The Crusoe Show Trailer & What’s New for 2018

A New Year means new adventures to look forward to! And I have a feeling it’s going to be a busy one…

So, what do I (and my brother Oakley) have in store in 2018?

black and tan dachshund

Coming 2018:

  • The Crusoe Show. As you’ll see below, I’m starting a Facebook Watch series, which is a way of continuing my blog writing through video. Episodes will be posted to Facebook and here on my blog.
  • My Second Book. I am super excited for this one. Will be all about my worldly adventures at home and abroad.
  • My Second TOUR. With the launch of my second book, I’ll be going on tour to meet all my fans.

To participate in voting for your city as a tour stop and updates on the book/tour, subscribe below! (I promise I will bury your email safely in the yard so no one else can get it.)


The Crusoe Show:

If you’ve been following me on social media then you’ve likely heard about this new show I’ve been working on. It’s a Facebook Watch Series, which is a new tool Facebook is introducing to distribute longer-format, more series-oriented videos. And I am pleased to have been invited by Facebook to join this beta program and start our own little show through my Facebook Page! This is still just a “for-fun” project I am doing for my fans (I look at it as the next evolution of our content), but I’m hoping it might lead to bigger things 😉

crusoe with oscar

The Concept:

The day-in-the-life of Crusoe, a miniature dachshund (wiener dog) who lives with his Mum and Dad (Mumager and Pooper-Scooper) and has far-fetched imaginations of just how much of a celebrity he actually is. His episodes go into his life on set – at home and abroad – as he acts out his viral skits and handles the daily tribulations of being unsatisfyingly world famous. 


The Schedule:

My episodes will begin releasing sometime in January, every week, for 8 episodes, and will be about 4-5 minutes long for now.

The Trailer:

So, without further ado, here is my official trailer, and below find more about what it will be about.


The Crusoe Show: Official Trailer

“It’s finally here! Presenting my official TRAILER for THE CRUSOE SHOW. Starting in January 2018, I will release weekly “episodes” about 4-5 minutes in length. But don’t worry, I will still post my daily pics and shorter videos as usual though!”

Whatcha think?! I know it might be a bit of a shock to hear my voice for the first time, but I’m sure it’ll win you over 😉

~ Crusoe

Posted by Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund on Thursday, December 21, 2017

Hope you liked it! So, you may find it interesting to hear a bit more about how my parents and myself see the show, and why we’re doing this…

Why a Show?

To be completely honest, I have sort of neglected writing my blog the past few months. With so much happening on social media, I find myself devoting more time to the little video skits and whatnot (which people DO really love). But, I also love writing a blog… So, I’ve always wondered if there might be a way to bridge the two, and I think a “show” idea does just that. By finally giving myself a “voice” in videos, I can now write and speak to you like I would in the blog, but now through video instead of photos.

The Voice

Of course, I have never been given a voice before, and expectantly, everyone has their own idea in their imagination of what I would sound like. I asked my fans in my fan group for how they would describe their idea of my voice at the start of this process, and after a long time of searching and testing different samples, we finally came to the one that hear in the video. It’s a little reminiscent of Wishbone, but a little sexier/manlier, and maybe a little more troublesome, too. 😉

Just to give you an idea of how hard it was to find a voice, here are some of the suggestions we received from fans for the voice:

  • He needs a German accent since he’s a German dog!
  • He needs a French accent since he’s French Canadian!
  • He needs a British accent since he’s so refined and gentlemanly!
  • It should be childlike and winsome since he’s like a kid!
  • It should be deep and sophisticated like James Bond or Barry White!
  • It should be your Dad’s cutesy doggy voice!

So… yeah. That’s a lot of very different suggestions. We did our best to really think hard on what the voice should be, taking into consideration everyone’s feedback, and in the end I think we found the perfect mix that really suits me.

So, Does This Mean You’re ONLY Doing Episodes?

Nope, I will still do my regular little videos and skits and photos on social media. On top of all that, I will do a weekly episode starting in January. So if for some reason you really don’t like my show (which is crazy!) then you can still enjoy all my other regular content, like this picture of Oakley and I waiting for the ‘apres-ski’ party 😉


Hope you like it! Let me know what you think!

Keep ballin’,

~ Crusoe



34 Responses to The Crusoe Show Trailer & What’s New for 2018

  1. I was hesitant about hearing the voice but pleasantly surprised that it sounded close to what I imagined. Loved the trailer. Like everything you do, the show is going to be brilliant! Best of luck with it! Oh! Will Oakley have a voice should he make a guest appearance on the show?

  2. I was hesitant at first but the more I heard your voice the more I liked it.So,cudos.
    I hope Oakley will be able to make more appearances. You two together are awesome. You are one talented fellow Crusoe.

  3. Great choice on the voice and what a great way to reach all of us Crusoe addicts out here. Can never be enough! I have had many of the brethren for over 40 years. And as many as 7 at a time rescue that became members of my home. Merry Christmas safe travles!

  4. Love your New Voice!! Waiting patiently for the new trailers.
    I have friends that do not have dachshunds that watch your videos too!!
    Let be you Oakley Mum & Dad!!
    Dad I Realky enjoy your doggie voice!!
    Merry Christmas!!

