Crusoe’s Best of 2013

Well, I think it’s time for my year-end review. It’s been a fantastic year with much to look forward to as we move to the next, but before I move on completely, allow me to relive a few of my favorite moments from 2013 with you!

[And see also my Best of 2012]

My first blog post of 2013 was called Quality Time With My Bro (one of my most popular posts to date), wherein you saw what is now my famous “I know I’m going to win” look.

Funny Wiener Dog Expression

But what can I say? I love winnin’.

And continuing with my brother Oakley, 2013 saw the introduction of Robin – the new accomplice to BATDOG!

Alleyway superheros

As seen in my post, ‘BATDOG & Robin – The Goofy Brother Rises’.

But it was also the year that BATDOG himself revealed an important upgrade to his outfit – the body suit!


But besides fighting crime together, Oakley and I also spent some quiet time just kicking back and relaxing – doing my all-time favorite activity of fishing!


He didn’t enjoy it as much as I do, but it was fun to see him react to my excitement.

2013 was also the year that I went to the book store and Dad got hit on by a gay guy. That wasn’t one of his favorite moments of 2013, but it was one of mine!

Dachshund Book Store

At the very beginning of 2013, I visited the dentist as part of a new routine to ensure I always have a pearly white smile.

Dachshund at the Dentist

As it turned out, the human dentists are just as much quacks as the vets, so I had to take matters into my own hands paws.

And it was in February of 2013 that I introduced Chef Crusoe, who graced us with his deliciously funny recipes and quickly became one my most favorited alter egos!

Funny dachshund picture baker costume

As seen in my post, Chef Crusoe: Carrot Cupcakes.

And if there are ever any kitchen injuries, there’s now a “doctor in da house” for whenever any unfortunate situations arise.

I’m talking about Dr. Crusoe!

Dr. Crusoe the Dachshund

His medical practices might be a little unconventional, but he’ll make you feel better – even if it’s just with a smile.

2013 was the year I won Best Active Living Blog at the Petties! I aimed for Funniest Pet Blog, but ended up winning Best Active Living Blog – which I can’t complain about.


Mum says I’m as funny as I am active. If that’s true then based on my incredible athleticism, I must be one hilarious guy.

Not to worry though, because I took home the award for Best Pet Blog of 2013 at the Bloggies! And now I’m running for the 2014 one (nominate me here).

2013 was the year you were all so lucky enough to have had the pleasure of being introduced to Captain Crusoe (he’s kind of a big deal).

Captain Crusoe

Not to mention First Mate Oakley!

Dog Sailor Costumes - Captain Crusoe & First Mate Oakley

And if you’re wondering how Captain Crusoe is a captain with only 3 stripes on his shoulder, keep in mind the 4th stripe is on his nose (and shaped like an anchor).

Now what would 2013 be without me making good use out of my stilts?

Dog on Stilts

For cheese of course.

And how could I forget this magical moment Mum and I shared together in this field full of sunshine!

Kisses in Sunflower Field

2013 was also the year I adopted Vine – the 6 second video-based social network. Good thing too, because I’m at 120,000 followers and counting! So if you aren’t already following me on Vine, please do!

My most popular Vine video:

2013 was definitely not short on the babes though. In the summer, I hosted my first ever Sexy Ladies Wiener (Pool) Party.

Sexy Ladies Wiener Party

Hashtag SLWPP.

Pictures are one thing, but the video version is another! Check it out on YouTube here.

That pool party also introduced me to two lovely ladies – Gogo & Zoey (on my left and right above, respectively). In fact, I even invited them over for a Double Doggy Date together.

Doggy Date

(Dinner made by Chef Crusoe).

I also attended a few wiener dog races in 2013 in 2013 to defend my title from 2012!

Dachshund mid-air running

I didn’t win “all” my races, but nonetheless I came home with a handful of awards and trophies – one of which was shared with my brother Oakley for ‘Best Costume’.

