Going for Surgery..

Ryan here, Crusoe’s Dad. This is the first time I’ve actually written a post on Crusoe’s blog, but unfortunately, Crusoe isn’t here right now so I’m taking the liberty of doing so. He is going into surgery at the moment 🙁

I know Crusoe has always preferred to not share details of his health with his fandom (because as you know, he thinks he’s invincible and has to uphold a certain image), but I think it’s come to the point that I should share this with all of the people who follow and love Crusoe almost as much as we do. And to be honest, this has been such a tough and heartbreaking time that Lauren (Mum) and I could probably benefit from some positive thoughts ourselves. I also think as fans you might appreciate to know what’s been going on with him, and with so many people sending thoughts and prayers, there has to be some benefit in that for our little guy…

Crusoe’s had a couple minor back issues in the past couple years. If you’re a dachshund owner, you’ve probably heard of IVDD (intervertebral disc disease) which affects dachshunds the most out of any breed because of their long backs. Essentially, their discs degenerate and harden over time, and then can herniate (the jelly in the middle gets squeezed out), which depending which way it goes, can cause paralysis if it pushes on the spinal cord. Although it’s common in the breed, it affects individuals differently. Crusoe had his first issue when he was four year’s old. Oakley is five and has never had an issue, thankfully.

We’ve always known this could be a problem, which is why since day one I’ve been building ramps for Crusoe all around the house… And why I eventually started DoggoRamps.com, now with over 10,000 ramps sold (as of 2020).


That’s also what’s made this so disheartening and frustrating. With some dogs, it’s unfortunately just bound to happen at some point or another, no matter what precautions you take.

And you can’t keep them in a bubble either. After all, Crusoe was born to be an adventurer.

Dog Explorer

Anyway, Crusoe had another back episode in early June of this year. This one seemed different somehow. Every other episode he’s gone through has been characterized by some discomfort and pain, wherein we would rest him and put him on some meds, do some laser therapy and acupuncture sessions, and he would always improve pretty quickly and get right back to being his old self.

This time, he appeared to be in more pain, and he didn’t seem to recover as quickly. We employed the same treatment process as previous times, but he still didn’t seem to follow a clear recovery path. Two weeks ago we were very close to deciding on surgery, but decided to give one last conservative treatment process a run. And actually, he seemed to be doing really well! We thought he was going to recover. But then, all of a sudden in the past couple days, he started to go downhill again. I know Crusoe would never want anyone to have this mental image of him, but today he was wobbly on his back legs for the first time, so, heartbroken, we knew it was time…

Crusoe is now in surgery. We’re sad, scared, and worried, but also hopeful that this may correct the issue once and for all so that he can get back to doing all the things he loves, especially now that we’re at our new house and he has many adventures awaiting him.

Crusoe's New House

It’s kind of crazy how much you come to love these little dogs. Crusoe has really become like our own child. Both working from home, we’re with him almost 24/7. We bring him with us everywhere we go, whether down the street or overseas. We would do anything for him and his well-being.

But even more so than being like a child to us, he’s also very special in that he’s blessed me with my career for the past couple years; allowed us to travel all over and meet so many wonderful fans, to be the source of our livelihood, and the source of so many other peoples’ joy.

People always say your job should be to do what you love. Well, mine has been to spend time with my dog.

crusoe dachshund and dad

That’s something I’ll always cherish about Crusoe, and something I still look forward to once Crusoe gets through this little rough patch in life. That’s why seeing him struggle to recover recently has really been hard for us.

He’s a special little guy, and I’ll give you one example why. A couple year’s ago our vet noticed Crusoe had a “gallop” in his heartbeat. He said it could be an arrhythmia or other type of heart disease. We were understandably worried, so we took him to a cardiologist who did a bunch of tests and did some imaging of his heart. As it turned out, there was nothing wrong with his little heart at all. The cardiologist even said he had never seen anything like it before; that he just had a “heartbeat of a slightly different rhythm – special”.

In the meantime, since our new house didn’t actually come with a “yard” despite being in the country, I’m building one for Crusoe. It should be ready by the time he’s recovered.

building crusoe a yard

Thanks for taking the time to read this. I know I’m not as entertaining or nice to look at as Crusoe, but “Mum” and I would so appreciate if everyone might keep our little guy in their thoughts and prayers for us in this next while.

And we’ll keep you informed as to how things go from here.

Keep ballin’,

~ Ryan (Dad)






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  1. I keep Crusoe and his mum and dad in my thoughts and prayers. Thank you for keeping us informed!

    • Love you Crusoe be strong be well. You have more work to be done here. I will pray for you and you’re family. Many many prayers!! I have some of your cousins distant cousins here so you gold a special place in my heart. Chloe & Hope send hugs and kisses. Xo??☄?❤??

  2. Prayers and good thoughts coming your way!! Our Elvis and Crusoe look alot a like and I so enjoy reading about all the adventures you guys go on!!

  3. Positive thoughts and prayers to the best little guy, Crusoe and his mum & dad! I will include all of you in my daily prayers.

  4. I can’t thank you enough for sharing about Crusoe, he has become a BIG part of my life. I look forward to the post and so do my two Dachshunds Fergus and Cooper. He is a fighter and will not want to disappoint his fans. So on that note mum and dad, try and relax, breath, he will be ok, and back to his invincible self in no time. Prayers and good thoughts are on the way. Please keep us posted on how he is doing. I know I will be on pins and needles until your next post. Fergus and Cooper say, woof, slurp, and woof again, and I say God Speed.

