Professor Crusoe’s Lecture on Ticks

I volunteered to teach the tick prevention 101 course this semester at my local university because ticks are something I have a history with. Yes, I had a tick once and it was a horrible experience. So, I’m using my power as a teacher to inform others just how ticks – and protection methods – work, so no dog has to go through what I did.

Since I am a university professor, I obviously do not drive to work. I usually have Mum give me a ride to campus on her bike. It’s a 3 hour bike ride, but that doesn’t really bother me; I usually just take a nap or review my course material for that day.

crusoe tick professor

My classes average between three to five hundred dog-owner students, all eager to hear me lecture them, which makes me realize Mum and Dad do not find nearly enough delight when I lecture them on various subjects at home.

crusoe the professor

So anyway, before we start today’s lecture, let’s go over a few rules of the classroom:

classroom rules2

Any questions? No, good.

Let’s begin. And don’t forget to take notes, because there will be a test.

crusoe first slide

Today we’ll be taking a closer look at ticks, which can be very dangerous for both dogs and humans.

So, what is a tick?

what are ticks

Geez, third time this week… No wonder the doctor says I need to watch my stress levels.

Moving on.

tick-transmitted diseases

Ticks can carry a whole host of dangerous diseases including Lyme Disease and a bunch of others I can’t pronounce.

The scary part is that tick-borne illnesses are on the rise, especially here in Canada since ticks are moving farther north with climate change and migrating animals.

tick borne illnesses

And contrary to what many people believe, it’s not just in rural areas.

rural areas

That’s right. Ticks and tick-borne illnesses can also be found in places like the following…

ticks in urban areas


What I meant, was that tick-borne illnesses are popping up in urban areas, too.

So now let’s take a look at the two types of preventive medications, because there’s some key differences.

slide 2 crusoe

The first kind, systemic medications, are taken orally and work through the bloodstream, while non-systemic are applied topically and work on the skin.


Taken as a chewable treat, the systemic kind spreads the medication through the bloodstream, meaning a tick still MUST bite to be able to ingest enough blood for the medication to take effect. And if the tick is biting, there’s still the chance it could transmit disease.

Now let’s take a look at the other kind…

cat trap

Oh no... that slide is from the presentation I’m giving later this evening to some top ranking government officials who want to hear my ideas on National Defense… So, let’s pretend you didn’t see that, ok?

So as I was saying…

slide 3 crusoe

Meanwhile, with non-systemic the medication is dispersed through the skin and and starts working through contact BEFORE ticks start biting.

So what is the takeaway?

tick prevention stop the bite

That’s right; #NoBiteIsRight.

So, when I had my tick, I was on the first type here (systemic). I’m now on non-systemic prevention and so far so good. I’m not saying you should do EXACTLY as I do, since every dog is different, but now that you know the differences, you’re more informed for the next time you talk to your vet.

slide 4 crusoe

So, that concludes today’s class. Now if you don’t mind, I need to skedaddle because my ride home has been waiting for me outside for the past couple hours…

Keep teachin’,

~ Crusoe



28 Responses to Professor Crusoe’s Lecture on Ticks

  1. Love your class! I don’t live in Canada but it is a problem in Pennsylvania too!!! Ill pass the info on to Winnie and Dipsy my 2 long and low fur babies

  2. Thanks Professor Crusoe…. I will continue with the systemic approach for fleas and ticks. And continue the on systemic for heart worms, roundworms, etc. Argh…so many critters out there that harm us. In the South we have to worry about mosquitoes that transmit heart worms.

  3. Great presentation, Crusoe! Even with all the OOPs! I changed from Frontline to K9 Advantix this year for Rufus and Boscoe.. I hope it’s as good! Thank you for all the caring and wise words. – xoxoxo Sandee

  4. Hello, Professor Crusoe, Thank you for your truly excellent lecture. Being a resident of these united States my whole life, I’m familiar with tick danger for Dogs and Humans. Once, when I was a tyke, I crawled into my dog’s house in the backyard and then went on an airplane and found a tick on my head! ISH!! I was okay; Lyme Disease ( not from the limes in the slide, of course, Professor, but very clever of you!) hadn’t been introduced into Nature as yet, so I was in the clear and the Tick was (safely — for all concerned on the plane) dispatched by my mother. I would only go with the topical treatment for my dogs (who are among my Guardian Angels at this time). I love the classified blueprint of your Cat Trap, Crusoe! The cat is out of the bag- -I mean trap — now, Babe! LOL! Your poor Mum, peddling for a total of 6 hours? You and she deserve a ride to the University in a Limo. Sure hope she never has to stop short, you precious Puppy in the basket! Your students are so lucky to have you teach them about flea and tick prevention. By the way, Professor, have you ever researched “Diaphanous Earth” as a natural, topical preventative? It’s kind of like a clay and can be purchased as a powder. I know it kills fleas, but I forget now if it works on ticks, too. I think so. I felt so bad for you being startled by that slide of that gigan’tic’ Tick; that was scary! Keep Teachin’, Professor Crusoe and we’ll Keep Learnin’ from you, ’cause your THE TOPS! Now don’t you worry at all that we espied ye in ‘the Head’, Cap’n! We’ll forget all about that, so you just forget about it, too, because…… WE LOVE YOU!!

  5. The non systemic AND systemic types of tick repellents, have been proven to be CARCINOGENIC, professor Crusoe. Esp. the non systemic type. They have been proven to affect kidney function as well with prolonged use.
    I hope you will research further and start teaching some of the more natural and holistic methods of tick prevention.

    They’re as effective in the long run and will not do harm to our species.

    Spike, Princess and Holly (wire haired dachshunds)

    • Sorry it’s me and not our Professor Crusoe replying, but was worried about that, Devisri. Most Vets will reply that all these pharmaceuticals are ok, when I just know they aren’t. Tragic. Thank you for raising awareness. <3

  6. Thank you professor Crusoe for sharing your most interesting lesson and pictures with us. …you are just an amazing shorty Awards professor …keep it going you rock xxxx

  7. crusoe i have a dog that looks like you but he is bad can you come and teach him in south dakota how to be good

  8. This is such a wonderful presentation. Certainly, as the professor said, ticks are extremely annoying parasites which harm and transmit diseases. It is indispensable to get rid of these creatures before they cause harm to your pets. This lecture was excellent and informative.

  9. Hello, Professor Crusoe,

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    Frederick Farlen

  10. Looking forward to many more of your classes Professor Crusoe. You are just the professor we have been looking for. I am hoping to earn my degree through your classes. Keep on keepin’ on.

  11. Can’t get enough of you and your side-kick. Love your outfits, are you going to sell some online so we can join the dress-up fun!! Thanks!! Doxie’s, Cosmo (red) & Pebbles(chocolate dapple)

  12. Hey Prof. I had been warned about ticks before I visited Winnipeg, but didn’t really expect to come across any. I was surprised to find one crawling up my leg during a visit to Assiniboine Park Zoo!

  13. Professor Crusoe. That is great information. my mom gives me the pill and it works great for me. no ticks. my mom checks me on a daily basis and i love her for it. I share everything that my mom gets on your expeditions and trips. everyone loves them and they share also. they all love you and your parents too. So keep up the great job on informing humans on stuff like this. me and my mom sends our love to you and of course Oakley. can’t forget him. So you have a wonderful day. thank Lady Bug

  14. Thanks for the marvelous posting! I genuinely enjoyed reading it, you may be a great author.

    I will make certain to bookmark your blog and definitely will come back in the foreseeable
    future. I want to encourage that you continue your great job, have a nice day!

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