Post Surgery Update: What the Heck Happened to Me??

It’s been 4 days since I got out of the hospital feeling drugged up and uncomfortable in my back. At first, I couldn’t help but wonder, what the heck happened to me?! How could Mum and Dad do such a thing to me?

But as Dad explained, my back needed fixing. I found that a little hard to believe, but once they showed me the MRI pictures, I got the picture… So to speak.

It was a scary experience. I still remember going to the hospital, Mum and Dad looking somber and sad as we waited in the consultation room. My lifelong friend and mother-figure, Laffie, even came to see me off. I was then taken into the hands of some stranger in a white lab coat as I disappeared around a corner, throwing one last desperate glimpse at Mum and Dad beckoning them to come save me…

But they didn’t.

crusoe dachshund goes back surgery

I then woke up in a tiny cage feeling totally out of it, stiff and a bit painful in my back. Something in me had changed, I could tell. I burrowed under my blanket, hiding from the lights and doctors busying about outside my cage. Once in a while they would come check on me, peeking under my blanket to my wide eyes staring back.

Luckily, it was only 24 hours before Mum and Dad finally came to pick me up, and they brought me a new little froggy to help cheer me up.

crusoe getting picked up from hospital after back surgery

As much as surgery isn’t a pleasant experience, I would like to thank Dr. Jull and the whole team at The V-Scan in Ottawa who performed the surgery and have been with me and my parents every step of the way in guiding me through my recovery thus far.

But in the car ride home, I just had to ask, “I hope they at least gave me metal bones like Wolverine?”

Dad chuckled for the first time. “Sorry Cru, you’re a celebrity – not a member of the X-Men.”

Normally I’d beg to differ, but I didn’t have the energy to argue.

When I arrived home, I was so happy to see my two best canine friends in the world waiting for me to wish me a good recovery. My brother Oakley, and Laffie, who, now fifteen year’s old, has been there by my side since the day I came home as a puppy.

crusoe oakley laffie

Oakley had to leave later that day, but the gesture was incredibly sweet. Laffie, who is my Mum’s parent’s dog, is staying with us for a little while right now.

However, the reality of my situation seemed to kick in the next day when the stronger medications wore off and I came to understand that I couldn’t yet walk; that I could barely turn around in my bed; and the embarrassment of wetting my bed. It hit me that this was going to be a long, hard road to recovery.

Normally squeaking cheers me right up, but even here I still felt a little sad…

Now I finally know how my Mum felt, and I guess we have one more thing in common now. You see, my Mum was in a terrible car accident about twelve year’s ago. She broke shattered two vertebrate in her back, and now has metal plates supporting her spine. She spent an entire summer in the hospital, two months of which were in intensive care. She’s gone through everything I’ve gone through so far and worse, including learning how to walk again. And if you think my scar is gnarly, you haven’t seen nothing.

“I hope I can be as strong as you were, Mum…” I said.

“I know you will be”, she reassured. “You’re my baby after all.”

crusoe and mum

I feel like I’ve been following in her footsteps the past few days though, for everyday I’m feeling a bit stronger and doing a bit better. Here’s a day-by-day video since I came out of surgery.

Mum and Dad were so proud of me when I picked up that stick, they just about cried. They didn’t think it would be this short of a time before I’d start picking up sticks again 🙂

But I had to condemn Dad for his design of my sling. “Dad, what the heck?! I look like I’m wearing a neon-green swimsuit wedgied up a mile high!”

As one fan put it, I looked like Borat in a bathing suit!

crusoe like borat

Wow, thanks Dad. My fans will likely never be able to wash that image from their minds! (This whole learning to walk thing is really putting my ego in check, I can tell you that…)

Progress is good so far, but there’s still a lot to do. I’ll be getting into more rehabilitation therapies now, like laser, electro-acupuncture, swimming eventually, and some other little at-home stretches and activities that I’ll show you.

