Goin’ To The Islands – Sailing Part 1

I have just returned from my week of sailing through the Exuma islands of the Bahamas on our own private chartered yacht. To sum it up, my trip was exciting, relaxing, adventure-filled, and occasionally wet and miserable.

But all in all, too short lived.

Dachshund on a Sail boat

So let me tell you about it, starting with our trip there which involved 3 flights and an hour car ride.

I was dressed and prepared for the occasion even before we took off – what with my tropical shirt, straw hat, and of course – a trusty squeaky ball to annoy people with on the flight.

Bahama Dog

As you can see in the below video, I think Mum may have been a little embarrassed by my attire, but seriously,

“relax, we’re goin’ to the islands mon!”

As we approached the islands from the air, I was fascinated with the lovely colors of blue and turquoises sparkling from the sea below. Oh how I was excited!

Dog on Airplane

After the drive from the Exumas airport, we arrived at the beautiful Emerald Bay Marina where our boat awaited us.

I traipsed down the dock, excited to discover which vessel would be mine! Wanting to make a good first impression upon the others docked in the bay, I was sure to appear in my formal captain uniform.


However, I was quite disappointed when Mum told me that this was not our boat, even though I had specifically requested a luxury motor yacht just like this with tinted windows, a pair of jet skiis, and a helicopter pad atop.

But no, in fact this was our ship, and her name was Rio!

Rio sailboat

Not exactly the yacht I was anticipating, but then again I’m the type of dog who’s happy to be in a 40′ monohull yacht the same as a luxury cruiser, as long as it’s with the people I love.

Besides, I came here to experience an authentic sailing voyage – you know, the type where you earn your sea legs, where you rely on the breeze to carry you where you want to go and to keep you cool at night, where everyone on board is sleeping within easy earshot of each other, and where the coffee comes out one cup at a time from a rusty old percolator.

Yet, I was happy to see that at least one of my requests was honored – which was to have a Jolly Rodger flag hoisted up next to our Country of Origin flag.

Pirate Flag Jolly Rodger

No one will be messin’ with us now!

I was quick to make myself at home, exploring the decks once Dad had tied off the rails with a safety mesh.

Crusoe Sailing in Exumas

We spent our first night anchored in the marina before casting off the next morning.

The first day was to be our longest day of sailing, where we made our way north along the Caribbean side of the Exuma islands. It was a beautiful feeling to have the cool sea breeze under my ears with twinkles of sapphire, aquamarine, and emerald all around, and only a spec of green land off in the distance.

Crusoe Sailing in Bahamas

Could it be? Yes, I was sailing. I’m a sailor. I sail.

But I hadn’t even experienced the full thrill until the sails unfurled and we were riding the wind hard on our side.

Sailing Dog in Bahamas Exumas

It was a new experience for me to be out on the open ocean, but I was curious and excited to be on such a new adventure.

And as I quickly learned, when you’re constantly balancing the movements of the boat beneath your feet, it works your muscles quite a bit.

Hence – always flexin’.

Cute Dog on a Boat

But when I wasn’t out and about flexing my sea legs, I was riding in comfort in my bed which Dad brought along in his suitcase.

And as usual, I got the best seat in the house.


After a long first day at sea, we finally pulled into a quiet little bay where we would stay the night. Uncle Jack helped steer me in.


At peace at sea – can you tell I was happy?

Cute Crusoe Dachshund on Sail Boat

The time soon came that I needed a peepee break though, and I hadn’t yet learned the actual purpose of my faux grass mat, so we headed ashore.

And whenever there’s an opportunity for exploring, I make sure to wear my GoPro DogCam!

Dogcam GoPro

It doesn’t take long on the warm sand and under the hot sun that a little dog needs to cool down.

So, might as well swim!

Eventually this random man seemingly appeared out of nowhere to let us know that we were in fact on a private island. I didn’t like him to begin with, but especially not after he told us that.

So I responded, “ya, well, you see that island over there”, and I pointed to the biggest chunk of land I could see off in the distance. “I own that island. I just came here to observe just how much better my island is”.

That seemed to put him in his place. Even if it was a white lie, I don’t see any reason why I couldn’t own my own island (note to self: mark that down for next Christmas).

So anyway, we told him we would pack up and leave, and so he left.

But there was no way I was leaving my first Exuma’s beach without crackin’ open a local Kalik beer and enjoying that view in my cool tropical shirt and straw hat…

Hawaiian Dog Beach

*Ahh”, when it hits your lips, it just tastes so good.

A cold beer always tastes better on someone else’s island, doesn’t it?

After that, it was back to the boat for the night, where I was like “hey people, what’s taking dinner so long?”

inside monohaul sailboat

But then I remembered to remind myself, “there’s no rush when your in da islands”!

Keep sailin’,

~ Crusoe

Much more to come in Parts 2 & 3! Stay tuned and in the meantime, if you liked Part 1, please “like” & share below! : )



15 Responses to Goin’ To The Islands – Sailing Part 1

  1. Sounds like a great trip, Crusoe. I can’t wait to read about Parts 2 and 3! Your adventures are the best!

  2. Hi Crusoe! Welcome home! Looks like you had a great time on your Bahamas adventure. I love reading your blogs! You are one smooth wiener dog! Figuratively and literally!!! I subscribed to your blog several times and was wondering if my subscription was accepted? I haven’t received an email verification yet. Keep making those videos of your cute, little self! They really make my day!


    • Kim, when did you first subscribe? It seems like there may have been some issues with this most recent post’s notification, as I didn’t even receive my own. Looking into it, but would be good to know how long you’ve gone without receiving any?

    • Actually, for mine at least with the last one, it was in my spam folder. Probably because the post is about “islands” and “vacations” which easily matches with spam keywords. Did you check your spam folder?

      • Right after I left the original comment I did receive an email notification in my inbox (not in spam). Hopefully I will be getting future notifications on your new blogs. I just don’t want to miss reading them! I can’t believe I just discovered you 2 weeks ago! You are the cutest thing ever!

  3. Crusoe, as usual I loved you post, loved all your pictures, especially the one where the wind is blowing in your face! I think your Mum and Dad are so cool to include you in their vacations!!!!!

  4. Crusoe. Love this and looking forward to parts 2&3. You got your sea legs so quick. Love reading about your adventures. How come Oakley couldn’t go with you?? I know you missed having him there.

  5. Crusoe I also wanted to mention your sillouette was but poetic and moving. Great avatar for you!!

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