Episode 1: Jurassic Wiener, Behind the Scenes

Welcome to the first behind-the-scenes and bonus content blog posts which will follow each episode of the new season of The Crusoe Show on Facebook Watch. We’re stepping things up a notch with my latest season, making it bigger and better than ever – and part of what we’re doing is re-starting the blog with extra episode content! So, welcome back, and to kick things off let’s take a look at the making of episode 1, Jurassic Wiener!

But first, if you didn’t already watch the episode itself, Jurassic Wiener (Episode 1):

This episode is already my most popular episode ever! And probably because of my remarkable acting skills. In fact, my acting was so good you probably did not even realize that I played every single Wienersaur seen in that episode. Hence the reason I have a Hollywood Walk of Fame star…

crusoe star episodes

In fact, let me just list out all the roles I played for you…

– Velociwiener
– Triwienertops #1-4
– Stegawienersaurus #1-4
– Tiwienersaurus Rex
– Background shrub from scene 5, timestamp 1m:36s (minor role but I’ll include it anyway)

That’s 11 roles I played. Probably a Hollywood record for a single production. But I have to give credit where credit is due. My supporting cast were pretty decent, too. Here I am enjoying some belly rubs from [in Jurassic Park narrations style] “the two girls who were on holiday without their parents“…

crusoe actors episode 1

Now, let’s learn a bit more about the actual species of wienersaurs, starting with the herbivores.

The triwienertops is short and stout, weighing on average about 11 pounds. It’s three horns are sharp and can inflict major damage to ankles if it charges.

It eats only grass.

The stegawienersaurus is a pretty much the same size. Heck, all wienersaurs are about the same size.

Except the stegawienersaurus eats sticks.

dog dinosaur costume

The tiwienersaurus rex is a carnivore, and generally prefers to attack quietly from below, going for the ankles first, which is why they are hard to see coming. However, you can generally hear or feel them coming since despite their size, they weigh about 15 tons, thus making their footsteps ground-shakingly loud.

Here’s a shot of Tiweenie Rex (for short) who just caught a pathetically helpless victim, and is getting those ankles nice and slobbered up.

tiwienersaurus rex

Finally, the velociwiener, which is probably the fan favorite, is cunning, intelligent, and with a hunger like that of a wiener dog – which makes it a fearsome predator.

So don’t be fooled by its rather cute, cuddly appearance. That’s how it tricks you.

velociwiener dinosaur dog costume cute

Testament to its quickness,, it still managed to break out of its pen despite top-of-the-line security and perimeter control.

Pretty cool cage, huh? Again, we’re stepping things up a notch, meaning more props, costumes, sets = awesomeness! 😀

And here’s something you didn’t know – if you like wienersaurs (which, who doesn’t?!), well then guess what? There’s a chapter in my new book (coming out soon, get details here) which features me as a dinosaur paleontologist! I’ll leave it at that for now 😉

Hope you’re ready for Episode 2 coming Sunday at 10:30am on Facebook Watch. Here’s a quick hint as to what it might be about!
tease episode 2


See you soon!

~ Crusoe



23 Responses to Episode 1: Jurassic Wiener, Behind the Scenes

  1. YOU astonish me Crusoe! I can’t even guess how you managed to study for all these roles! The different sounds, different moves,changed of costumes!!! I can see, “and the academy award goes to” in your remediate future. A star is born!!!

  2. Lassie there is a new movie dog in town his name is Crusoe. He is going to be as famous as you were.

  3. It was a cinematic tour de force, Fri. Do you suppose the Queen might be knighting you? I think perhaps.

  4. I love Jurassic Park! I can’t wait to see more! I just can’t say enough about it we just love Crusoe! You did such a good job at it!

  5. Crusoe You’re acting ability is amazing doing all those parts Yourself! I can’t wait for the next one and of course I share with all my friends.

  6. Crusoe- Welcome to Hollywood! Love your sculpted body an acting abilities. I am looking forward to seeing more episodes.

    • I just love watching the Crusoe movies. I really like the Jurassic weiners episode! Keep them coming Crusoe!! I hope someday you will visit South Carolina so I can meet you!

  7. Cru, you were great in each role. Cant wait to see more. Tell Dad he was awesome for putting all this together. Y’all make my day. Thanks.

  8. Cru loved it. It gets a 4 plus paws. You were great in all of your rolls. Kudos to the other cast and crew (Cru) members. Your director and costume designer were excellent. Can’t wait for the next one. Also love that the blog and behind the scenes are back. Love you Cru you alwsys make me smile

  9. Cru you deserve to win the Oscar for such a great performance! Loved your latest as well as all the others.

  10. Love Cruesoe, Oakley. Others and of course my 2 weiner dogs Rory and Romi!! Thanks for the great entertainment! So gtrwat and hilarious!! I think I successfully subscribed on Facebook.❤❤ please let me know, I have a hard time due to being old, technically challenged and Multiple Sclerosis. I constantly hit thef wrong buttons!

  11. Thank you for making our day. The news is so disturbing that we need something joyful upon which we all can agree- Crusoe and his posse are awesome. Oh, and Canadians rock!

  12. I LOVE the T-Rex!! So Awesome! I’m making one for my Great Dane Sadie! Its going to be HUGE!
    You guys are awesome, Keep up the good work!

  13. These were so much fun. A lot of work, I know, but fantastic. It’s wonderful to end my day with this little bit of frivolity. Thanks to the whole gang for your hard work. I would certainly give you a Hollywood star..

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