Between that though, it’s admittedly pretty boring. I spend me time squeaking and resting.

crusoe dachshund famous ivdd

Sometimes Dad takes me out on the balcony so we enjoy a bit of sunshine together.

dachshund ivdd recovery

It’s not as fun as going on a walk myself, but at least from here I can watch Laffie go on a walk and direct her to the likely squirrel hideouts from my balcony vantage point…

dachshund back surgery ivdd

So that’s really about all I have to update at this point. I hope everything continues smoothly from here. Especially because Dad’s back is starting to ache from all the bending over! I know if I ever fall short of inspiration, I can always look to my very own Mum as well as the thousands of my devoted fans who have been so amazing in this time…

Truly, I can’t even express the gratitude I feel towards all my fans who’ve been sending me thoughts, prayers, and more. It’s so touching to see just how many people all across the world are rooting for me.

I won’t let you down.

crusoe dachshund recovery

Thanks for “having my back”, and I’ll keep you updated.

Keep ballin’,

~ Crusoe

P.S. I want to celebrate my fans for being so awesome lately, so I’ll be launching a special t-shirt campaign in the next few days. And a huge thank you to everyone recently who bought me book.




70 Responses to Post Surgery Update: What the Heck Happened to Me??

  1. I have had two precious Black and Tans who have been through this-one of them the back AND the neck!! They both did beautifully-one living to 16 and the other to 18!!! You are doing beautifully and will be back in no time!!

    • I two have two one long haired and one smooth who both went through the same procedure when they were three. Both are now fine and approaching the age of 16! As a dachshund owner you can expect this. Cursor will be fine just love his blogs!

    • I two have a 12 year old black and tan. He had his first surgery at 7. He had deep pain sensation but couldn’t walk or urinate on his own. He pulled through and was walking again. But in the past 5 years, he’s had 3 more surgeries. Two were last year in Sept. and in Oct. Two disks in his back and two in his neck all together. Today he’s a liitle wobbly and has other issus, but still tries to chase squirrels and birds. We love him more than anything and have enjoyed him no matter what. They are the sweetest, smartest dogs I’ve ever known. I wish you all the best

  2. Crusoe your mum and you are fighters keep up the good work. Take your time and get well. I love you. Thanks for the update. mm

  3. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your recovery. We know you will get through this. Thanks for uplifting all our spirits! You are one tough little dog. Have two who are true Doxies. Waffle and Freckles say Hi!

  4. Crusoe you are amazing I follow you on facebook and love you to the moon and back. My baby lived to be 16 and passed with Cushions Disease I couldn’t bare to get another dash hound even though you are a breed all by your self so special I had to get something different so I got a mixed rescue. She is precious and love to moon and back too

  5. Keep up the good work buddy and face each day with a bright outlook of great adventures to come. My best friend Ernie ( a Black and Tan mini ) had this procedure done at 11+ years of age and I s still kicking it 3 1/2 years later. After a month you wouldn’t have guess any thing ever happened to him. With all the love and help you are getting from your Mom and Dad you will be chasing those pesky squirrels sooner than you think. Make sure you take it slow and with your progress Mom and Dad will feel much better too. All our love to you, Ernie and Carol

  6. Crusoe, you got this babe! I’m a cancer survivor and it is all about attitude. And…you got (the right) attitude! I’m keeping positive vibes for you and your peeps. Big hugs and kisses for you. ❤️ Your fan, Charlotte

  7. Crusoe, great to see your recovery is going good! In the who wore it better category, you put Borat to shame! Your publicist (dad) mentioned your bladder control in a day after surgery update. I know all us fans were awaiting news but come on you’re a celebrity!

  8. You, mum, and dad continue to amaze me. You are an inspiration to all of us. I love that picture of you, Oakley, and Laffie – it’s so heart-warming. You are looking good, Crusoe! Keep up the good work and you’ll be back to exploring in the woods in no time! (and maybe help dad with his fashion choices!)