  5. Sending thoughts for successful surgery and a speedy recovery! You’re indeed a special pup, Crusoe. Your mum and dad adore you, and of course your thousands of fans. You got lots of love and tail wags wishing the best for you.

  6. Keeping you all in our prayers. My doxie Brody had the same issue almost two years ago at – he couldn’t even stand let alone walk. At the time we could not afford surgery so decided to go the route of crate rest, meds, prayers and good vibes. My husband even made a little harness for his back end so he was wheelbarrowing around when we went outside. After 7 months of this, on Christmas morning (I kid you not!) Brody stood and took a few steps. Today, almost two years later and approaching 10 years old, he still has a little “hitch in his giddy-up” but can walk, run, and play! I’m certain Crusoe will do great through surgery and make a miraculous recovery. Thinking of you all! xx

  7. I’m so sorry to hear of this news! I certainly know how these little dogs can become “children” in their own way, as my husband and I see Ammo in the same exact way. I know exactly how you must be feeling right now, and know that we are all wishing Crusoe a speedy recovery so that he can get back to his amazing adventures once again. Hugs from all of us on the farm in Pennsylvania!

  8. We’ve been down that road & hope all goes well! Though we hope he doesn’t need them, Crusoe is spunky little guy who would wow the chicks on his wheels!

  9. I’m so sorry to hear about your beautiful furbaby. I have 4 doxys there not supposed to jump good luck wiith that. It does not matter how many ramps you have they are little dare Devils and will jump just to see you cringe. But they are so lovable. The little beasts.

  10. Love to Crusoe and has fur parents, that tough little wiener dude will prevail and I am looking forward to his next adventure. My little Copper says to “get well soon man”!!!!

  11. I am so sorry for what the poor little guy is going through…he is certainly a specil pup…i enjoy his post…. My Calley girl and I send him our blessings and will keep him in our prayers???

  12. I wish your little fella all the best and will surround him with healing thoughts. Thank you for sharing his life with us. He is a constant source of joy.

  13. Dear Ryan and Lauren,
    My prayers are with you and Crusoe right now. My little Biscuit was the first small dog I’ve ever had, a little bit bigger than Crusoe..but still small and has a longer back..after we rescued him, we immediately fell in love with him and this special breed of dog. After a few months, I noticed one day he was dragging his hind legs a bit..took him to vets. we were told he had the same thing wrong with him as does Crusoe..I was heart broken and so scared. the vet said he would need surgery…however, with Biz..they first tried steroids, and it worked..we just kept him from going up and down stairs, and he has learned to wait to be put on couches or go upstairs.
    However, during that time, I contacted several rescue groups to learn more about this spinal disease, and talked to many who had their dogs go through the operation..they are all fine, although they have to have the little cart to use. I met with some people whose dog used the cart..and the cart did not hinder their little dog at all.
    I am praying that Crusoe’s operation will be successful, and he will be back to his staunch little self.
    Crusoe has such a mighty strength to him, and he’s been so blessed to have such loving parents, that if he has to have a cart..he will soon be the King Spokesdog of disabled dogs!! He will not be held back..and he will be just
    as he is now..a little beacon of happiness to all of us. He will also be able to let other owners know that it isn’t the end of their time with their dogs..but a beginning of a whole new way of life.
    It is a high point of my day to see his posts on fb..and to share all the videos of him..I look forward to many more years of them. (My other little fella, Hootie. could be Crusoe’s twin, however, his talent is letting the world know he’s here by the sound of his never ending bark!)
    May the Powers that be look over you all and bring you through this trying time with flying colors. The four of you (of course, Okley) have our hearts.

  14. I am so so sorry!! Crusoe became my dog after both my dachshunds passed away in 2013. I delighted in reading his adventures and viewing his travels. It took my husband and I several years to get through the heartbreak of losing our beloved Bruno and Heidi. Finally this year, we welcomed 2 dachshie puppy brothers (Rudi and Rollie) to our home!

    Both Bruno and Heidi had intermittent issues with disc disease. Bruno acutely herniated a disc at age 14 running for his ball, the toy he loved more any other. The dachshund I had growing up never had a single back issue and he jumped off furniture and ran up/down stairs. It seems that the trigger for disc disease is not completely predictable.

    I know you know these pups are tenacious little fighters and I hope and pray for Crusoe and you and his Mom that he will have a smooth, speedy, and full recovery. They are definitely worth every penny and the love and joy they bring is immeasurable!! Hugs to you all!!

  15. Thank you for sharing. My old boy Sebastian will be 13 soon and had his first back issues at 4 years old as well. Rest and accupunture took care of it and thankfully we have not had another episode. We are praying for your special boy right now. My family knows how daschies become part of your heart really quick!!! He is my 9 year old son Wil’s older brother 🙂

  16. Ryan, you and Larens love for Crusoe has always made me happy. Crusoe is a special guy, very special. Meeting him and seeing you and Lauren in person was and remains a very happy memory for me and Mazie.
    I LOVE how you’ve built Cru ramps, including his very cool desk! I’m so sorry the back issue came anyway.
    Thank you for sharing….I believe in positive thoughts and love—and based on Crusoes fans around the world who love him dearly, I have no doubt Crusoe can feel the love and this will help in his FAST recovery. Hoping you and Lauren feel the love too. Please give Crusoe a kiss from us. We look forward to hearing great news. Love. Gayle

  17. Please, please put him on 1-TDC. It will help him immensely. I don’t get paid for this but I teach veterinary dentistry and that is how I found it.

