The Biggest News of My Celebrity Career Yet! [New York]

I’m back! As you know, Mum and Dad recently took a two week vacation without me, where in the meantime I stayed with my brother Oakley in Toronto where I took somewhat of my own vacation from blogging and social media.

So, I’m sorry to deprive you, but I’m back now and with some amazing news! But before I tell you all about that, let me explain how it happened.

Once Mum and Dad arrived back from their vacation, they informed me that we were to take a quick little trip to New York City! So the very next day we boarded a plane and took off to the Big Apple!

Cute Dog on a Plane

I’ve never been in such a big city before!

Admittedly, I was a bit overwhelmed at first by all the people, smells, noises (loud noises), and concrete. Walking down the street I had to dodge and weave through the mass of legs, careful not to get stepped on. I kept looking up to make sure I was still next to Mum and Dad.

Dachshund in New York City

I was also impressed with our hotel suite, which for once was [almost] up to my standards. I made sure to ask the man at the front desk if dogs were allowed jumping on the bed. He said yes!

Dachshund New York Hotel

However, the most challenging part was all the concrete! Being a country dog at heart, I just can’t bring myself to go to bathroom on concrete. It has to be dirt or grass- and let me tell you, in New York City that’s hard to come by!

But the big city isn’t short of incredibly beautiful sights, and tons of character. In that regard, I fit in well.

Crusoe Dachshund in New York City

Mum and Dad also had a nice ‘I’m sorry for leaving you while we went on vacation’ gift, which was my face on a billboard in Times Square! (Read my little message on the left).

New York Billboard Crusoe

(…A nice gesture on their part, yet still doesn’t make up for leaving me behind for two weeks).

While in Times Square, we also had to visit the Cake Boss Cafe, something Mum’s wanted to do for a long time!

Cake Boss Cafe New York

It smelled delicious in there…

“I’ll have one of everything, please!”


And what’s New York in December if you don’t visit the big Christmas tree at the Rockefeller center?

Rockafella Center Christmas Tree

While walking the streets, I immediately noticed this incredible bombshell of a chick step – er, roll out of her apartment!

New York Diva Dachshund

For once, I didn’t feel like the biggest celebrity in the vicinity! (I also later told Mum that that’s how I’d like to be chauffeured around from now on).

Anyway, she was beautiful, and I knew I caught her eye right away as well, because she gestured me over and then whispered her digits in my ear – followed by a quick peck on the cheek.

New York Diva Dachshund


I tried to strike up a conversation, but Mum and Dad were in a rush to get me somewhere. Perhaps they were just in the New York mindset, but I had a feeling we were headed somewhere important!

And to get there we had to take the subway!

Dog Going on New York Subway Metro

I was a little skeptical as you can tell.

I would have preferred a private limo or something, but as Mum so blatantly told me after I said I didn’t want to ride with the common folk, “Crusoe, we are common folk! Perhaps you’re not quite the celebrity you think you are just yet!”

Dog on New York Subway

Although harsh, she helped to ground my ego a little.

So I decided to strike up a conversation with a fellow passenger, you know, to engage with my fellow peoples.

“Excuse me fellow rider of the subway. Beautiful tunnel today isn’t it? Sorry to disturb your nap, but I couldn’t help wonder what that wonderful aroma is irradiating from that paper bag of yours?”

Crusoe Dachshund in New York Subway

The guy looked at me straight and said “it’s a hot dog“, and then gave me a creepy wink. My eyes widened in terrified shock! I quickly said “oh” and turned away.

Dachshund on New York Subway

I knew I was right to be skeptical of the subway!

Crusoe Side Eye Look

I made sure to watch him out of the corner of my eye for the rest of the ride.

Anyway, before I knew it I was back atop the safety of the street. Phew!

And when I looked up I noticed a beautifully majestic building!

Flatiron Building New York Dog

Mum said this was the prestigious Flatiron Building – built in 1902, which at the time was one of the tallest skyscrapers in the city! This was in fact exactly where we were headed!

So, time to spill the beans! The reason Mum, Dad, and I were invited to this building was to meet the team of St. Martin’s Press (a subsidiary of Macmillan) to sign my book deal!!

That’s right, I got a book deal! Whoohoo!

