Exumas Vacation Video! – Final Part

Well here we have it – my long-awaited Exuma sailing trip wrapped into one final video! Filmed entirely with my trusty GoPro, this video is my longest yet (since so many of you have been asking for longer, longer!), clocking in at just over 11 minutes.

So get the popcorn and your wiener ready, because it’s movie time! Make sure to watch in HD, and read the rest of this post when you’re done!

Firstly, thanks for watching and I hope you enjoyed all my vacation pictures, stories and videos!

You may have noticed I didn’t get a whole lot of quadcopter footage in the video. Hope you weren’t too disappointed, but this is because we had a cold front come through for most of the week which made it really windy. I kept telling Dad that one perfect shot of me from the air would be worth every penny he paid for that thing, but he reminded me we’d get a lot more use of it if he didn’t sink it on the first flight!

Oh well.


Due to the awesome response I got from SHARKWIENER, the kind folks over at SwimWays have offered everyone a 15% discount off their doggie shark swim vest and paddle paws!

Now your dog can help me terrorize the sea!

Doggie Shark Swim Vest

Wrapping Up My Vacation..

I almost feel sad that this is my last blog post for my Exuma vacation. Reliving our experience through the blog has made it feel like we’ve been on vacation all the while!

Heck, Mum still catches me running up and down the hall dressed in my pirate outfit and hollering for booty!

Dog on Beach poster

But it’s been fun, and I hope you enjoyed it.

Now it’s back to daily living, but I’ll be anxiously chasing down my next vacation, wherever it may be.


Make sure to let me know in the comments which mini ‘episode’ from the video you liked best!

Keep ballin’,

~ Crusoe


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35 Responses to Exumas Vacation Video! – Final Part

  1. I loved the video!!! It was awesome! Every part was very well done! I kind of felt like I was there with you (really wish I was!) Thank you for putting this together for your fans. I’m sure it took a lot of time and dedication. As always, I look forward to seeing the next adventure.

  2. You were quite dashing in your pirate costume and I really liked the sharkweiner part! Thanks and it looks like you had ab awesome vacation. Oh, and I loved all the butt swirl shots too =)

  3. Oh Crusoe, that video was the best. Luv your captain outfit. So glad you shared your holiday with us…felt like I was right there.

  4. Wow, Crusoe, that was a great video! I almost felt as if I were there! It looked like you had a great time and I loved seeing you in all your outfits. I especially like the sharkwiener! I hope you get to go on another vacation soon because I can’t wait to see what you do next…..maybe Oakley will be able to go too.

  5. Hello from Anchorage, Alaska! Crusoe, the vacation videos are awesome! Sorry the vacation has to end…maybe sometime we can hook up and go skiing at Alyeska! We can scope out some hot snow bunnies on the slopes…if you can hang tough with a wire-hair!! I thoroughly enjoy your blog!

  6. What an adventure packed vacation! Great video!! Loved seeing you go into the caves, and all the sharks (and shark weiners!)!

  7. Crusoe, saw an awful lot of flexin’ goin’ on! Did you find a lot of sexy wiener ladies to impress or was that just for Mum & Dad? Anyway, you looked awesome as usual!! KEEP FLEXIN’ !!! YOgi in PA.

  8. Crusoe, I loved them all!!!!! You are so lucky to be able to go on those adventures, and that you have a mum and dad that love you so much and take you with them!!!!

  9. Crusoe, no star in Hollywood has a thing on YOU! All your videos are great but this one is the best. Thanks for the longer video. Love all your costumes and with your shark-weiner vest, Jaws would swim away in terror. Keep up the great videos.

  10. What a fantastic vacation! Loved watching you shake off the ocean in slow motion. Also enjoyed your digging for buried treasure. And what a fantastic buried treasure too! Squeaky Balls with sand on them. Yummy. lol
    Thanks for sharing the video. The Vine videos are nice teasers but it was great to finally get a “feature” length video….and that sound track!! Awesome soundtrack. Love it all.

  11. You never fail to set the highest standard for celebrity dog reporting! Way to go Crusoe!

  12. WHOA!!! This seemed like a Hollywood “A” movie! Incredible shots, beautiful camera work and with Crusoe as the “main character” it’s impossible not to watch 🙂 Loved the slow-motion ears video, but my very favorite part is got to be the pirate looking from treasure, loved the first video at the table with the map “planning” and this long scene is a huge improvement from your original 7 sec. videos…you are a very lucky family! I envy you Crusoe, who looks very much like my Chachi (except Chachi is nowhere near as adventurous, but can “flex”), and his humans who love him so much and take such excellent care of him. The cameraman, who remains unnamed, is first rate and all of you together bring a lot of joy and entertainment to your fans’ lives. To all of you, a big THANK YOU!!! 🙂 Vivian

  13. Love the video! My three doxies would love to go on vacation with you. My favorite part was when you find the buried treasure. You had a great time on your vacation and it seemed like you love to ride on a boat. Can’t wait for the next trip. You made my day. 🙂

  14. Awesome!!! Awesome!!!!! Awesome!!!!!! Best blog ever!!!! Patiently awaiting your next adventure!!!!

  15. Loved loved loved the video!! I sat back with my cup of coffee this morning, and was thoroughly entranced with your adventures, Crusoe! It was hard to pick a favorite part, but I did laugh really hard at your digging for the treasure…not that I was making fun of you, but because I remember how my little sweet Chester, who is now at the Rainbow Bridge, dug for his treasure (of sand crabs) the first time he was at the beach. I will have to show this video to my Maggie, who, even though is 15, would love to see you strut your stuff in your Captain’s uniform! You da man!! 🙂

  16. Crusoe. I have watched this video at least 3 times since last week. Thank you for bringing sniles to our faces. I know tharlt I echo all your fans’ sentiments in saying we love you and can’t wait for your nezt adventure. Bravo to you and thank you to your mum and dad for sharing you with uswe love you Crusoe.

  17. Crusoe, that was an awesome video of your vacation! We loved the part of you in your pirate outfit and you finding the buried treasure and the part where you were shaking your head and your ears were flopping around in slo-mo. Dude, that was great! Mom couldn’t stop laughing! You’re the best, Crusoe!

  18. Wow Crusoe, you are amazing! a real super star! quite a natural be hind the camera. Just a matter of time before Hollywood knocking on your door with film scripts!!!

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