Dachshund Firefighter Costume

2013 was a very important year in that it was the year I squashed my beef with wire haired dachshunds (for the most part).

I invited this rescue wire hair over for a little interview and time together, where I soon determined The Truth About Wired Hairs – they aren’t all that bad!

Dachshund Rescue Interview

But it was in the later half of 2013 that things started to get really exciting.

Firstly, all that fishing of mine paid off when GoPro called me up and asked me to film some footage of me fishing specifically for them to use in a fishing web commercial (and possibly TV).

Fisherman Dog

That went very well, and I’m now the star of my very own GoPro YouTube video.

Then right around Halloween, I received some long-time-due appreciation for my comprehensive wardrobe of outfits and costumes. It started with being published in a UK newspaper, then Mum and Dad were interviewed on CBC News and other websites, and finally I received my own magazine spread!

Crusoe in a Magazine

So with so many happy times in 2013, was there anything I could improve on?

Well, admittedly 2013 didn’t have as many vacations as it should have. My upcoming Caribbean sailing trip was supposed to happen in November but was delayed until April 2014.

I did however manage to get down to Florida to practice my swimming.

Crusoe swimming

It was here that I swam with manatees! And yes, I got it all on video, and it’s been my most popular YouTube video yet! (Besides my GoPro video that is).

What else could I have done more of? Well, lots of people tell me I need to share more of my text conversations


Heck, do I have to publicize every part of my life? Even my text messages aren’t safe from being the subject of comedic content!

Plus, what better way to finish the year than me proposing to a lucky lady on behalf of one of my fans?!

So to wrap up the past year, I’d say 2013 was the year of “video”, the year of appreciation to my self-made fame, the year of Oakley taking some of my spotlight, and as always – the year of sexy ladies.

And so fans, I pose the question to you – what did you enjoy about my adventures in 2013 and what would you like to see in 2014?

Keep winnin’,

~ Crusoe

If you liked my photos from 2013, then you’ll love my 2014 calendar, which is back in store! (Hurry, quantities limited)



10 Responses to Crusoe’s Best of 2013

  1. Crusoe, how could I possibly choose a favorite……I loved reading about all of your adventures in 2013….your trip to the dentist, Chef Crusoe, Dr. Crusoe, your vacations, fishing and water adventures, visits with Oakley, SLWPP, and let’s not forget Captain Crusoe! I would love to see all of these and more in 2014. Oh, and more videos too! Thanks for the entertainment and laughs. Your blog is truly the best!

  2. Crusoe you brighten my life with your adventures. Please share your text messages as they give me a big belly laugh.
    Hope 2014 brings more adventures and videos for the blog.

  3. Crusoe I am absolutely in love with you!!! You are a carbon copy of my precious Oscar who passed away suddenly June 2013. It was beyond heartbreaking to say the least but we had 11 1/2 wonderful years together & he was my world. I miss him dearly but have my sweet little Ollie to entertain me now:) He’s 9 months & is the complete opposite of Oscar but another hilarious doxie to run my house! Ollie loves to watch your videos & I have to replay them over & over until he finally stops pawing @ my iPad – he loooooves you!!!

    Best wishes to you and your mum & dad for a faaaabulous 2014!!! Ollie & I will be following your every exciting move & look forward to reading your updates & blog…I literally laugh out loud! Keep winnin’ Crusoe…love you!!!! xo

      • Haha – I don’t know about that!!

        So sorry to hear about Oscar.. that must be truly heartbreaking.. : (

        Happy to hear you have another friend to share in life with though. All the best in 2014!

  4. Crusoe, dude, you are my idol!! I am a piebald doxie who lives in Florida. My Mom and Dad watch your videos all the time…we even have your calendar and Mom has your t-shirt. I will be 3 years old in April, so I think we are about the same age? Next time you come to visit FL, look me up so we can hang on the beach with some cool drinks and hot babes!(heck, bring Oakley, too!) Keep on keepin’ on…and we will be watching!

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