  18. Crusoe makes the world smile and laugh everyday. It’s almost like he’s our.too dog too because you share so much of him with us. I truly hope he back chasing squirrels soon and enjoying his next bark box of squeaky toys and treats.
    I love that dawg.
    Wishing him a speedy recovery,
    I don’t usually post on boards but this guy, he has a place in heart

  19. We are sending positive thoughts to you today! It’s something we worry about as well and it’s so hard to see our little ones hurting. Your Crusoe is such a special guy and we enjoy seeing his adventures. You are great parents – hang in there!

  20. I’m praying for you guys. My dachshund Buddy, had this issue a few weeks shy of his 1st bday. I was told he would be paralyzed at best but most likely have to have him put down. I was absolutely heartbroken and refused to accept that as an answer. We did steroid treatments, crated him for close to 3 months and prayed and prayed. He turned 10yrs old in Feb. Crusoe will come through great, he’s a strong and tough little guy. They really do become our babies.

  21. I don’t even have a dog, but I love watching Crusoe and how much fun he has. He’s a special guy with extraordinary, loving parents. My heart goes out to you all for a successful surgery and a speedy recovery. Thanks for sharing so much of yourselves with us.

  22. Hey Guys!!! We all KNOW that Crusoe will come through this with flying colors….. he is invincible!! He has new squirrels to torment….. and a new yard to explore….. think positive…. he WILL BE fine… just needs time to recurperate…. he’s a winner and will win this battle too!!!!

  23. We love these little guys so much and it is impossible to keep them from jumping. Best wishes to Crusoe! How fortunate he is to have such loving humans in his life.

  24. These little dogs steal ur heart..I had a mini named Oscar. He was like a little human…loved him to death…I will pray for our buddy Crusoe!!

  25. When I saw your post I said “Oh no! Crusoe” and my entire office knew exactly who I meant. We’re all pulling for you, Crusoe! And a ton of hugs and to your mum and dad.

  26. Thanks so much for keeping us updated Dad! Lil eva and I are thinking and praying for Crusoe’s quick recovery! Keep ballin’ Lil friend! We send you and your family all our love!

  27. Hi Ryan. Crusoe has a special place in my heart since his visit to Chapters Markham last year! He has brought me much joy and laughter. It is now my turn to send love and support his way in return. My heart goes out to you and Lauren while you go through this and i know Crusoe will be up to new adventures in no time at all! Keep us posted.

  28. Keep everyone updated Dad! Our thoughts & prayers are with all of you! He’s a tuff guy & he won’t give up!

  29. Get ready with those doggie treats because I know Crusoe will want some special attention as he recovers from surgery. He’s a tough little guy, and he’ll be back to his adventures in no time at all. Heidi and Fritzie are rooting for him!

  30. My thoughts and prayers are with Crusoe and his mum and dad. We hurt when our pups (babies) hurt. My male dachshund (that looks like Crusoe) went from walking fine to dragging his back feet in the matter of a couple hours. He had the surgery and is doing great 3 years later. He will be 12 in a couple months.

  31. Best wishes and a speedy and complete recovery. Thank you for keeping us entertained. You have given me a new appreciation for dachshunds. More personality than you could ever hope for.

  32. I’m so sorry to see this news! Thinking of Crusoe and hopeful for a quick recovery. And also thinking about mum and dad 😉 Our little dachshunds are our spoiled lovable furkids as well and it is never easy to see them struggle.

  33. I have enjoyed hearing about him. Sorry to hear he is having back surgery now. Our Bourbon had back surgery too. He is no longer with us, and Pinto is also gone. But I keep reading about Crusoe because I am a life long dachshund lover.

    Get luck Crusoe. We are rooting for you!

  34. Ugh … I know the feeling so well … recently had to take our own dog in for a complicated surgery, one the doctor even told us about that we needed to keep in mind we might lose him. Luckily, these special dogs are just that .. special. They beat all odds! The vet said he never seen anything like him. I totally understood of course! That is why they keep that very special place in our heart occupied. It breaks your heart seeing your furry kid in pain. They are such a huge part of the family.

    Just keep believing in him. I know he will pull through and soon he will be ready to go on squirrel patrol! After all, he is Batdog! His superpowers will help him cure, I’m positive he will be back in business soon.

    Stay strong mum and dad! Your special dog will show you once again he truly is special.

  35. So sorry for your little guy! He has done so much for me and the rest of the world. I hope and pray that he is comforted and free of pain as he recovers.

  36. Crusoe feel better soon little guy. Your parents need you. I have a dog just like you, even the same color. Her name is Lucie. I broke my ankle badly 2 months ago and she is always by my side. We like watching all of your adventures and can’t wait to see more! We’re hoping for a speedy recovery for you! Hugs Lucie and Karen

  37. Oh Crusoe, I’ll be praying to St. Francis for you. I hope your Dad will let us know when you are out of surgery, how long you have to stay at the hospital, and how you are doing each day. Our doxie, Gloria, loves you.

  38. Praying for Crusoe…we adopted a red female named Lilly after she had surgery for IVDD..she did great for almost two years and got her strength back then because we couldn’t keep her in a bubble her back went out, so 11 weeks of cage rest, shots, pills and coconut oil, with MSM added to her diet she started walking again 🙂 our vet suggested wheels for stability as her thigh muscles developed…we got ours from Eddie’s Wheels…she using them on walks and playing in the yard (you know how they love to chase critters) anyway she’s doing great and Crusoe will too…his fans will be waiting to hear how his adventures in hospital land went:-)

  39. Little Crusoe, My heart goes out to you and your family. I know what you are going through. My Luigi had the same back in 2014. He is okay now but we still are very careful with him. Crusoe, we are keeping you in our prayers. Get well soon little man.

