Airplanes & Wiener Races

Yesterday I attended the annual WienerFest event in Montreal, which has been the only event that I’ve attended regularly since I was a puppy, and hence has become something of a yearly tradition for me and the family.

For other events (like Ottawa’s Wienerpawlooza), I am generally the costume contest judge or something of the like, and thus don’t actually get a chance to participate. So WienerFest is where I like to showcase new costumes!

And this year, I was the Crusoe Pontoon Plane – as based on the Disney Plane character!

Dachshund Airplane Costume

Mum and Dad spent last week making this for me.

It’s not exactly the private jet I’ve been asking for, but it will have to do.

Dachshund Airplane

I have to say though, it feels pretty cool to be strapped between two wings with a propeller in front and goggles atop your head.

In fact, I was fittin’ to take off!

Make sure to click the sound icon in top right of this video!

That was my warm up flight before the event.

Yet as I was about to find out, flying conditions the day of the contest were not to be very good..

In all my years of attending WienerFest, yesterday was the first day it rained – or rather, poured – the whole day. And we all know how grumpy wieners get when they’re wet.

dachshund all wet

However, I had no choice but to fly my plane in the rain – which I guess was somewhat appropriate considering it was a pontoon plane.

Regardless, I made Mum hold an umbrella over me.

WienerFest Dachshund Costume

The rain also meant my photographers couldn’t really bring out their cameras, so unfortunately my performance was not well documented (hence this is a short post).

I didn’t win the contest though. The winner (who was well-deserved) is below – a “Habs” hockey player in the penalty box!

Dachshund Costume Hockey Player Penalty Box

Original and playing up the local crowd! How could I beat that? ; )

But that’s ok! I don’t need to “win” – just being able to share my costume with all of you is pretty rewarding if you ask me!

Crusoe Airplane

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So then it was time for the race. The below video shows my first heat (starts at 1:30).

As you can see, I had that race in the bag, but even I wasn’t overly inclined to sprint at my full capacity in the mud and rain.

Then it was time for the final! I’m in the yellow jacket below. As you’ll see, I had a pretty good start but got ‘bumped’ by someone a quarter way through which threw me off my game.

I called foul and demanded the race organizers conduct a redo, but unfortunately they said that’s all in the rules…

Winning my first heat and then botching the final seems to be my usual story this year unfortunately, for it’s the exact same thing that happened at Wienerpawlooza a couple months ago.

Oh well, I know I’m fast anyway.

Dachshund Running

And what’s a title anyway? All it means is a plastic trophy… a bit of glory… possibly some media attention… and – ah heck, who am I kidding, I want all that! ; )

But I wasn’t to be completely disappointed. In the end I won the silly pet trick for my “high five” and “gimme kiss” – which doesn’t sound all that impressive, but it was when you consider it was in the pouring rain! ; )

Plus I have a brand new plane which will be quite exciting for aerial squirrel hunts.

Dog Airplane Costume

So I’ve got that going for me, which is nice.

Anyway, AdventureDog Photo Contest winners coming soon! In the meantime, see you in the sky.

Keep flyin’,

~ Crusoe



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