Chef Crusoe's Italian Series: "Bruschetta" [Video]

Benvenuto to a very special blog post, featuring the first-ever cooking video by Chef Crusoe to be part of my Italian Series leading up to my trip to Italy (and Europe) in May 2015!

Crusoe & Gino D'Acampo

And what’s different about this video is that it features the voice of Italian chef, Gino D’Acampo – who Mum is utterly obsessed with lately. She says he’s “dreamy”; with eyes the color of the Amalfi Coast and an accent that makes her weak in the knees… Sheesh.

Anyway, I know Mum has good taste in men (at least that’s what Dad told me), so it only made sense to bring together Chef Crusoe & Gino D’Acampo for this feature presentation…

Enjoy! (Don’t forget you need a little imagination for this! 😉


Buon Appetito!

Chef Crusoe Bruschetta

Although if you look closely in the above picture, you’ll see there’s one of Mum’s hairs lying across my creation! Disgusting! This is why I hate having humans in the house sometimes…

Anyway, as you can tell I’m pretty excited for my Europe trip! I’ll be staying in the beautiful region of Cinque Terre of Italy, and who knows, maybe I’ll even do a little cooking video while I’m there! 😉

In the meantime, there’s more travels to come, as I visit Miami and Key Largo in April.

And don’t forget, there’s more unseen recipes by Chef Crusoe in my new book that’s coming soon!

Keep drizzlin’,

~ Chef Crusoe

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5 Responses to Chef Crusoe Video: “Bruschetta”

  1. Wait…you are not Italian. One would think weinerschnitzel would have been appropriate (at least your first dish!). LOL
    Have a grand time whatever/wherever!

    • Loved your latest video. All I can say is it’s time for a Master Chef Dachshund doxie edition. Do your minions say “yes Chef?”
      I make a mean goat cheese omelet but my mom makes me share with my 2 brothers and big sister. Gotta love that olive oil.
      Keep on cooking Chef Crusoe.

  2. I am a new fan of your blog Crusoe and I love your cooking videos. My daughter adopted a charming young dachshund – my Grandson Charlie. He can be seen on her Twitter account (MeaghanSavage). We also live in Ottawa and I suspect you and my Grandson are possibly related. I don’t think it is just coincidence that two charming and handsome fellas live so close to each other. My Grandson is also a world traveler and this summer he is heading out to Whistler for hiking adventures. Hope you have a great time in Italy. Ciao!!

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