    Love, Doxen Lover

  40. Out daschund Maggie had back surgery two years ago. She was totally paralyzed. The surgery did alliviate the pain and slthough she has never fully regained her ability to walk on her own, she is happy and pain free and gets around the house just find in her own way. Hoping the besr for Crusoe!

  41. Crusoe, may the good Lord bless your surgical team so that they may help you make a full recovery. Scooter and Rommel send their love your way as do I. Hugs to Mum and Dad, I know they need it as I have been in their shoes before.

  42. Crusoe go! You can do it little guy! Get well and let us laugh again with your stories! Greetings from the Netherlands!

  43. Our Zoe became paralyzed instantly 4 years ago after she jumped at the UPS guy. She had surgery and after 4 months of recovery she is perfectly fine. We don’t let her jump or go up/down stairs but I share this so you know that your baby can recover fully. Even if it isn’t full recovery there are wheelie things that can help them navigate. My thoughts are with you during this scary time.

  44. I have grown to love Crusoe and my heart breaks for you. Having 3 dachshunds of my own I am very aware of the issues they can have with their backs. I pray for Crusoe’s quick recovery and for a pain free life. ❤️❤️❤️

  45. Chiropractics has helped my doxies over the years. First one we had we had no idea that there was an option in chiropractics. She got through her recommended surgery but died of complications involving all the meds after. She was only 4 years old. That was 2004. It still brings me to tears. My chiropractor told me he probably could have helped, and after years of taking my other 2 doxies there at the first sign of a problem, I believe him! I don’t know if that would help your special Crusoe, but hopefully water therapy will! I will be asking my chiropractor if he has ever treated a dog after they have had surgery. Thoughts and prayers for you all. Crusoe is so special ♥

  46. I am praying for your family and Crusoe’s speedy recovery. I have a beautiful black and tan and a red doxie. Maggie and Gabriel. Maggie could be Crusoe’s sister. I can not inagine our lives without them. ????????for all of you.

  47. Bless you. I know you are doing all you can. Down here in Texas the Angels at A&M Small Animal Clinic have always come through for me. They can do amazing things….grow stem cells to repair damage spinal cord. They are State of the art and leading edge. It doesn’t hurt to check around. I know Crusoe already has a fine medical staff. Just want to share because we love our babies.

  48. Luci Lu is the love of my life. She has had several bouts with IVDD but always recovered with rest & meds. I know there comes a time that surgery is the best way to treat IVDD, I pray for you & Crusoe. I have 7 little doxies & they are all forbidden to jump & must use ramps. Even with the best preventions, we can’t avoid everything. God bless you & Crusoe, I pray for you all that he make a complete & speedy recovery. I am sure you have the best doctor & things will be fine. Luv you all, from me & my doxie pack. Kathy

  49. Get well and back to your humorous adventures soon little buddy. Thinking of all of you and sending positive energy.

  50. I have two little doxie girls, one with IVDD, and I love seeing Crusoe! Praying for you all during this rough spot and wishing him a smooth recovery!

  51. Crusoe cosita hermosa mis mejores deseos y mis oraciones para que te recuperes pronto, eres un perrito excepcional , tus aventuras y travesuras me han hecho reír a pesar de que nuestro idioma no es el mismo.


  52. Prayers for a speedy recovery. Ours was 9 when she had IVDD issues, full recovery, all back to normal…… I always thought that even if she didn’t make a full recovery, we would get a set of wheels….they’re family…. 🙂

  53. I had back/neck surgery to repair three ruptured disks TEN years ago and I haven’t looked back! I’m sixteen now and still causing trouble – especially with my brother Darcy (he’s a cat – I know, how embarrassing for me, a cat for a brother!). I know Crusoe will make a speedy recovery and in no time at all my Mom will be reading me all about his new adventures. God bless you all.

  54. Sending him hugs and get well vibes. We had surgery on our doxie too and it was scary but also improved his quality of life. keep a positive outlook, and remember those little doxies are strong at heart!

  55. Praying for Crusoe and you two also. I love his videos and adventures and look forward to seeing many more. Get well soon sweet Crusoe!

  56. Our mini had back surgery at the age of three, and he is about to turn seventeen now. He woke up one morning with his back legs useless, evidently paralyzed. His vet suggested a surgical hospital nearby in Louisville, Ky., and after eight weeks of carrying him around by his tail, with him walking on his front legs, he slowly got better. I am not sure how long it was before he was back to normal, but he has lead a very active life since then. We will keep Crusoe in our prayers, wishing him a fast and complete recovery.

  57. Love and hugs from me and my Doxie, Precious! She has a crush on Crusoe, so he needs to get better soon! And it’s possible! Precious went down with IVDD in January, could not use her rear legs at all and 7.5 weeks of intensive therapy away from me (mom), and she was walking again. Now it’s August and she’s actually running again! Love to mum and dad too!

    • my little KOKO was bitten by a rattlesnake when he was 1 yr old and he made it out of that OK with an antidote from the vet he is 12 now , so can you Crusoe hang in there buddy KOKO is rooting for you and so are we

  58. You are lucky you can afford the surgery. My dog was 4 when her back gave out. The surgery is 5,000 and they can’t guarantee that it will be fixed and because if the breed the percentage of it happening again to a other disc is high. Best of luck to you and your little one.