    • Thanks for the encouragement, Diann!

      I’ve been trying to help Dad on his fashion sense for a long time, but I fear there’s just no saving it..

  9. Crusoe, you are doing great! Your mum and dad are taking such good care of you. Stay strong….you will get through this. Hang in there, buddy!

  10. So proud of you Crusoe !! My old soul,Beemer says hello and he wishes you the very best with your recovery !! You have a huge fanbase young man and you have a wonderful support from your family !! Oh yeah, Ruby sends lots of love also to you as well !!!
    Armando Lopez, Beemer and Ruby

  11. Crusoe,don’t worry; that neon green color looks outstanding on you, tu ragazzo bello!! I wonder if your Dad might get a runner with some tread on it to place over those stones that you need to walk on – – in order to stabilize your footing & thereby protect your back from any sudden movements? (.Just an observation of the terrain there in the photos). Slow & steady, precious Crusoe; you’re a trooper!! You & your folks are enfolded in love & admiration & lots of prayers!!

  12. Crusoe,

    You are doing amazingly well! My hubby had neck surgery and was in the hospital much longer than we anticipated and did not make the quick recovery that you are. We want to encourage you that while it will be a challenge at times, you are going to be just fine. My husband loves going to the pool because it means he gets out of his wheelchair and is free. He makes a lot of progress there. Trying new things can be scary even for a human, but you’ve got good parents and a lot people praying for you. Make sure you tell Mum and Dad to take care of themselves. If they don’t they can’t take care of you. It’s hard advice to follow, but it’s really needed. We enjoy reading about your adventures, and look forward to being your fan for many years to come.

  13. Hubby says remember to identify as the tortoise rather then the hair: slow and study but sure. Remember to always do your best, never give up and never surrender!

  14. Oh Crusoe, you look smashing at such an early state of recovery. My name is Benji, I’m a short furred red fella. I had that surgery 9 years ago. You are lucky to be home so soon. Your yellow walking helper is REALLY cool. Where did you find it? That website/facebook page shows many ways to cope with the accidents we might have. It took my mom a long time to realize that boy doxies need belly bans while girl doxies can wear dog diapers. Sometimes the humans aren’t so bright. But dodgers list has way more ideas than my mom. Ha! It’s non-profit. I’m sorry I keep mentioning it. My mom didn’t know about it until long after my surgery. You are in my Doxie prayers sweet buddy. Doxie snuggles, Benjamin

  15. Crusoe, you make my eyes leak xo
    Thanks for sharing the bit about your Mom’s accident and back story…hard to imagine. Just know that the love surrounding you is infinite and thank goodness for your inherent strength, determination and will. Much love and gentle snuggles xoxo
    Roxanne (Johnny & Spirit Buddy)

  16. Crusoe, so glad to see you are doing so well 4 days post-op surgery. I almost cried when you picked up that stick too. Continued prayers for you as you recover. You have great caregivers taking of you. Sending you love.

  17. Crusoe, I just know you’ll be back to 100% soon with all the TLC mum and dad are giving you. Get strong little buddy.

  18. My prayers are with always for a speedy recovery, seeing your videos you are doing great, keep up the good job and before you know it you’ll be running around.

  19. My dachshund Toby had the same back surgery and it was a couple weeks before he counld walk like that. It has now been 4 and a half years and he has made an almost full recovery(he is back to his old self, except he cant jump up on our really tall bed anymore, which I don’t want him doing any way, he could re-injure his back jumping down). Best of luck…

  20. Crusoe, hugs and kisses from the Texas Hill Country! I was so happy to see your dad taking you for a short walk! 🙂 you’ve got this! Doxies are a strong willed breed and smart too! I have been lucky to have doxie best friends for 60 years! I have Bella now and am waiting for Pammie to get a little older before I can go to San Antonio to pick her up! She is a rescue chi-wienie! Bella has been asking for a sister in heart for a year now and we wanted to do a rescue! God bless and keep you love Bella and Linda

  21. Take it easy little Cru. One day and one step at a time. Enjoy some relaxation and all the loving that is sent your way from your fans and those around you.

