one doggie two doggie” “no no no..” a few of my personal favys! It may be time for another island getaway!I have to live vicariously you know!

  2. Hope to see more often with Crusoe and of course Oakley around too and your program has uplift me and love to watch over and over and it uplift my depression and anxiety and want to see more so I can think better

  3. How about a video starring Crusoe’s 7th cousin Chef Pancho from Spain? Pancho could prepare paella while educating his Canadian cousins Crusoe and Oakley on some Spanish traditions such as the Running of the Weiners in Pamplona, the tomato fight in Bunol, and the bull fights. Also, Pancho could take his cousins to a tapas bar, which ultimately ends up disappointing Crusoe and Oakley because they thought Pancho was saying “topless bar”, not “tapas bar”.

  4. After reading your blog, I had to watch again! The imagination that goes into these videos is awesome. Crusoe, you should be so proud of your parents (and yourself, of course)! Love ya

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