  59. Crusoe sweet buddy boy ! Paws up for you good dog. You are very strong and loved. We are thinking of you, honey. You have many, many friends and you have the best family. They adore you. Take your time and feel better. Big love.Big smooch on that nice doggie head. We hold the best thought for you and know you will soon be on the mend. In fact you already are !!! Love you darlin’
    Emily and Bodie in California
    P.S. oh yah-‘ Keep Ballin’ Crusoe. !!! ♥♥♥♥♥

  60. Paws Crossed for a brilliant surgeon, successful surgery & a quick recovery. Woofs for Crusoe & his medically astute/ proactive family♡Benito Luigi (a working therapy practice dog)w/His Human Mom♡Da

  61. I’m praying for your little guy! These dachshunds are just born to squeeze every last drop of life from that berry. Hang tight you guys!
    Thinking of your family from Alabama, USA…

  62. Back in Jun 2015, our Murphy started dragging his hind legs. I gave him hot baths everyday and he recovered. But in Dec he started dragging again. We had him in a cart and after about a month I had him in the bath and was massaging his back and I heard a good pop. He started walking again, though he’s not 100% He now runs better than he walks. Prayers to Crusoe and his family!

  63. Sending you prayers for a speedy recovery… Love from Sebaatian and Ellie… Johannesburg South Africa

  64. Prayers for your wonderful family. My heart is saddened to know you are going through this. Crusoe & Oakley have brought so much happiness into my family’s life. Please keep us posted.Sending positive healing energy his way.

  65. My family had six Dachshunds at one point–through age and life we’re down to four. All have had back issues at some point. We started them on Standard Process’s ‘Canine Whole Body Support’ supplements five years back. Only 2 minor back tweaks since. My girlfriend had a brilliant Dachshund whom she was going to have to put down due to him losing control of his back ‘rear gear’. We started him on the WBS supplements & within 4 days, he was able to walk & toilet himself. He lived an additional SIX years! You can get these all-food supplements from your holistic chiropractor or acupuncturist. By all-food–they’re made from foods and not chemicals or synthetic derivatives, so extremely beneficial for your wee beastie & no wrestlemania to get the pills down their gullets!

    Best hopes for Crusoe’s speedy and complete recovery. Godspeed, little Darling!

  66. so sorry to hear about Crusoe!!! We have always had dachshunds (though all are and have been females) and we’ve been through the back issues with 2 of the 3. Prayers for all of you, and especially for Crusoe!! We really enjoy watching Crusoe on his adventures!

  67. Thanks mum and dad for keeping us updated. We are praying for Crusoes speedy recovery. We feel like he’s our dog too it’s a nightly ritual at our house to check and see what Crusoe is up to. We just know he’ll be out playing in that yard you are fixing for him soon. Get well soon from our doxie Schnitzel he says keep ballin Crusoe!

  68. Is it possible for all breeders of Dachshunds to begin breeding only shorter-backed & a longer-legged Dachshunds while retaining alt of heir other endearing characteristics? God restore Crusoe’s body to perfect functioning now & for always.

      • I have written to The AKC (American Kennel Club), dear Crusoe, on your behalf and for all of your Dachshund doggy breed. They said they will be contacting me as soon as they can. I will let you know what they think, ( Regarding my thoughts above). I would like to see if you have an equivalent breeder’s association in Canada, as I would like to contact them, too.). Be all well now! With Love.

      • I have written to The AKC (American Kennel Club), dear Crusoe, on your behalf and for all of your Dachshund doggy breed. They said they will be contacting me as soon as they can. I will let you know what they think, ( Regarding my thoughts above). I would like to see if you have an equivalent breeder’s association in Canada, as I would like to contact them, too.). Be all well now! With Love.

        • A quick response from The AKC and they “are so very sorry” for you and for every Dachshund with a back incident. They kindly directed me to the National Breed Club, which in this case is The Dachshund Club Of America. I will contact them and your own Canadian breeder’s club. ( I’m a bit tenacious like you, precious Crusoe and your Dachshund brethren!). With love & prayers for your perfect recovery now).

  69. We love you guys. Glad to hear he made it through. He will be ok. Been through it too. Long road but he will be ok. ❤️❤️❤️??

  70. My husband and I just love Crusoe. We have 5 Dachshunds and love the breed. All are prayers are with Crusoe for a full recovery. Thank you for letting us know how things are going.

  71. Reading this news made my heart sink. As his mum & dad, I know you must be worried sick. My Apollo & Cinnamon (& I) are hoping the best for Crue, Oaks & their parentals. Much love from Texas.

  72. Praying for Crusoe and his parents. I love this little guy and glad he has increased my love for the little guys I already love.

  73. Please keep us updated ,from Australia – Hector hound and Bella Rosa love Crusoe. Get well soon please loving thoughts and healing prayers X

  74. Crusoe…sending healing and positive thoughts your way. Please have your Dad keep us updated on your progress! Dubi from NY sends loving licks to you. Wishing you a speedy and complete recovery!

  75. Sending prayers, hugs, and love to Crusoe, Dad, and Mum. You just got him his new home, and I know he’s meant to spend many wonderful years with you in this house. We’re having a healing service in church tomorrow and I will include Crusoe and his parents. I love you and wish you God speed with your healing.

