Our Mid-Season Break & All That’s Been Happening!

Wowowow. It’s been one mega, super busy past month, with so many things happening and so many things changing. Not so much for me; I still do all my usual stuff like lazing on the back of the couch like a pussy cat, providing the relaxing background ambiance of nonstop squeaking that I know Mum and Dad enjoy, bugging them for dinner at absurdly early hours, and you know, once in a while a photo shoot or something.

cute dachshund sleeping

The point is, for me, I’m just chillin’. On the other hand, Dad has been heckin’ busy. Either he’s doing too much, or his time management is terrible. So I’ve already started conducting interviews for his replacement just in case it’s the latter.

crusoe interview questions

Then, we also had ABC News come all the way from New York to spend a whole day with me, documenting what it’s like to live a day in the life with a celebrity dachshund. This is for their own Facebook Show called Career Canines.

That should be coming out in March.

Shortly after, I had a Skype “meet & greet” with some of my younger fans from Ms. Seamon’s third grade class in Utica, New York, who have all been fans for a while and have been dying to meet me and ask me their many questions.

Skype with Crusoe14

Skype with Crusoe6

Skype with Crusoe1

Skype with Crusoe10

They were pretty impressed by my tricks, and my muscles.

And as you know, we’re experimenting with this new Facebook Watch Show, which are longer episodic videos featuring voice-over and dialogue, generally clocking in at about 5 minutes in length. Dad is doing these all on his own accord and entirely himself as something new and exciting for the fans.

So I guess that’s why they took a little break in Hawaii while I stayed with my grandparents at home, clearly NOT jealous that I didn’t get to come.

crusoe dachshund hawaii
It was okay though, because grandparents are MUCH BETTER at obliging my early dinner requests.

Plus, when Mum and Dad returned they brought me a new squeaky, which was nice. Even nicer though, they took me on a plane only two days later to go to Florida where I AM ALLOWED and where I am currently writing this from.

crusoe going to florida

(I may or may not have booked the flights to Florida while they were away).

dog ordering by telephone

Now, while I’m in Florida, I’ll be filming a couple of my upcoming episodes here. And for one of those episodes, I’m looking for ideally a nice family with 2-3 kids and a couple dachshunds who are willing to come meet me at the beach one weekend to participate in my video! This will be near Tampa, so if you think you’re right for this casting call, or know someone who is, shoot me a message or email!

Happy in the Sand

This year I’ve also partnered with my Canadian SPCA around their National Cupcake Day fundraising campaign, helping raise funds for shelter pups by hosting/selling cupcake/pupcake parties. You’ve probably seen Episode 4: Crusoe & Oakley Host a Cupcake Party, which judging by fan reaction is probably the favorite episode so far.

cupcake episode

In support of National Cupcake Day, I also made a visit to Toronto recently for a meet & greet/fundraiser with my local fans. It was a fantastic turnout with people of all ages and from all over. Here’s some of the notable standouts:

woolly mammoth

smile everyone

And this one was my favorite. This little guy’s birthday was on the same day as this event and he had a whole birthday party planned with his friends but decided to skip out on that and come see me instead. How heartwarming is that?

Crusoe kids fan

To make things even busier, we’re also starting to gear up for my second book coming later this year, which to me is my favorite type of content we make. Not to mention we’ll be going on tour to meet as many of you as we can.

crusoe book #2

Learn more and subscribe for updates on book #2 here.

On the not-as-happy side, you may have heard how Facebook is decreasing how often you’ll see posts from pages like me. So I compiled some easy and great ways you can diversify the way you follow us and not miss a post here! One of the simplest ways though, is to subscribe by email. I never email you more than about once a month and you can unsubscribe anytime.


So with so much happening, I’m almost getting stressed myself just watching Dad try to handle it all. Almost. 

crusoe dachshund cutie

Lastly, in the soul-searching process of trying to find the right “voice” for my little brother Oakley, it was pretty amazing just to see all the people who are so passionate about the little man. And I guess some of you figured he deserved a little more of the spotlight, so we’ve created this t-shirt just for TEAM OAKLEY fans! Also happy to say 15% of proceeds will go towards National Cupcake Day.

(Please notice that the bow-tie cutely changes colors with the color of the shirt 😉 )

team oakley tee

Only available for 2 more days! Get yours here.

Thank you all for being such amazing, devoted, patient fans. I truly believe we may have the most loyal community out there and am so happy to have you with us on this journey!

And stay tuned for the next episode coming this Sunday which is my first “travel episode” where I go to St. Lucia!!!

Keep ballin’,




28 Responses to Our Mid-Season Break & All That’s Been Happening!

    • Love the boys😖 have they started to think about where they might like to go to college? College visits might be funnn❤️

  1. Thank you so much Crusoe for keeping us posted. You sure are One busy Pooch. I love you n your family. I live N of Tampa 30miles I would Love to meet you. But I don’t have any Daschunds any dog yet. Waiting for my Therapy dog after my 13th n 14th back surgeries next week.Enjoy 💝💝💝🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾 Please give doggie kisses to yourself n Oakley💝💝

  2. You brighten my day and make my Emmie so happy to see you and Oakley. Thanks to you and your Mum and Dad for all your love.

    • Dave, I’m so sorry for your loss. Please have rest in assurance that you and your sweet Charlie will be together again. <3<3…..

