Europe Trip 2017: Black Forest to Berlin!

I was so excited to visit Germany – my ancestral homeland! Of course, “dachshund” meaning “badger dog” in German.

We first arrived in Frankfurt where we headed straight to Rothenburg ob der Tauber, a picturesque little town featuring the iconic Bavarian wood framed houses.

crusoe rothenburg1

It’s also renowned for the fact that it’s one of the best-preserved medieval walled cities.

Through the gates we go!

entering rothenburg2

A little bit of light internet research told me that everyone here wears lederhosen, so that was the only type of clothes I packed.

crusoe rothenburg famous building2

Unfortunately, as it turns out, most people here wear regular clothes.

While tromping around town, we came across a local treat from the medieval time.

“So let me get this straight. These are balls, but are also treats?!

crusoe rothenburg treat balls

“I’ll take all your treatballs please.”

It seems Mum ALWAYS has to have a photo with me every time we come across sunflowers…


crusoe and mum sunflowers

I guess there’s a reason why Rothenburg is on the ‘Romantic Road’.

We had to try some of the famous Bavarian cuisine, too, like this bratwurst, dumplings, and chanterelle mushrooms.

crusoe bratwurst

For such a meal as this I had to wear my best pair of lederhosen of course! This pair is an authentic pair that a fan actually sent to me, and which Dad modified to fit me.

I had to wash it down with a cool beer, although admittedly I may need a little help with this one!

crusoe in beer

That’s when my cell phone started ringing from somewhere deep in my lederhosen. I was looking everywhere for the pocket until I realized you have to undo the little flap in front!

It was a fan in Berlin calling, who was the editor for Fuhrstuckfen-sumthin… Essentially, Germany’s (and actually Europe’s) most-watched morning show. They wanted to fly me over to be on the show, which would also five me an opportunity to explore Berlin a bit!

So before I knew it, there I was, tromping around Berlin, a city so outlined in history that there’s literally a wall!

crusoe berlin wall3

I didn’t understand what people found to be so fascinating about it, though. There’s plenty of graffiti I can show you back home, too.

For lunch I ordered the wiener schnitzel, of course thinking the word “wiener” would mean it would be some type of sausage.

crusoe dachshund schnitzel

Yet, it was completely flat, so by the process of deduction I therefore can only assume the word schnitzel must mean ‘flattened into a pancake‘.

With bellies full, we marched onward with our Berlin explorations, down tight sidewalks and busy street corners. Mum always made sure to keep me on a short leash, even picking me up when needed (so I didn’t get schnitzel’ed of course).

crusoe dachshund in germany

It was then that we hopped on the hop-on-hop-off bus to visit some of the most iconic spots in the city, where we soon found ourselves at the Brandonberg Gate!

Of course I needed a selfie for my Instagram!

brandenburg gate crusoe2

That evening we learned about a special little pub to visit, called the Posh Teckel, an amazing, dachshund-friendly and dachshund-themed bar.

crusoe at posh teckel

I met more than a few new friends there, including this cutie next to me! A few people speculated that it might be a doxie-nudie bar, since I was the only dog wearing clothes, but I think that’s just how people go to bars here..

crusoe dachshund posh teckel berlin bar

While I sipped a few German brews with the pups, Mum and Dad got to taste the menu. No surprise, the dachshund theme didn’t fall short.

dachshund cut french fries posh teckel

dachshund disco ballThe French fries were shaped like dachshunds. Of course there were hot dogs. Delicious fried cheese (which I sampled), also cut out in dachshund shape. Even the ice cubes in their drinks were dachshunds!

They even had a custom dachshund disco ball for their music nights!

Hey, if you choose a theme, roll with it!

The next morning, I was live on air for all of Germany and much of Europe to see. The interview was in German, but luckily “barking” sounds the same in any language.

crusoe german morning show

Then it was off to Stuttgart to spend the rest of our stay in Baden Baden of the renowned Black Forest!

Here I am perfectly camouflaged as a black dog in the Black Forest!

crusoe in the black forest

The squirrels here don’t stand a chance!

Baden Baden is renowned as being an aristocratic getaway for the rich and famous. It feels a little “pretentious” around here, but it’s well kept and very pretty.

crusoe dackel baden baden germany

It seemed only right that I visit the famous Casino Baden Baden, the most high-class establishment I’ve ever seen, for a little gambling, James-Bond style.

james dog casino baden baden thumb

If you didn’t already, watch the video here.

With a pocket full of cookies, I decided to continue my good luck at the horse races.

race track thumb

You can watch that video here!

All the while in Black Forest though, Mum was egging to buy a cuckoo clock, since this is where they originated! However, while trying to decide which one to buy in the clock shop, all that clicking and ticking, cuckoo’ing, clucking, had my head spinning!

So I told her I’d stick to a simpler souvenir, pun intended.

crusoe black forest stick souvenir

Then it came time for my first international fan meetup in Frankfurt!

There were people from all around; Germany, Switzerland, Holland, tourists visiting from abroad, and Americans from the military bases. One guy even came up to me and handed me his card and a US Secret Service pin and said, “I saw your James Bond video. If you’re ever looking to change profession, give me a call.” Then he disappeared into the crowd.