  22. Hi Crusoe, Mum, and Dad. I have the almost the same thing you do. In humans it’s called Degenerative Disc Disease. I’ve had three surgeries, but I’m a lot older than you and I’ve had this all my life. My last surgery was last January. It took me some time, but I’m out of my wheelchair and walking around again. I know you’ll be walking on your own soon too. Now I’m ready for physical therapy like you will be getting. I don’t get to swim though. I have to use gym equipment with weights and all that. We will be going through the rest of recovery together! I’ll try hard if you do, buddy. To Mum and Dad, I know it’s hard not to worry but Crusoe is doing fantastic. My nephew dachshund just went through all of this too and he’s back to his old, fun-loving self. It just takes time, love, and patience. I know you have lots of that for your brave little guy. Best of luck and wishes, and keep picking up sticks! Love, Lisa and her senior wieners.

  23. Crusoe! You look like you’re doing great! We had a daschund named Rudi with back problems growing up, so know what you’re going through (and my mommy has back issues as well!). Don’t worry too much about your sling, everyone will only remember how amazing you are, plus you definitely wore it better. I know you’ll be back to 100% in no time. Thinking about you out here in Calgary. Bonne journée!!

  24. Hey Crusoe! Sorry about your back. My sweet girl had that surgery and lost the feeling in her little legs. We got her a neat little rear harness from
    to help her with her mobility before transitioning to a little wheelchair! Unfortunately she lost her fight, but you already seem to be doing really well! We also took her to acupuncture pretty frequently, that seems to help out a lot with little doxies like you! We did cold laser therapy too. These things seemed to help her feel better 🙂 we are all hoping to see you back to full health soon!

  25. Good for you Crusoe your doing great, we are praying for you . Hugs and kisses from Battle Creek Michigan. Our doxie Schnitzel sends his luv and as always keep on ballin

  26. Darling Crusoe, I lit some incense for you as soon as I heard. Sent the guys from Doggie Heaven over to keep your spirits up,and watch over your recovery. The guys and I are all rooting for you, and for your family in this tough time, and know you’ll make it through fine. Take it easy, and enjoy all the love coming your way!

  27. You can do it Crusoe. You are such an inspiration. You and your mom are such strong hero’s. Keep up the good work and you will be chasing those squirrels with Laffie soon. Take care and I will be routing for you. *lots of love and gentle hugs*

  28. Dr Jull and the Vscan team are the absolute best. They saved my dog Bruin in May from a deadly infection under his spine. He was hours away from needing to be put down. They loved him for a whole week there and have helped us the whole time since then. I hope they are sending you to Dr Gumley and Sarah at Cedarview Animal Hospital- they have been amazing with rehab too. Bruin is almost better, just dealing with some lingering issues – but he was good enough to get excited when we found his picture on a calendar at Bayshore the other day! Not a coffee table book yet- but still awesome for us. Keep well!

  29. Crusoe, you are doing so well!!! I’m so proud of you. The lime green sling? Well, inventive. Another support to use is a simple bathrobe belt.
    Ryan & Lauren – keep up the wonderful therapies that you are doing for your beloved Crusoe. I feel the love.
    Love Tracy

  30. Mocha and I wanted to tell you get well soon and we love you Crusoe!! You’ll be up playing and going in adventures soon!!

  31. ciao Crusoe! Glad to sse that you are in good hands and having daily progress. Oliver and Fester with Mum and Dad wish you a very quick recovery, in Italy we say “in bocca al lupo”! ciao!!

  32. Was wishing I could help Crusoe & his Mum & Dad & realized that if we, his loving fandom, could all buy his book, that it could help them, since the little guy is ‘out-of-commission’- – temporarily, we trust & pray !! (I bought 2 – one is going to be a gift for a friend who has 5 Doxies!). So, if you possibly can, please consider this idea ?! THANK YOU !