I was greeted by an enthusiastic group of staff in their boardroom, where after many introductions I was promptly offered a pen by my editor to sign the contract!

Crusoe Dachshund Signing Book Deal

“Thanks”, I said. “but I sign by pawtograph – not pen.”

Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund Gets Book Deal

So that’s my big news folks! Come Fall of next year, you’ll see my beautiful face in all your major bookstores. It’ll be a coffee table book featuring some all-new never-before-seen photos and stories (which you’re going to love!), including brand new recipes by Chef Crusoe and some amazing new adventures. But don’t worry, the book will also include the classics as well. In fact, to be honest I’ve known about this a while, and it’s actually the reason I’ve been on the quieter side for the past month or so.

Hope you’re as excited as I am! I know a lot of you have supported the idea of a book for a long time!

And not to get too far ahead of myself, but I’ve also been exploring the idea of a nationwide book signing tour once the book is released! (Hence the reason I’ll be coming back to New York!). Meaning, my fans will finally have the chance to meet me!! 🙂

So I guess you could say there’s a lot to look forward to!

But while I’m up here, I have to appreciate the rare view from a Flatiron Building corner office.

View from Flatiron Building New York

So maybe I am the celebrity I always thought I was.

Either way, I’ll still take the subway. If Jerry Seinfield can do it, so can I.

Keep signin’,


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30 Responses to The Biggest News of My Celebrity Career Yet! [New York]

  1. I just knew you were going to announce your fame has arrived! Any movie or TV plans? I’ll buy your book for sure

  2. I can’t wait for your book Crusoe. I will buy a copy and wait for you to come to San Francisco or San Jose where I live for your paw autograph. I hope you will come to my area so I can personally meet you and introduce you to my Freddie who I will bring to meet the famous Crusoe.

  3. Oh my, what great news!!!! Congratulations, Crusoe!!! Will be a long year for us fans, but well worth waiting for, I am so happy for you, Mum and Dad too!!!!

  4. Oh, I forgot to tell you that I loved your pictures from New York!!!! You look so cute in your travel bag. And that look you are giving the guy with the unspeakable food he had, out of the corner of your eyes, priceless!!!!!

  5. Wow, Crusoe, great news! Congrats on the book deal! I cannot wait until next fall to get a copy. Please come to Indiana on your book tour. I would love to meet you in person/dog and have you pawtograph my book. I loved reading about your adventures in New York, and as always, looking forward to reading more.

  6. CONGRATS Crusoe. So happy and so excited for you and for us, your fans!! Please please please put Charlotte or Raleigh on your list (or Atlanta) 🙂 Will definitely come see you!!

  7. Yo CRUS!

    Quite excellent! You are THE MAN! Well, at the very minimum you are THE DAWG! Congratulations!

    Our man Henry walks in Madison Square Park EVERY DAY, and the photo of you in the Rockefeller Center rink actually includes my office! When you come back for your TRIUMPHANT book tour, Henry is absolutely BURSTING to meet you and I wouldn’t mind meeting your mum and dad (even though they did leave you for two weeks).

    Best Barx!

    -Joe, Aimee & HENRY

  8. Ciao Crusoe, finally your massive celebrity came out! We are so proud that a dachshund like us is ready to succeed in the star system. We always read your adventures on the blog and have a lot of fun, for sure will buy your book but unfortunately you could not pawtograph it for us as we live in Italy. Well we will read it and keep it ready on the shelf… maybe one day you could bring your mum and dad to Italy for a holiday and meet us, never say never. High paw and good luck!
    PS: our mum and dad say that they are honoured to wear your t-shirts, soon they will post a photo on your FB page

  9. Congratulations, Crusoe! We’re very happy for you and thrilled that a book deal has finally come about! We’ll get it the minute it comes out. Hope you can add Vermont to your travel itinerary, after all we’re only a hop and skip from Maine, and you made it there! Wish you the best of luck, as we eagerly await publication.

  10. Hi Crusoe! Your BLOG(s) and your BOOK are absolutely WONDERFUL, just like YOU. (Did you ever call up that lovely, little lady whom you met when she came rolling out of her apt.?!). Now it is 2018 and we are all looking forward to your second, future BESTSELLER! Keep signin’, precious puppy. Love You, Cru, & your nice Family — darlin’ Mr. Oakley included! xoxoxoxo…

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