Oakley Loses a Tooth, I Go to NYC, & a Romantic Weekend

It’s been a little while since my last blog post, so I thought I would just catch you up on a few things that have happened in the past few weeks… It started a couple weeks ago when my parents left for a little trip of their own while I stayed home with my brother Oakley. Following that, I took off on a little trip to New York City to film a video for Barkbox. Then it was Mum and Dad’s anniversary in Quebec City – which I chaperoned them on.

My week at home with Oakley was mostly uneventful. We got into absolutely NO mischief which you can clearly tell by this photo of us (Oakley on the right).

guilty dachshunds

Perhaps I should clarify; I myself get into zero mischief since I am so well-mannered and behaved. My brother Oakley on the other hand, well… you can draw your own conclusions…

Cute Dachshund Crusoe and Oakley

Seriously, in every picture of the two of us it’s always Oakley who looks like he’s up to no good! That’s no coincidence people!

Crusoe and Oakley Dachshunds

I mean, just look at his face – how can you tell me he DOESN’T look suspicious?!?! Like he DIDN’T just detonate a stuffing bomb all over the other room…

cute suspicious mini dachshund

2 minutes beforehand:

oakley dachshund destroying toys

Plus, Oakley seems to have developed quite a taste for champagne ever since New Years, so that’s something I need to keep in check as well…

But not only that, he likes to destroy all my favorite toys when Mum and Dad are not around to supervise, so I also need keep checks on what toy he’s playing with.

oakley dachshund cute

Heck, there was even one moment where Oakley was caught sneaking off with one the Crusoe plush toys! Can you believe that?! He was about to rip his own brother to shreds!

Now I’m starting to wonder if the drinking and destroying my plush toys is all because of jealousy and resentment for his older brother…

Perhaps Karma caught up with him, because once my parents got home, it was discovered that Oakley had chipped his front tooth! (Although more like he lost the whole thing than just chipped it!)

Oakley Dachshund Chipped a Tooth

I would just like to clarify that I know absolutely nothing about that, even though some of our fans have speculated it looks like a hockey injury 😉

Actually, Mum and Dad’s first guess was that it was probably from the antlers which Oakley loves to chew so much. However, upon closer inspection of the broken tooth, you can actually see a bit of blue thread still stuck there. Oakley claimed it was just floss but I think it’s pretty clear he broke the tooth while viciously tugging at and destroying a toy…

dachshund chipped a tooth

Poor fella. I feel a little bad for him, although in the end I told him it suited his look and made him look “tougher”. Oakley agreed.

(I wonder if he’ll bark with a lisp now?…)

So that was my first week, and right after Mum and Dad got back, I took off the next day to New York City!

Crusoe Going to NYC

I heard NYC is the city that never sleeps stops squeakin’, so I made sure to bring my ball.

One of my funny quirks according to Mum and Dad, is how much I love to inspect a new hotel room upon arrival. It is imperative I be the first one through the door to conduct a full inspection sweep before Mum and Dad have even managed to get the luggage inside the room.

Following which, I generally default to my favorite hotel room game, which is fox pouncing!

It was just for a few nights, with one day of filming with my pals at Barkbox, and the other days just to hang out and explore a little.

The video I was to star in is a fun little promotion for Barkbox’s new safari-themed box coming out soon. I was the intrepid Crusoe with my sidekick Dr. Lickingston!

Barkbox Safari Box

Jungle theme? An exploration plot line? A treasure of long lost squeakies? Now that’s my kind of role.

There’s already a lot of speculation that my performance might be Oscar-worthy. We’ll see once the final video comes out, but in the meantime, the teaser trailer has JUST been released:

Barkbox is one cool place to work though. Of course it’s completely dog friendly, but they also have cozy nooks and lofts where you can go to catch a nap or work a little more quietly. This nook was essentially my “green room” in between scenes of my filming day.

crusoe at barkbox

I even met a new friend in the office! She’s the only dachshund in the office (well, she’s mostly dachshund anyway), but her name’s Andy and she’s pretty cute if I do say so…

It started when I asked to her if she might be willing to appear in a little video to showcase my new romantic Crusoe Candle, but once we actually hung out on the couch a bit while playing around with the candle, we actually became friends! And in fact, I think she digs me 😉

(That reminds me though; Paisley is probably watching this).

My time in New York City was pretty limited since I was only there for a couple days, but I did make time to go see a special fan of mine…

Crusoe Goes to See a Special Fan..

Her name is Donna and she has been battling Leukemia recently. She is a huge fan of mine and has dreamed of meeting me. So, her family arranged with me to come surprise her at her home – she had no idea I was coming. It was a wonderful and heartwarming surprise, and I think it’s safe to say I’ve given her some renewed hope and strength. Out of everything I do, helping people like this is always the most rewarding.

Please send your thoughts and prayers to Donna…

And that about wrapped up this trip to NYC. Every time I come it seems to be short and sweet, but sweet nonetheless.

crusoe dachshund in new york city

Then it was back home for a week.

