AdventureDog Photo Contest Winners

The time has finally come to announce the winners of my recent AdventureDog Photo Contest!

I want to say thank you to everyone who participated! It was great to see just how adventurous so many of my fans are – from paddle boarding to hikes up tall mountains, hunting squirrels and fishing to perfect-form high dives, jumping across ice bergs to amazing agility performances, and so much more!


And with almost 1000 entries, I’m sure you can understand it was no easy task choosing the winners! So without further ado, let’s start with the draw prizes and work up to the first place prize!

barkboxBarkBox Winners:

BarkBox is a monthly subscription of high quality toys, treats, and other doggy goodies delivered right to your door! They have subscription plans for small dogs to big dogs alike. I always look forward to receiving mine!

The three winners for this category each win a 3-month subscription, and were determined by draw out of all entrants!

1) Tulla, submitted by Mary Erin Brigid of Honeoye Falls, New York.

Here’s Tulla helping look after the family farm. Among her many duties, her favorite is driving the tractor and barking out orders! Read her full caption below.

“Growing up on a farm is quite an epic adventure. From collecting the eggs of giant feathered creatures (that speak a weird language), to keeping the farm staff (barn cats) in line, there’s never a dull moment. Tulla’s favorite farm adventure is handling the tractor. She loves showing off her plowing skills in the garden and barking out orders. It certainly beats picking vegetables by hand – er, paw and she loves being up tall and in charge!”

2) Louis, submitted by Annabel Smith of Adelaide, Australia.

Here’s the cute little Louis having some sort of private discussion with his alpaca friends!


However, BarkBox does not ship outside of the US and Canada, so instead Annabel and Louis will receive a special prize package from me, including one of my first-off-the-press 2015 calendars.

3) Bella, submitted by Laura McLaughlin of Daytona Beach, Florida.

Here’s an adventurous gal with a bit of dachshund in her genes who’s exploring the untamed jungle of Florida!

“This is Bella, an adventurous 1-year-old rescue dachshund-mix, enjoying one of her favorite activities, trail hiking! Here she is in Hontoon Island State Park in Deland, FL (with a spotter for safety).”

4) Ella, submitted by Madelen Strand of Norway.

Ella is quite the little fisher-gal, and here she is looking very proud with her catch of the day! Since Ella is outside of North America, she will also be getting one of my special prize packs in place of BarkBox.

“Ella and her mom and dad went fishing. Ella caught moms fish, and was very proud of it! :)”

And so, with one last BarkBox subscription to fill, there was still another draw to do!

5) Jack, submitted by Sarah Martins of Ottawa, Ontario.

This little guy happens to be from my hometown. His love for soccer is not hindered by even the harshest or coldest conditions! Some booties and a jacket and he’s good to go!

“Jack plays soccer no matter the weather outside!”

That’s all for the BarkBox prizes! But if you didn’t win, don’t worry! You can get $5 off your Barkbox subscription just by using code CELEBRITYRUSOE.

ifetch3rd Place Prize – iFetch

Now it’s time for the 3rd place prize, which is the very cool new toy called iFetch – an automatic ball launcher! I’ve had a lot of fun with this toy already, which you can see here in this video.

This prize was determined purely by votes.

And the winner is Blue, submitted by Linda Collier of Thamesford, Ontario.

“This is Blue riding the wave of happiness. Blue was rescued from the bottom of a garbage dumpster and now he is on top of the world. Hang 10 little buddy!”


Blue seems to be practicing his surf skills in a mock environment until the day he hits some real waves!

Noodle and Friends2nd Place Prize – Coat & Harness by Noodle & Friends

If you don’t know already, Noodle and Friends is a leading online retailer (and my trusted supplier) of dachshund coats, harnesses, and accessories! From rain coats to winter coats, if you’ve ever had trouble finding a coat that fits your dachshund just right, then you need to check out Noodle and Friends!

This prize includes any coat as seen on their site, as well as a harness. The winner has been determined by judges, and was based on the photo itself as well as the description.

So the winner is Roxy, submitted by Kim Crandle of Salt Lake City, Utah.

This cute little adventurer likes to explore rivers, and will pull out her favorite river rocks from the water and make a pile on the shore! How cute is that?

“This is Roxy hunting for rocks. Her favorite adventure is to pull rocks out of the river and make a big pile of them on the shore. She could do this for hours.”

Check out more from Noodle and Friends here, including their fashionable Fall lineup!

GoPro1st Place Prize – GoPro

We all know GoPro, the most versatile action camera in the world, which I use for virtually all my videos, including my recent Bahamas vacation video.

This prize includes a new GoPro Hero 3+ camera (silver edition), and was determined by judges based on the photo itself as well as the description.

And the winner is Roy McCoy, submitted by Kerry Gilbraith of Tucson, Arizona.

Below is the adventurous little Roy McCoy on first watch of their campsite while on a kayak-camping trip on Lake Powell, Arizona. He guarded the camp from big-horn sheep and made sure to keep the campsite a lizard-free zone at all times. Through his adventure, he even learned to drink from the lake in a moving kayak!

“Our beloved and fearless Roy McCoy kayak-camping on Lake Powell, AZ. He learned to drink from the lake in a moving kayak and protected us from Big-horned sheep visitors. He kept a lizard-free zone at all our campsites and made friends with pink frogs and all the other kayaking dogs on the lake. He’s a true camper.”

To me and my fellow judges, this picture resembled so much of what “adventure” means to me – from the beautiful landscape, the tent and kayak, and taming the untamed wilderness! Heck, just the name “Roy McCoy” sounds like a famous explorer!

Learn more about GoPro cameras, including their new dog harness mount here.

But Wait – There’s a Bonus Winner!

What would a Crusoe contest be without a surprise bonus winner? I chose the below winner for their impeccable form and their awesome style of “showing how it’s done” to all the big dogs!

Winner is Enzo, submitted by Jessica Lichty of Howard, Pennsylvania.

Enzo loves all things water related: Kayaking, Fishing, Swimming, and jumping off the dock! Here he is showing the big dogs how it’s done by taking the big dive (or weenie flop) into the lake! First one in… last one out!!

What a guy!

So that’s all folks! A huge thanks again to everyone who participated. There were so many entries I loved, but of course I can’t pick everyone. However, over the next couple weeks I’ll be posting some more of my favorites on my Facebook page.

In the meantime,

Keep adventurin’,

~ Crusoe

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