My Trip to Parliament Hill

Today is July 1st and the birthday of my country – Canada.

I do consider myself a citizen of the world (mainly because it gives me an excuse to party on every holiday there is), but I do maintain a special spot for the celebrations of my homeland.

Today I took a trip to Parliament Hill in Ottawa. I think I forgot to mention that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) recently declared me an honorary officer (they liked my work as BATDOG), full with a uniform, a badge, and a slew of top secret missions I can’t speak about (they involve wired hairs – damn, I’ve said too much).

So I figured that in the celebration of today’s events, I would visit Parliament Hill in my uniform to pose for some pictures and to lend my hand paw in ensuring top-of-the-line security for all the attendees.

My first duty was to stand guard by this fire-hydrant, keeping a very strict lookout for any dogs (or people for that matter) who might think it an appropriate place to take a wiz. “I got news for you fellow, this is a royal fire hydrant, not a dirty street-side pissing pot!”

Canada Mountie Dog Costume

I may be small, but I kept them in line..

My good work was noticed by one of the other RCMP officers there, who was so impressed that he asked me to take a picture with him.


And yes, that pretty lady holding me is Mum, who also happens to be wearing a Crusoe T-Shirt.

What I didn’t anticipate though, was how many people would stop and crowd around me, cameras blaring at my cuteness and regal poise.

Ah heck, who am I kidding? I totally expected that..

Cute Canada Dachshund

In this one I blinked, but give me a break, I was just getting warmed up.

As you can tell I’m sure, I prefer a look of nonchalance in most of my posing.


I don’t mind a crowd, in fact I like a crowd, but after a while I needed a little break. So I decided I would go assist the perimeter security in escorting the government officials from the location when the ceremony ended.

Ottawa Parliament Hill Mountie Dog

Luckily there was no trouble.

After I was comfortable knowing all the ‘top dogs’ were safe, we started to make our way to the Parliament lawn. On our way I came across a super cute babe. She said she loved a man in uniform and asked if I’d like to go on a date sometime.


As I was on duty, I kept it professional and gave her my business card, saying “her people could contact my people”.

Once we made it to the Parliament lawn,ย more crowds found me, all wanting a picture with the celebrity dachshund.

In this shot a father asked if I could take a picture with their baby. I said sure, but that “baby or not, I expect to be petted with respect”.

Dachshund Puppy and Baby

And by that I mean no pulling my tail, whacking me, or touching my hat..

Never touch my hat.

Cute Ottawa Dachshund

The hat is always what the chicks dig the most, and is therefore what I am most protective of.

Here’s me kickin’ back on the grass with several fine ladies making a big deal of my celebrity.


I pretend like I’m indifferent to the attention, but of course I love it.

Then to top it all off, a film crew spotted me and immediately wanted an interview. The guy had to lie down on the ground to properly address me.


It was a brief interview, but I did manage to tell him how popular I am. I told him I was relatively new on the job as an RCMP officer, but that already I had helped ensure the security of the event, and met some babes while I was at it.

He seemed to be able to appreciate that, and was pretty pleased to have met me.

All in all, I had a great time today celebrating Canada Day.


I may consider myself a citizen of the world, and whether I’m visiting my great neighbors to the south or another far away place, this is still my home.

For you I stand tall (as tall as a wiener dog can at least).

But being a citizen of the world, next up on my party schedule is the 4th of July!

Keep standin’ on guard,

~ Crusoe

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14 Responses to My Trip to Parliament Hill

  1. You are amazing! Did you have under-cover detectives with you? You were swarmed by the media, the on-lookers,
    the paparazzi, the Twitter-o-files,& fans of all ages! How DASHING you looked in your honorary RCMP uniform! You ARE a citizen of the world! **It doesn’t matter what situation you are in, you are always on the look out for getting a SLWP together!
    Stable, star-crossed, sweetish, shrewish, & single,
    <3<3 BonBon <3<3 XXOO

    • I’m sure Mighty Milla was lurking in the shadows as an undercover bodyguard somewhere.

      Uniting sexy ladies everywhere,

      ~ Crusoe

  2. Once again Crusoe you have out done yourself, that uniform looks like it was made for you, was it? ๐Ÿ™‚
    You look so handsome and wore it well, no wonder the babes were so excited and swarmed about!! (We will try not go give away your secret mission secrets, sssh)
    Millie’s mama <3

    • Hi Teresa & Millie!

      Thanks for the compliments to my uniform! The standard officer uniforms didn’t come in my size exactly, but a little tailoring fixed that. Keep guard on those secrets! ; )

  3. Crusoe, you are THE MAN! Just look at all those people flocking around you. We just LOVE the picture of you with the police man. I hope that you gave him some good tips!

    We’re glad to see that you had a wonderful day. Hope that cute little girl gives you a call.

    Lily Belle & Muffin

    • Thanks Lily Belle & Muffin!

      It was a pleasure to spend some time with my fellow officers. I’m still waiting for my date call ; )

  4. Congrats on the honorary assignment!! You look h-o-t in uniform, Crusoe! I have a real “thing” for a young man in uniform!!! And, as usual, your doxie butt is just as cute as ever – love the that shot of you being fawned over by your female fans as you bask in their attention. You are one hunkaburninlove Doxie – especially when you don that awesome uniform!!! Happy Canada Day to you and your family (a little late) – With everlasting love from your most devoted Oregon fan ….. Chris

  5. You ROCK, Carusoe!! My Lucy Doxie is a service dog (she alerts to my seizures and low blood sugar) and she and I both think it is pretty special that you are a Mountie. WOO HOO! If you can get your humans to bring you to Washington, DC, to meet us, we will see if we can have you named an honorary Member of Congress or Capitol Police Officer or something like that.

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