Whether or not I subsequently gave him a call, I can’t tell you. Super friendly guy though, very chatty.

I made plenty of new friends there, including this cute little wirey fellow, who I was rather skeptical of, but I just loved his hat!

crusoe meets fan frankfurt

I couldn’t believe it when he popped it right off his head and gave it to me! Wow, I have the best fans in the world.

It was the perfect “touch” to my final day, driving around Frankfurt in my German-made VolksWiener.

crusoe volkswiener car

“Das Dachshund”. But, all my German fans keep correcting me. It should be “Der Dachshund”. (Das sounds better though).

But guys, don’t forget!!! This is only a sample of my pictures and stories for Germany! I wish I could share it all with you right now, but I’m saving a lot of it for my next book! Please be sure to enter your email here so you can be the first to hear of its release!!!

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Once we got back home though, I was peeved to see that Mum had gone against my wishes and bought herself a cuckoo clock!

I was even more peeved to see that there wasn’t even a dachshund on it! So, I commissioned Dad to carve a little wiener dog figure for it, which he did right away, of course.

Cuckoo Clock with Dachshund Dackel Teckel

Much better.

Hope you guys enjoyed following along my trip on social media! Can’t wait to show you everything else in my new book coming Fall 2018 🙂

Keep it dackel!

~ Crusoe



29 Responses to Europe Trip 2017: Black Forest to Berlin!

  1. Dear Crusoe, it was such an honor to meet you and your parents in Frankfurt am Main. Glad to see you had a great time in Germany. It’s a beautiful country. I’m also very glad you didn’t get schnitzel’ed in Berlin. It’s a very busy city. But it makes me laugh out loud! From now on, when I need something flat I’m going to schnitzel it! And the clock is awesome. Is the bird still “alive”? Thank you for your funny story, i have enjoyed it! Kiss from Mom & Manny.❤️❤️❤️

  2. Oh Crusoe! What a wonderful time you & your parents had in Germany! I can’t wait for your book to come out to read more about your adventures! 😀❤🎉

  3. Dear Crusoe I loved to read about your trip in Germany and I love everything about you. You are such a special dachshund in every way. Hoping so much that I will be so lucky to meet you. I have your first book I’d live to have your new book to read more about this exstrodanary little guy Cru. you with much hugs from Count UTE and me mama xxx

  4. I am really looking forward to your second book–I have read your first one 3 times so far and enjoy it more each time! You are such a sweet little fellow and an awesome celebrity!! Thanks to your Mum and Dad for sharing you with the rest of us. Love you, Crusoe!!!!!!

  5. I loved your trip to Germany! The commentary was so funny and you are certainly a great photo subject. Wunderbar. BTW if you ever get to Buffalo, NY, I hope you would look up The Buffalo Schwabenchor. We are on Facebook. We are a German chorus and we sing auf Deutsch! We LOVE all things German including YOU. You could sing with us. We can also be found selling treats like schnitzel at our German Fest on Labor Day Weekend every year. {We would take care you were not schnitzeled!}

  6. Well Bow Wow WOW!! and Holy COW!! ‘HAL-LO CRUZOE’!!! Grrreat Exploration of the ancestral homeland, my friend and so cleverly financed by your cookie winnings at the gaming table and your win on the Track!! Hahaha!! WELL done, Mr Dog, Well Done! My congratulations. Excellent choice of jockey, James; excellent. Ah, now let’s see.. “From The Black Forest to Berlin”… The pictures that your photographer took along the route are quite stunning, The light in them — so beautiful, so clear. Now, the one of you in The Black Forest! Marvelous portrait, James; rather breath-taking, actually. Thank You, my dear friend, for regaling me with some of the most wonderful pictures and details of your latest adventure: The picture of your lovely Mum with those sunflowers and you! You are her favorite ‘Sunflower’! Delightful; Your Mum’s very charming gift to herself — an authentic, Bavarian Cuckoo Clock with a perfect little Dachshund, expertly hand-carved by and added by your Dad!; the unique Dackel Pub with Dachshund-shaped disco ball, fries, ice cubes! Prety lady-friend there, James. And the lovely, little lady beside you in the Casino. You look and are, indeed, quite debonaire. Oh, James, forgive me — your dear, dear friend of many years — sweet, little Gogo.. .. I am so deeply sorry for your loss of her. Please give my sincere condolences to her devoted family. I recall the picture of Gogo, a red blossom adorning her. Beautiful lady. A precious, cherished friend. Before I go, I must ask you, James: Have you considered that offer of a position as an Agent from that gentleman? You are well-qualified: World-traveler, Man of the World, Mariner, Slayer of dragons, Marksman, Exoert Trail Sleuth, Master of Disguise…yes; Very well qualified! You ‘wear many hats’ — and you wear them well, Speaking of hats, I must say that you look particularly dashing in your green, feathered one, ala ‘Robin Hood’! How kind of the little, wire-haired, wha.. what’s the matter?!… German Dackel who gave you the hat right off his head! Extraordinary generosity! As they say in America, ‘You ROCK those hats,’ James Dog! Those feathered, traditional-style, German hats have a jaunty air about them — just like you! ‘Yup’; you’ve got a ‘hat face’. my friend. You wear them well. You Rocked that Volkswiener that you drove around town, wearing that hat from your new, little — dare I mention his description again?– WIRE-HAIRED friend! Hahaha!! Good-looking car, hat and driver, tooling around in Germany, turning heads as you rolled on by. Ah, James, may you have happy dreams of big German dumplings the size of four squeaky balls and ‘treatballs’, giant wienerschnitzels and sunflowers, sweet Fraulien Dachsies and outrunning horses in Baden-Baden, my dear, amazing friend. May your beloved friends, Gogo and Laffie, visit you in your dreams and share their new and wondrous adventures with you, too! Now, on to a grand glimpse of your Sicilian adventures — for our future, next visit, James Dog! — aka Crusoe!”Wiener Dog Extraordinaire” and so happy to call “my friend.” (Keepin’it dackel in Fl., USA).