  5. Darlin’ Crusoe, I am only one of your multitudinous, loyal, caring, patient and understanding Blog fans who missed you here, but just presumed that you’re very busy with all sorts of things, ranging from writing your next book for us to relaxing and playing after your explorations abroad ( undertaken in order to demonstrate for us just how much of a worldly sophisticate you truly are!). Aye! (An’ no pressure be ye puttin’upon thyself to be takin’ aflight o’er any one of them Mighty Seven! Well, i be hopin’ not too soon again; eh, Cap’n Crusoe Sir?! )… …Ahem… . Now, about the ‘unveiling’ of the actual speaking voice of You! Crusoe Dachshund! (aka James Dog, aka Batdog)! Holy Hotdogs, it was a bit of a shock! You see, Cru, it’s kinda like what fans of other Big Stars — ( like yourself) — experienced long ago when ‘Talking Pictures’ suddenly were introduced, replacing the silent films and abruptly ending some stars’ careers! I, too, felt a rush of apprehension regarding this major change, fearing the efforts of acceptance and adjustment that might be involved, for we human fans, when reading your words, just naturally hear your voice inside our minds, and because we are individual people, each and every one of us hears your voice differently! Well, my personal reaction is an admiring thumbs up! Your voice contains each of the elements that your Pooper Scooper… I mean, your Dad — described for us in advance about your special voice! May I add that the energy of your voice is very positive and upbeat.not surprisingly though, you little angel (with a ‘devilish’ wit ! ) (Please ask your “Mumager” and “Pooper Scooper” (You’re so funny, Cru!😂😂) if they are still considering a TV show? If that were to happen, I’d be wishing for the show to move to Canada. TV and movie productions are not easy work, especially for a doggy..😢😓). I wish your parents and you continued good health and happiness always, sweet Crusoe, and darlin’ Oakley and his parents. too. By the way, I really like your dad’s ‘doggy voice’. I think many of us do that with our fur-babies, lol !! Love your trailer video for your show and when your dad got on the floor n’all ! Love the (important in the arts) ‘perfectionist’ awareness of detail, timing, editing, syncing of music with the action, selection of exactly the right music, etc. etc. (Love that last second in your “Avalanche Rescue Dog” video, for one example, when your butt, Cru, suddenly disappears out of sight and at that EXACT instant, the music concludes with a perfect, loud ‘BAM!!’ There are so many things going on in your videos that are, in my humble opinion, truly genious. Small details which aren’t inconsequential. Lots of things to notice and enjoy also, that are purely accidental, but serendipitous; simply and wonderfully amusing and very funny! So many of your videos, Cru, are often thrilling to me for these small, but ‘monumental’ visual, audia (stationary and active) details and moments. Those are all very clear signs of a really great and intelligent artist/team creating them. It’s no wonder that you are especially enjoyed by so many people. Gosh! Didn’t plan to write all this! Please have a beautiful Christmas with your dear family. Wishing you all ( and all your fans) love, light, happiness and peace in our new year. Keep ballin’, Darlin’ Crusoe Thank You for all your Reminders of the beauty, light, laughter re/ this apparently eternal, comedy/drama, ‘Broadway Play’ which we humans call “Life.” 😘 (We need you,’little’ angels).

  6. Scusami, Cru 💙, for my typos. ( I know how to spell “genius”lol, as in, “Your Mum & Dad possess creative genius.” (You, Cru, are an angel. All angels are brilliant). Also, I meant “audial, not “audia’ –That sounds like some made-up Latin word. I plead fatigue, Cru.) 😘

  7. Cru, thank you for being such a wonderful inspiration to all Dachshund lovers. Your new show is going to be PAWSOME!!! As I am recovering from a minor surgery, I had your trailer debut to look forward to and was not disappointed!! Thank you for the smiles. I would also say thank you to your mum and dad for sharing you with the world and all the time and effort they put into your demands!! You’re such a lil devil dog!! 🐾🐾
    Keep ballin’ buddy!!!

  8. Love it, love it! I was worried as others were about giving you a voice. But now that I have heard it I know you are truly a weiner worthy doxie. Please keep the videos available for all of us who do not do Facebook.

    Enzo, Francesca and Rue

  9. Hi Crusoe. I am totally in love with you and looking forward to life with you in 2018. Hugs and kisses. Cecile in Johannesburg SA

  10. Can;t wait! My wiener, Marlee, loves Crusoe videos – she has a crush on him! Counting down the days on my Crusoe desk calendar.

  11. Any chance of a UK visit? You would be most welcome.


    Boothroyd (standard wire haired dachshund) AKA Posh Paws.

  12. Dear Crusoe, I love everything about you, you are so sweet. I had a dachshund when I was a little girl in Germany, she was a wirehair dachshund, the sweetest smart friend. She lived 18 years. I am now 72 years old and love to watch you.

  13. Hey Crusoe, I have really missed you on facebook, you always make me smile, cause you are so cute and funny.I`m looking forward to your new show, paw to you, with love. Shirley

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