  76. I just read that Caruso had surgery. We are praying for the best outcome. He’s a fighter with a great heart. We’re wishing him the best fastest recovery ever!
    Love from our best buddies,
    Zach, Athena, Zena and Jenni
    and…Janet & Jaye

  77. Breaks my heart to read this. Crusoe is such a special little guy. Reading about his adventures and his everyday life bring so much joy and laughter to me. I love reading his blog and seeing new pictures on Instagram. Thoughts and prayers for a quick and complete recovery! Hang in there, buddy!

  78. God speed your complete recovery, you little Angel in fur clothes, & bless your loving parents (& little Oakley-Angel,too). Will continue to hold you all in positive prayers & thoughts.

    • Just a fan here, wanting to help : You can check on Crusoe’s Twitter for previous updates & the ones coming soon, I expect. “By” Ilye – Laura.

      • Also, right here on Crusoe’s Blog, see the latest videos & for what Crusoe & his Dad write on them about sweet Crusoe’s progress!

  79. Bonjour, je vous suit depuis longtemps avec votre charment Crusoe que je trouve extrêmement beau et intelligent !!!!
    J’ aimerais tant avoir de ses nouvelles…
    J’ ai moi aussi un Teckel que j’ aime plus que tout au monde, il est mon bébé, mon amour depuis 10 ans ….
    Avec toute mon affection et mon amour pour votre fils chéri Crusoe…
    Je prie pour vous tous avec respect .

  80. How very overwhelming it is to learn Crusoe was born with disc disease. How scary it is to wonder about the future, too. Getting up to speed on this disease makes it easier ….naturally no one ever completely avoids every speck of worry. Do know it is in the cards for Crusoe to get back to enjoying his adventurous life no matter the degree of nerve healing. Knowledge is the power to protect and live many happy years ahead with an IVDD (intervertebral disc disease) dog. The free informative contributions by veterinary professionals to the “All things IVDD webpage” can provide the means. DodgersLIST.com is the webpage. Speedy recovery Crusoe!

  81. Hang in there Crosue praying for you have faith in our heavenly father he’ll bring you through this I will pray for you everyday even will call 700 Club for prayer I love you crosue you make me laugh so much just had my left leg removed up to the knee last month you’ve pulled me through with your funny videos hang in there Mom and Dad I know what you’re going through I had a Dachshund mix before that had the same thing and pulled through fine

  82. Hi Crusoe, Dad & Mom!

    Just wanted to send well wishes and prayers for all of you. As proud parents to an IVDD 13 year old Dachshund ourselves, we know what it is like and how stressful it can be for everyone involved, especially when like us, they are your children.

    Luckily Lucky has ever needed surgery, even tho his last battle really scared us as he became paralyzed in both rear legs.

    The good news is with strict crate rest and proper medication he has now not had a flareup in over two years! He is as active as ever and the most loving pup anyone can ask for.

    Please stay strong not only for Crusoe, but for each other as well. I know recovery can be very tuff on all involved. I hope he gets better quick and cannot wait to see a new video soon!

    Feel better and feel free to check out our box on instagram, his username on instagram is @luckypuppyweeniedog

    Take care

  83. We are all praying for a speedy recovery for Crusoe keeping him in our minds and hearts every day. We have a Crusoe look-alike at home, 4 years old as well and could not imagine the feelings you’re going through right now. Stay strong and give plenty hugs and kisses to both pups for us. The Gilchrist family.

  84. I’m so glad to hear Crusoe is recovering. I missed your instagram post because I had just lost my mom so I hadn’t been following. I was crushed when I heard the news but I’m so happy he’s getting better. He always makes me smile and I share all his posts with my husband. I missed you when you came to Dallas last year. I hope you will come back again! Love and hugs and prayers!

  85. I’m so sorry to hear this and I wish him a speedy recovery. Crusoe’s adventures make me smile and laugh, and are a source of pure joy in sad times. I hope that you find that this community is as uplifting for you as Crusoe is for us.

  86. I sure hope you are recovering well Crusoe! I know you will! Our little miniature dachshund, Jojo, had back surgery when she was four years old and now at 11 yrs, she gets around great and looks forward to walking around the ponds and sitting on the driveway protecting her family. We are all thinking of you and praying for your speedy recovery.

  87. God speed your complete, perfect healing, little angel ! (I can’t have my own dog right now, but ” When I Saw You” – an old song by The Ronettes – I fell in love with you, “child, child, child”! ). Wish I could help your dear Mum & Dad; Bless them!

  88. God Bless you all and wishing Crusoe the very best recovery! I know you love Crusoe like I love my little dachshund. You are lucky to have each other. He is a very special little guy.

  89. I read your blog with tears running down my cheeks. I’ve had dachshunds all my life and they are truly part of our heart and soul. We now have a plump red dachshund who had a good strong back (knock on wood) and a little black chiweenie (1/2 chihuahua and 1/2 doxie) who has had two disk surgeries in the last couple of years. She has come through both in excellent shape and is now a happy racing, romping bundle of energy. I’m sending my prayers to all the powers that be for the same results for your most wonderful little guy. Bright blessing to you all.

  90. Crusoe I am thinking about you and sending you positive thoughts so you can heal. Take your time and heal right. Dad and Mum you are in my thoughts and I know how these guys can just sweep us away. mm

  91. I’m so sorry to hear about Crusoe’s injury!!! I just love him and your videos to pieces! One of my dachshunds had the same surgery when he was 4 and it was heartbreaking. Crusoe is recovering so well!! Way to go little buddy!!! My little guy never regained function of his back legs. but we got him some custom wheels and he’s just as happy as ever. We’re rooting for you Crusoe!! You are one really loved little man!! You’ll be back to your touch guy self in no time!
    ❤️ Petey’s mom

  92. My 12 year old dachshund had two back surgeries. One when he was three and the other at four. Paralyzed both times with no warning. He’s going strong even though he still wobbles from time to time. These guys are tough!!