That is, until Dad (and I) surprised Mum with a little weekend getaway to the romantic Quebec City – one of the most European-feeling cities in North America!

crusoe dachshund in quebec city

Without Mum and Dad even needing to ask me, I had offered to chaperone their trip. I’m quite thoughtful that way, and I have a keen sense of a city in regards to finding the most romantic spots & restaurants and quiant corners for cute photos.

In fact, my skills were so well recognized that the hotel we were staying at (Le Germain, very nice by the way) asked if I might be their concierge for the day.

I figured, sure, why not give Mum and Dad a bit of privacy (again, my thoughtfulness), and so took the job. I was sure to dress the part of the hip and trendy pup who knows the city though!

crusoe dahchsund concierge

Later that night, I took Mum and Dad out to the winter carnival which was going on, where we got to visit the super “cool” ice bar.

“I’ll take two ice cubes to go, please”

crusoe at ice bar

It was a lot of fun, but as I was sorta-technically the third wheel in the group, it had me thinking I should give Paisley or Andy a call soon.

Heck, or even if Oakley was here we could have had a blast with some winter activities!

Although I think he should stay away from hockey for a while…

crusoe and oakley ski doo

(Don’t want to lose anymore teeth!)

It was a fun little weekend, but it was on the car ride home from Quebec City that our hearts sank when we heard of the shooting that had just taken place at a local mosque in the city, killing 6 people. It was a little sobering to have come so close to it.  Such a sad shame… My thoughts are with the families… 🙁

Thanks for reading,

Keep ballin’,

~ Crusoe



11 Responses to Oakley Loses a Tooth, I Go to NYC, & a Romantic Weekend

  1. Crusoe!!!! I thought you were slowing down, you Superstar! You are such a tireless pup bringing happiness to everyone. Aren’t the BarkBox crew a crazy fun bunch?!?! Wish I could work there.
    It’s so nice to see you hanging out with Oakley. He’s a good boy too.
    Keep ballin’
    Tracy, Heidi & Dory

  2. Greetings, Crusoe! Welcome back from all of your adventures. I was trying to keep up with you via your delightful ‘snapshots’ that are like picture postcards to all your fans. ( Relieved that you were already on your way home from Quebec City re/ the terrorist event there; so very, very sad, Crusoe. May your country be protected from any more negative,dark human actions.) I think the most positive and awesome part of your travels was when you got to meet your dear fan and friend, Donna! How marvelous that she got to actually touch you and hug you, Crusoe. You have a healing power, you know, to people; there’s no doubt that your beautiful energy has helped Donna. She is going to be receiving positive energy and prayers now from a lot of people! I’m so sorry for your dear brother Oakley, losing his tooth. Had wondered if maybe he cracked it while chewing away on his ‘champagne glass’ ? It could have finally ‘given way’ a while later, even if he was chewing on something soft. Poor little guy! Yes; hoping he doesn’t have a lisp when he barks! (That blue thread could have had recently gotten caught on the rough area of the broken tooth. Antlers could be the culprit for the break, too, unfortunately.) “Detonated stuffing bombs”, close-calls with your adorable, stuffed ‘doppleganger’ and other best toys, but your Oakley is still a precious little chap, perfect brother and friend, Cru. In NY City at Barkbox when you were in your “green room”, Cru, aside from your orange harness, you were nearly perfectly camouflaged in there by the monochromatic colors disguising you; so cute! Your little shirt, cheery bowtie and confidence: filling in as Concierge at the Hotel so your Mum & Dad could have a little time-out from responsibilities; so nice of you! Really beautiful photo of you at the Ice Bar. Wonder if you called Paisley …or Andy…uh-oh! Hope your jungle-themed Barkbox will hold treasures for you — and Dr. Livingstone, I presume! Such great pictures and videos, as always. Inspecting Hotel rooms, fox pouncing (Love that little video. How the heck do you manage to always match the right music to your actions, Cru? I mean, even the symbols’ crashing at the perfect moment and that fox! That is a brilliant ‘little’ video. The picture of you in Quebec City in your Mum’s arms is a beautiful, endearing portrait. So thoughtful of you to chaperone your folks and I’m sure they totally enjoyed the romantic,melodious, sweet sounds emitting from your squeaky balls during their entire Anniversary trip, little friend! Thanks to your wonderful video, I got to experience a kind of much-needed ‘time-out’ by means of that long walk with you, Oakley and your family this winter through a beautiful,Canadian woods in the snow. I miss those nice things about northern winters and snow. Your inspired idea to invite us all along on that walk is very much appreciated by lots of people, I’m sure. Thanks so much, dear Crusoe and Oakley,Mum & Dad.XOXO…..

  3. I just cast my vote for the Shorty Awards–Crusoe ALL the way in the animal category!! My mini dachshunds, Shorty, Daisey & Rowdy all say hello 🙂

  4. Now that’s an interesting read. I wonder where I have been in my whole life. Why I have not found this blog before which is full with the real experience with a dog.
    Your whole weekend journey is interesting to read while the photos you have shared with us made me say that these dogs are very cute. I have dogs from different breed but match with your dog’s color. I am also sad to know about the loss of the tooth.

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