  33. I’m so happy to hear you’re on the mend. I hope you’re back to chasing squirrels soon. Take care.

  34. So glad that you are on the mend! Me and my little Halle girl have been praying for you. I’m day one after my surgery today so I walk this journey with you!

  35. Ugh…I had the human version of your surgery a couple of years ago and it’s not fun! Good thing you have such devoted parents to take care of you! Get well soon, Crusoe!!

  36. A complete & permanent recovery for your back, sweet Crusoe. I heard back from the AKC here in the U.S.A. and they, with sympathy, directed me to The NATIONAL BREED CLUB, in this case the DACHSHUND CLUB OF AMERICA, REGARDING my (& your!) thoughts about improving the Dachshund breed as concerns the extreme length of back and very short legs which are factors in the high incidence of back problems in Dachshunds. I will contact them and your Canadian equivalent, too. With Love & prayers for you & your wonderful family, little friend.

  37. We love you Crusoe from Boaz Alabama our prayers are that the angels will keep watch over you, a very special angel, love you

  38. Crusoe, so sorry to hear about your surgery. Precious the pup send lots of love and wishes for a quick recovery.

  39. All the best, Crusoe. Just take it a day at a time. One of my doxies had decompression surgery for all 7 problematic disks; he didn’t walk again, but he was the sweetest pup ever for the last 5 years of his life. Your diagnosis sounds a bit better, so I know you will pull through. One observation: I remember watching the video on your book tour–I think it was the New York interview–and the interviewer let you jump down from the chair on which you were sitting several times. You landed on a hard floor. It broke my heart, and I bit my lip then, as I knew that this was exactly the kind of action that triggers back problems. I was just hoping by some miracle that you could avoid back issues. Although I am not Donald Trump (thank God), “believe me” when I say that I can feel your–and your humans’–pain, as my husband and I spent over 5 years reading about IVDD treatments (laser disc ablation, etc.) for our other doxie and tending to our little man who was paralyzed. I have read about newer treatments, so I know you will have a better outcome than our little guy. However, once healed, you need to avoid stairs of all kinds, running through leaves, sand, or snow,, and jumping on and off furniture! This may sound like a harsh lecture, but I am one of those “old-hyde English teachers,” so please listen and change your behavior. Take it from one who learned the hard way…and with devastating results.

  40. Crusoe,
    I know,you and your parents need rest. This has surely been a traumatic adventure. Here’s the but, but I am such a worrier. It isn’t one of my better traits.
    When I don’t hear anything I get a little nervous.
    I know you need rest but just a short word between naps would be a comfort.
    I say a prayer for you every day.
    Thank you for giving so many smiles.

  41. We both had this surgery in the past 18 months, so we are hoping and praying for a full recovery for you! Do your homework, man!

  42. We have had wiener dogs in the past. Lived to be 15 and 26. They were brothers too. When I first learned of you, it was through your hunting video and I cracked up! I just love how you are “walking on your hind legs” and packing that rifle in your “hands”. I just showed it to my husband and we both couldn’t stop laughing. Well, God speed, my little Black and Tan friend,,and we will look forward to many many laughs in the near future.

    • 26, that’s amazing!!! I just have to ask how his health was the last… 10 years! Oh my goodness it’s so great s/he lived that long! I’m hoping that I can at least hope for the same for mine.

  43. Glad you’re doin’ good, dawg! While you have all this down time, I bet you could come up with some super awesome xmen type adventures for mum and dad to take you on after you’re100%!! As well as some babe-laden beaches for a getaway for all of you!