  93. Dear Ryan & Lauren, I just found out that Crusoe had back surgery. I was so shocked & saddened. Ryan, I cried reading your story about what happened to our little Superstar. I met Crusoe (& Oakley) at Woofstock last year. It was a real thrill for me!!! I have had 2 Dachshunds in the past that went through back surgery – very, very stressful. Both went very well. My current Doxie Heidi has not had any back issues. She is 16 years old this month – adopted her when she was about 7 years old. She has recently been diagnosed with Stage One kidney disease. But she doesn’t need any meds. Her Vet says that she could live another year or two!! And my Chihuahua Dory will be 18 years old this month. I can’t stress how important it is to build ramps for our loving Dachshunds. Neither Heidi or Dory jump off ANY furniture at all!! And, they don’t try to take stairs either. I’m so glad that you use ramps for Crusoe too. Dachshunds are fearless little darlings. Heidi, Dory & I send lots of love your way. Crusoe, you’re a darling boy & I know you will make a full recovery.
    Love Tracy

  94. PLEASE READ THIS: My mini doxy, Molly, had ruptured disc problem about 4 years ago. Her vet happens to know about a procedure for IVDD that is minimally invasive and is 97+% successful. Only a handful of places do this procedure but more and more is being done in a wider range of places. Fortunately, Molly lives in Fort Worth, Tx. and it happens that Dallas, Tx. is one of the places that does this procedure. It not only takes care of the ruptured disc but is also a preventative procedure for other discs that might rupture in the future. They generally take care of the 8 most common discs to rupture. Dr. Bayer at the Dallas Veterinary Surgical Center is who performed Molly’s procedure. Dr. Bayer actually studied under the vet that came up with this procedure. She had to spend one night in the hospital and then had to be confined for 2 weeks. After this procedure she has acted like a little teenager – and she was 12 years old when she had the procedure. I know other mini doxy owners personally who have had this procedure performed as both a preventative reason as well as an alternative to traditional back surgery (as was Molly’s case). The procedure is SO much less invasive, so much easier on the little dog, so much less expensive, and there is not rehab afterward. I am going to furnish a link to their website for you. I had always been so careful with Molly’s back. I have ramps for her, I have never let her jump up or down on furniture, I give her a “human elevator” ride up onto the bed and down off my bed every night and morning, and still she had this happen to her. Everyone I know who has had this procedure done on their baby, as well as myself, swear that it is a miracle procedure and something that every Dachshund owner should know about. Please check into this as, after Crusoe recovers from this, you may want to consider having it done so that there won’t be any future problems. Also, please tell Oakley’s Mom and Dad about it. Basically, they go in on those 8 discs and zap the jelly part of the disc out – therefore no chance of ruptures in them ever in the future. Molly actually had a ruptured disc and they were able to take care of it as well. I think the cost was around $1,500, so much cheaper and much better than traditional surgery because so much less invasive. My vet has a little mini doxy and she is going to have this procedure done on her so that her little baby never has to have any back problems. Please, please check this out. I know from first hand experience that it is marvelous and wonderful, an answered prayer. Here is the link: http://dfwvetsurgeons.com/library/percutaneous-laser-disc-ablation/

    • (From a fellow Crusoe Fan): Thank You, Alinda, very much for this information. So good of you to take time to inform people about this.. I wish you and your Molly all the Best and little Crusoe, too. – – Iris.

  95. Correction to previously emailed “Please Read This”. I gave you the incorrect surgeon’s name that performed Molly’s procedure and performed this amazing LDA procedure on friend’s doxies. The correct name of the surgeon is Dr. H. Fulton Reaugh and he is one of the surgeons at Dallas Veterinary Surgical Center in Dallas. He is the one who studied under the man who developed this procedure. Good luck Crusoe. You are in our prayers.

  96. Gunner and Dixie are sending love and prayers your way Crusoe! Get well soon so you can start back on your adventures! ❤??

  97. Hoping for a fast recovery! I’ve even turned my husband in to a dachshund lover because of Crusoe. Our thoughts and prayers are with you!

  98. Hi Ryan,
    Keeping Crusoe, in my prayers! I can totally relate my Chloe went through the same thing at age 3, her back end was completely paralyzed at the time they gave her a 50% chance of recovery and she was actually walking the day after surgery, with a pronounced limp but after 6 weeks of rest and therapy she was running. she’s 10 now with a titch of arthritis some days but she still loves to chase our male Cooper and play fetch. Cooper was also born with a heart disorder that has given us s few scares but at 9 he’s still active, a little chubby maybe but that’s the product of a little spoiling. Sending healing thoughts your way I hope our happy ending helps ease your apprehension. We totally understand how scary the whole process can be and our two beauties are the Center of our big blended family, none of us can’t really imagine life without them.

  99. Hi Dad, just want to say that the internet has given us bad things and good things. One of the good things is Crusoe. Millions of people around the World have come to know the antics of your little Guy. And those of us who own and love these God given Family Members can only truly appreciate how special they are. Being a Canadian I can watch the Hockey Game you posted at any moment to smile. God speed our little Friend to a complete recovery. Our Prayers go out to you.

  100. Praying for Crusoe and mum and dad.. These little guys are like a small child . Fur babies?
    My girls have always told me that I love my dachshund babies more than them… Well,hmmmm…. Some days… Yes..
    I love my Crusoe book and love sharing his FB adventures..
    Praying for a complete recovery, y’all hang in there… Love you Crusoe ❤️?