  3. Darling Crusoe, So lovely to witness and be a recipient of the Love and Laughter with which You, Mum, Dad, Oakley have been showering down upon us all. It’s grand. Just look at all those cute school children and all those other good people, some with their children (human and canine) who came to meet you — a strong voice for the silent ones — and support such a worthy and sweet (cupcakes!) fund-raising mission! Wonderful. Say, Cru, I thought that big, bodacious fan of yours was a Wooly Mammoth (or a Lion in a tie ) at first, too. 🙂 His tie says it all: He loves you, too ! <3 May you all greatly enjoy your much-merited vacation in Florida. (Now take care as to not swallow much sand as you play on the beach, ok, little one?). That was very thoughtful of you to book another vacation for your folks (and you!) as a surprise — and for the second day after they returned from their long flight from Hawaii ! No wonder you're looking into (an emergency?) replacement of your poor Dad! Did you get him a round-trip ticket or one-way? 🙂 It's delightful to hear yours and Oakley's voices now. To me, your voice is very Smart, Sophisticated and Sassy, very much'You' and I think that Oakley's voice is Absolutely Adorable, just like him, as well ! Oakley is very smart, also. I think that he, of course, could just get a little confused at times due to the wonderment and excitement of the various new experiences which he's been having as the brother of an important celebrity like you, Cru ! You understand. I mean, being that you and that other famous fellow, Bill Gates — (famous like you, but for stuff that has to do with a little thing called a 'computer') — share the same birthday of October 28th, I think you understand; right, little friend?:) I think that most of us — your fans — also enjoy seeing you simply lounging about on top of couches, resting under bedsheets, or just relaxing with your Mum — while contentedly squeaking your squeaky ball non-stop. 🙂 "Speaking' of your favorite squeaky balls, I think everyone loves the recent picture of you, sandwiched between your loving pawrents who are planting kisses upon adorable you, Crusoe! Emotionally gratifying for everyone who knows the feeling of having greatly missed someone they know and dearly love. Please thank them for sharing that important and special moment with us. <3 Will leave you now with a long ago, special song for you and your folks (sweet Oakley included) and sung by some very dear people to me ("The Flamingos"). Their song is called, "Mio Amore". ( That means "My Love"). Keep squeakin', mio amore ! <3 xoxoxo…

    • Aww, Crusoe, I’m sorry that ‘Facebook’ doesn’t understand that you and creators like you are different from big brands and media. Forgot to mention that I think your “Crusoe Show” is outstandingly well done in every way. Your editing skill, music choices, scripts and direction are excellent. I’m tellin’ ya, little buddy: Creative genius is at play within you and your pawrents and that’s why you’ve become such a big Doggy star. Yup! You’re a member of the awesome Canine Family; you’re no monkey or giraffe.:) Love your ‘Bob Ross’ hairdo in your “Wienie Workout High Intensity 3000 DVD” eoisode of “The Crusoe Show” (You and Oakley are So Cute in it ! I think I’ve nearly died laughing many times now watching your videos and episodes of your new show. (Oakley ‘just stopping by’ — “for a few weeks”; “Is Paisley Pregnant??” — I’d buy that magazine; When you had somehow sunk way down inside your little suit jacket at the Boardroom table. — your “A Day In The Life ..” episode. 🙂 There’s many more moments.:) 🙂 Didn’t intend for my ‘comment’ to be so long, Cru! If you get to read your fans’ comments here, you’ll see that I left you a lovely, little song by some friends who have passed on now, except for two who are still singing, spreading their light and love; that’s my way of thanking you & your family for yours. As one of “The Flamingos” songs put it, “Lovers Never Say Goodbye”. ‘So-long’ now and bless you, darlin’ Crusoe & Family….

  4. Thank you Crusoe for the smiles and laughter you give me and so many others who love you and Oakley. I had a dappled dachshund for 13 years, Dottie, and I miss her terribly everyday. Big hugs to you, Oakley and mom and dad and thanks for all you do ❤️🤗

  5. well mr Crusoe – you are the only person I selected on FB to “see these posts first” so take that, Facebook ! It doesn’t always work, so I did sign up for your monthly email (something else I rarely do) to make sure I don’t miss out. And y’all are true to your word about frequency , although I think Oakley might have scammed the list because I did get a suspicious email telling me to insist you give Oakleymore treats

  6. You go Crusoe. I don’t understand why FB would be so harsh as to not allow all of your posts to be seen. With all the sad and awful things they allow it just doesn’t make sense. We need more smiles and laughter in our lives and that is what you bring us. I’m personally routin’for ya’, and I see there are so many others just like me who want that smile everyday to make our days brighter. You are the “Rock” hound. Keep on keepin’ on little man.

  7. What can I say ….
    Crusoe is the best there ever is …
    Cute clever handsome wise intelligent amazing beautiful darn STRUCK gorgeous funny hilarious …..did I about cover this …. the best ever …you rock little guy we love you xx

  8. Wow,you are one triple D busy boy,Crusoe! Yes,I love the videos and appreciate all the hard work that goes into making them. Your mum and dad love you very much. Keep ballin,Crusoe,mum,dad,AND Oakley!!

  9. I’ve been pretty busy lately so I’m a bit late reading this blog post but, as always, I enjoy finding out what’s going on in your world. I can count on you to make me smile. Enjoy your trip to Florida. Catch a few rays for me! Keep ballin’b

  10. Interesting blog.
    No one will mind if you, Mum, & Dad take a breather every now and then. You need to always stay healthy and rested and avoid getting burned out.
    Please consider the Boston area when planning your book tour???
    ❤️ ☮️

  11. Thanks for your information. I hope it will help me to more careful about dogs. Thanks again. I know that was a great post. Thanks you so much again.

  12. So nearly 4 months have passed and there is no new blog update on Crusoe. I hope Crusoe still happy and look cooler each day. But I love Crusoe with that stylo orange spectacles, it reminds me of Snoop Dog, and I think one day I hope that Crusoe could meet Snoop Dog face to face and take a picture together. This could be the fun and adorable meme. I hope Crusoe will keep entertain us and also it bring the smile whenever I see a cool picture of Crusoe

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