Costume Contest Winners!

My Halloween Costume Contest has just wrapped up, and I have to say I am incredibly impressed with all the creativity, hard work, and fun that went into them! It’s always hard to choose a winner because they’re all so great.. but alas, ’tis a contest.

But before we get to the winners, here’s my Halloween costume from this year! I’m “FrankenWiener!”

Frankenwiener Dog Costume

I guess I was sort of into the whole zombie thing this year. Which is probably because I’ve been obsessed with this great zombie video game lately.

I’ve almost got it beat!

But for Halloween night itself, I opted for the skunk costume instead – which retrospectively, was probably not the best way to get people to give me treats..

Should of stuck with FrankenWiener…

Anyway, without further ado let’s get to the Costume Contest Winners!

Most Creative Costume

The winner of this category receives a truly cool new gadget. It’s called the PetCube camera, a brand new device that lets you watch, talk and play laser games with your pet from your smartphone, no matter where you are. Just open an app on your smartphone to get live video footage of your furry friend at home to see what sort of mischief they’re up to! Plus, there’s even a built in laser you can control from your phone to play with your pet when you’re not there. You can also record video and photos to share to social media and share access to your Petcube with friends or family.

Watch PetCube in Action

And the winner is…

Lieke Venema with her dog Tilda!

Up Moving Dog Costume

“This is Tilda and she is wearing an ‘Up’ inspired costume. She loves to dress up and to get her photo taken, so this shoot was so much fun to do!”

Congrats! You’ll be one of the first-ever people to try out this product, which originated on Kickstarter.

Runners ups for Most Creative Costume:

Celie McVaugh with her cinderella carriage costume!

Cinderella Dog Costume

And Bruce Bernard with his dog Piggy’s Stretch Limo Service!

Limo Dachshund Costume

“We go a looooooong way for you!” 1-800-STRETCH Major credit cards, bacon and pepperoni accepted.”

Funniest Costume

The winner of this category receives a brand new iFetch toy – the automatic ball launcher. Let me show you how it works…

It does take some practice, but it’s a lot of fun!

And the winner is…

Judy Cleveland with her dog Bandit dressed as Snoopy and Woodstock in search of the Red Baron!

Judy Cleveland Spring

Congrats! You’re about to become an iFetch pro!

Runners ups for Funniest Costume:

Jacinthe Malo with her dog dressed as the big bad wolf disguised as grandma!

Big Bad Wolf Grandma Dog Costume

And Chutney Muttney, dressed as… well, an iFetch! Didn’t expect that! : )

iFetch Costume

Cutest Costume

The winner of this category receives a $50 gift card to – the online store for everything dachshund! They have everything from decor to toys to accessories to dachshund nail stickers!


And the winner is…

Caridad Sola with the “pawlice sleeping on the job”.

Police Dog Costume

Congrats! We’ll be in touch for your $50 gift card.

And the runner up for this category was this super cute pirate named Gracie!

pirate Dachshund Costume

Scariest Costume

The winner of this category receives a 3-month subscription to the best doggy goodie box there is – BarkBox! Here’s how it works…

And the winner is…

Reen Wilcoxson with Willie dressed as a dog mummy!

Mummy Dog Costume

Congrats! Get ready for 3 months of treats, toys, and more!

Bonus Winner!

Every Crusoe contest has a bonus winner. The below entry had to win something in my books! Perhaps they know me too well ; )

50 Shades of Grey Dog Costume

Why didn’t I think of that!

This prize pack will include a collection of my 3 newest store items; my 2015 calendar, Crusoe mug, and Fire Drill Dog t-shirt!

Special Mentions

If there were a prize for most over-the-top costume, it would be this one by Emma Dugger!

Best Plane Dog Costume

I also have to show some respect to the incredible little Frankie dressed as a train conductor, by Barbara Techel.

Barbara Techel

And can you believe a little dog named Gilligan even made a whole music video for this contest? Incredible!

So that’s all folks! Thanks to everyone for participating and for all your great work! Everyone is a winner to me!

Keep spookin’,

~ Crusoe

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2 Responses to Costume Contest Winners!

  1. Such amazing costumes! Tilda and I are going to have so much fun with the PetCube, thank you Crusoe for picking her as the most creative winner!

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