  101. Crusoe,
    I, too, cried when I read about your hospitalization. I hope you’re getting along fine and healing fast. My granddog, Zoie’ has been a year in recovery (Her hair has finally grown back with only one s-shaped bald spot). My daughter fell with Zoe’ (down the steps at their W-Salem home) on Last Christmas Eve. She broke her pelvic area. She looked pitiful and had to be handled with care for the next six-eight months. Not to mention the drive to get to a specialist and $6000.+. But today, she was her usual bouncy self and one wouldn’t know what she’s been through. So Crusoe, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Stay Sweet and get all the treats and attention you can. Mum and Dad, “Keep the Faith”.
    Your name is recognized around here, and we love all you guys.
    Keep your fans posted.
    Love you, Fran


  102. You are in our thoughts and prayers Crusoe and family! My “adopted” sister, Kacie is 14 and our vet says she is on life #7. We have said many prayers and she heals nicely each time. I’m 17 years young and every morning at 5 am like to run up and down the hall way so my Mom can chase me. Nothing like a morning run. 😉 Get well soon and hope your parents know how much we love them for sharing you with us…Oakley too!

    Macie & Kacie
    (We are mini-doxies; Mom calls us Tweenies)

  103. Hey Crusoe!I am so sorry about your issues with your back. My Barney looks a lot like you-and I hope and pray that his little back will hold up to the jumping and running down the hallway-even though I try to keep all that activity to a minimum. I love your posts and stories because I relate to them all too well! Crusoe, you are a special little fellow and you please so many readers just like me. I thank you for making me smile at the end of a rough day. And just like so many other fur babies-you are truly loved and admired. May God speed your recovery and may He bless you, Oakley, and of course your Mum and Dad.

  104. Crusoe–You are a champ and everyone is praying for a full, speedy recovery for you. I’ve been there with my mini Maxine and she bounced back–so you will too–so much love being sent your way!!!!!

  105. Praying for a quick and total recovery for Crusoe–he is such a wonderful guy and I know that he has special parents, too.
    It really is amazing how deeply doxies can sLYYquirm themselves into our hearts! Our 2 doxie daughters, Diamond and Mindi, are the heart and soul of our family. They send nose rubs and tail wags to Crusoe , too.
    Love from Savannah, Ga.

  106. Hell Mr Ryan and Crusoe!!
    My name is Antonio Carlos Lopes Gonzales,and i wrote this in Brazil,State of São Paulo,City of Praia Grande.
    I have great faith that Crusoe will be fine after surgery, I pray for him every dia.And i know how difficult is the situation for the owner, it already had a Daschund named Tico who died at the age of eleven years old due to heart problems,and i still cryng his departure. Forgive my presumption, but Crusoe and his adventures do I mitigate the lack Tico makes me, and bring me the joy of the times when he was with me.I would like to send you a picture of Tico, and greets you by Crusoe, beautiful Daschund and wish him and you and your family every happiness in the world.

    Cordially, with my respects,

    Antonio Carlos Lopes Gonzales-Praia Grande,SP,Brazil

  107. I have enjoyed and chuckled at Crusoe’s posts and miss them. We have 2 ‘doxies’ our Mit-Z is now 15 yrs old and fortunately has never had a back issue. Our Hilbee is 5 and he hasn’t had one as yet. These little fur kids have such personality. If you don’t laugh at least once a day over their antics, there is something wrong with you.
    My prayers are continuing for Crusoe’s quick,and uneventful recovery and hope that his back issue has resolved.

    • We had the exact same thing happen to our dachshund. She was 6 years old at the time, which was over 3 years ago. I can tell you your dog, based on what I’m seeing, will recover, but may not have the same walk like he did before. Ours recovered about 85% and has weakness in the left rear leg. Therapy is important! We also did laser therapy, which at the time was controversial but is now proven to improve the site. Full recovery takes a MINIMUM of 1 year. We saw all improvement we were going to get by 18 months. Don’t give up, don’t stop. Our little girl is still going and doing very well, and will be 10 years old in January.

  108. Hello Ryan, I have been through this in 2007 with my dachshund Jasper. He was 7 when it happened. It brought him another 5 years of quality life. I shed a couple of tears reading this, thinking back to the angst I felt at that time. I have also owned a dachshund, Charney, who went blind, she only passed a year ago 🙁 Now I have an adopted dachshund who came from a neglected situation and as a result has a constant shoulder issue. They are all so strong and stubborn. I wish you all the best xx Kristy (and Denzel the dachshund)

  109. My doxie, Chloe, was 4 1/2 when she suddenly developed pain-behavior. Despite precautions ( we are lifetime doxie parents), she had to go through the spinal surgery, and then a second surgery to remove a blood clot caused by the 1st surgery. Despite our best efforts (and I am a PT), she did not regain the use of her back legs, bowel and bladder.

    HOWEVER she did live an amazing 14 more years to age 18 1/2, and did not suffer any emotional trauma as we humans do when these life changing events happen to us. She remained feisty, sweet, and the alpha of our 3 doxies. She did not take to the cart but would still fly across the yard after squirrels , her bak legs in impossible positions.

    I thank God that she never had any more back pain, and that she remained my sweet girl for 18 1/2 years.

    My prayers are with you and Cruse, and I know that you will do whatever it takes for a successful outcome, even if it’s not the one you hope for.

    Best wishes!

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