  44. Crusoe;
    You are special, hope you make a full recovery. I also have a dog that looks exactly like you (Maxwell Napoleon) and I show him all your post and videos, he just wishes he was as talented as you are but we all have to have our heroes. Good luck

  45. Crusoe we are sending pawsitive thoughts to you for a quick and complete recovery. Hang in there, little cutie. And if you ever want to visit the beach, we have a dog bed and a beach ball waiting here just for you! Love to you and your family ???

  46. Crusoe, You are an inspiration to all. I, too, have a metal brace in my back,have had for 23 years now. Exercise and good diet helps (of course a little treat every now and then is nice).

  47. Good job buddy! Slow and steady wins the race. Nothing can compare to seeing you pick up that stick and look up to your beloved owner for reassurance and approval!

    Been experiencing IVDD with Kraut, age 7, the oldest of our three dachshunds, for the first time this summer. It is so HARD to watch and SCARY for us Mums and Dads. You are giving us hope, even if a surgery is unavoidable. We will pray for a long pain-free life for you and follow your journey through this blog.

    Bless your Mum and Dad and may God bless you all.

  48. Hey Crusoe! My Doxie Zoey and I love watching your videos! You’re in our thoughts and prayers for a fast full recovery . Stay strong lil man ! Xoxo p.s Zoey says she’ll keep an eye out on those squirrels for you 🙂 as she checks out the window every morning for them .

  49. Oh my, it’s hard to get a word in edgewise, you got so many sweet and comforting and encouraging comments, I am very happy that you are doing so good after your surgery, I know what a feeling it is for Mum and Dad when something happens to the back, when that happened to Molly the first time I was so helpless and scared, I had never even heard of that, her Dad went camping with sister Goldie, a Jack Russell, because she was scared of firecrackers, and they are not allowed in State Parks, when I took Molly to the Vet she got a shot, pills, ordered crate rest, so I had to get a crate, Molly wouldn’t rat or drink, cried all night in her crate, I had even put the crate on my bed where she could see me, after 3 nights I couldn’t take it any more and left her out of the crate. Poor baby was dragging her hind legs, it was a tough time for all of us, but Molly dot better, much rest and canned dog food did the trick, and her meds. Then it happened again, this time I was more experienced, same thing, dragging hind legs, but it tool longer to get over it, I bought a dog stroller, so we could go out and get fresh air, it happened again on the 4th of July weekend, again I was alone to deal with it, and it took longer to get over it. And, low and behold, it happened again, another 4th of July, this time we were really worried and surgery came to mind, but again she pulled out of it, we bought her a wheelie this time, I had posted a picture of her in one of my comments, she hated it, was very stubborn, I took her to the Vet and when the Dr. was finished checking her, she ran to the door so fast, but stopped dead in her tracks outside, but we knew then that she can walk with the wheelchair. So I took her to the Vet. 2 or 3 times during the week to make her walk, and eventually she did at home too. It took a long time to get over it this time, about 3 month, but that was the last time, and no surgery, but I always dread the 4th of July to come around. But seeing your progress after surgery, you are doing amazing, and I know Mum and Dad are very happy, oh, by the way, Mum is such a strong person, having been through what she went through after her car accident, I am so happy for her that she pulled through and can live a normal life now. You are such a sweet family, and your love for Crusoe is amazing, but you just gotta love a doxie!!!! Wishing you all the best also your extended family, I LOVE the picture with you and Oakley and Laffie, I am so sorry that you lost Laffie at this time when you really need her, be strong!!! and remember, all of your fans love you!!!!

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  51. lol Crusoe I agree that is a nasty image of that hairy human in the same green sling. I didn’t know your mama was in a car accident your both lucky to have each other and such a caring Dad. Sending love to you and your family.

    Please if you have a moment please message my friend at Cindy Corday her little boy Piper is having the same problem

    • lol Crusoe I agree that is a nasty image of that hairy human in the same green sling. I didn’t know your mama was in a car accident your both lucky to have each other and such a caring Dad. Sending love to you and your family.

      Please if you have a moment please message my friend at Cindy Corday her little boy Piper is having the same problem

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