  7. Crusoe love, I forgot to tell you how handsome you are in your grey lederhosen and the black, red and white one. I love all of your clothes and costumes, as well as your stories, pictures and videos. I am looking forward to your second book. I thoroughly enjoyed reading and viewing your experiences in Germany. Such a pleasure! Crusoe, I am praying that your Mum’s family is safe and sound in St. Lucia. I live in Florida and feel a bit nervous about that. I know that you are a very busy boy, writing your book for us and all, but if you have a chance to read your fans’ comments here, would you mind letting us know if your Mum and Dad and your Mum’s family are okay, concerning Hurricanes Irma and Maria. I am praying for all life effected by these storms. Sending you and yours love and peace. XOXOXO from a Florida fan.

  8. Thorou Enjoyed your blog! Loved the photos. It surely brightened my day. Thank you for sharing. I can’t get enough of you Crusoe. You truly are a blessing to so many!💋❤️

  9. Yes, Crusoe! Always check to see what you’re doing on social media and here. Guess you’re very busy since returning from your travels to Germany and Sicilia. Thank you for this interesting, funny and striking addition to your and our treasured scrapbook of your fabulous life. You made the right decision, Crusoe, sticking with the stick as your souvenir. Didn’t cost you a dime, lightweight and easy to pack! I especially love that photo of you with your stick. Your eyes are very clear and beautiful. Wish I could know what you’re thinking about behind those expressive eyes! Do you happen to know the name of the tune that was playing when you were playing Roulette in the casino? It was so ‘you’, very sophisticated, but also very cute whenever I focused upon you! Love you, Crusoe!

  10. Such a well traveled pup! You made all Crusoe lovers proud!!! Loved your outfits and you were the perfect gentleman!

  11. Hey Cru! I have also been to Frankfurt, Rothenburg, Stuttgart and the Black Forest! Isn’t it amazing? I got to sing concerts there. You are an awesome pup and a lucky little guy to have these epic adventures and see all those wonderful beautiful places. I love the bar you visited and I bet those Dachshund shaped french fries were the best tasting ones ever! Can’t wait to see your next adventure, after you’ve rested up a bit. Thanks mom and dad for helping your little boy have an out of this world life! <3

  12. Greetings, James Dog! Thank you very much for sharing all of your adventures and simple pleasures with your caring friends. I really like that clever little Teckel Pub you visited. Even the toast on your table was branded on top with a perfect, little teckel ! You looked like the sculpture on top of the Brandenburg gate with your ears blowing straight out! You look so, so cute in your little plaid sweater-vest and Robin Hood hat. Did anyone help you drink your big beer there? Was The Black Forest spooky? It looks like it could be haunted! Maybe you’ll describe what it is like in your new book! I’ll probably never get to explore Europe in this life, so it’s always a real treat to look back at your albums of stories and pictures and videos. I also very much enjoy your everyday life, as well, and your fun times with Oakley and past friends at home. I think your cops and robbers videos are adorable and so funny. I love that one where you are bribed by the speeder you caught and then you slowly disappeared downward and out of sight with the bribe! You just looked so darn cute!! This is a fun story with wonderful pictures of your visit to explore the country of your breed’s origin, Cru. I hope you are now taking it easy around your home. I remembered that your Birthday is coming on October 28th! You will be only 8 years young, but you have many more years worth of knowledge about this great, big world. Your thoughts and dreams must be very interesting! Bon Jour for now, Crusoe with lots of love always from my extended family and me.

  13. dear crusoe,
    you’re such a lovely dachshund. i enjoy your photos, blogs, adventures. hope one you’ll come to the philippines ☺

  14. Hello Crusoe,
    I am new here i really like your blog i like the way u love your pets. I respect the peoples who love dogs. Dogs are life!! It is very amazing blog,beautiful pictures. Keep posting..!! Will forward for your updates.

  15. Its really awesome to have a pet with our trip. I really really love ans too much happy when i see this types of trip memories. I would love to share this article and waiting for the next one.

  16. I had just moved to Germany when Crusoe made his visit. It was quite a pleasure and a surprised to see him being interviewed before I had to start my new job. I would have gone to Frankfurt if I would have known he was holding a fan convention there.

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