Centerfold Photo Contest Winners

My Centerfold Photo Contest on Facebook just ended this past Saturday. I was thrilled with all the wonderful entries I had. I’m sure I could put together a killer magazine of my own with all these sexy ladies and studs that entered..!

Here’s a recap of the top 12 entries, followed by The Final Draw video – where I choose the winners myself!

12. Kirill, enjoying a nice spot of sunlight.


11. Peanut, looking super cute and playful on his back.


10. Mimi, showing off her kind and gentle features!


9. Karl, looking all cute and cuddly emerging from the covers.


8. Queen Ivy, perhaps a bit young for a centerfold model, but incredibly cute nonetheless ; )

queen ivy

7. Jeffrey, who calls himself “the super sexy sausage”, and I have to agree. Calvin Klein on a wirey pooch? Ladies, watch out.


6. Moose – His name and his photo say all you need to know about his character!


5. Slinky, lookin’ super hip and cool with swimming trunks, shades, and a surf board ; )


4. Hazelnut, fresh out of the bath. Who doesn’t love a wet and sudsy wiener?


3. Mr. Jefferson. How happy does this face look? He must be an absolute delight to wake up to every morning..

mr jefferson

2. Daisy – so sweet and adorable. She can be my pin-up girl any day.


1. Rusty RuRu, the one with the most votes and quite the happy, go-lucky little guy.


So there’s our 12 finalists.

Watch the below video to see how (and who!) I choose as the top 3 winners! (Although at times I got distracted by the awesome box.. )

So congrats to our Centerfold Photo Contest winners!

3rd place: Peanut






2nd place: Karl






1st place: Moose







They’ll be receiving some cool subscriptions to Barkbox!

What I find ironic in me being such a ladies man myself is that these are all boys! Oh well, just goes to show I’m a good influence to my fellow studs.

Thanks to all those who participated! As with any contest, unfortunately not everyone can win. But don’t worry, lots more cool and exciting contests to come (they’ll also be setup a little differently ; ) So stay tuned!

Keep posin’,

~ Crusoe

P.S. Keep watch for the 2nd part to my recent Florida Vacation, featuring my highly anticipated GoPro Vacation Video (if you thought the above video was good.. you ain’t seen nothin’ yet) coming this week!



9 Responses to Centerfold Photo Contest Winners

  1. Crusoe 😉 Really ? All males & I was the only Furry Female with all these studs ? Bow Chica Bow Wow…:*

  2. I love watching you pick the winners, as much fun as watching Lottery picks. Really more exciting,never get to see the usual lottery balls hosts chewing on the ball “container”!!! 🙂

  3. Well done, you all look so adorable, and the winner. What can we say other than well deserved.

  4. I love how you picked the winner! That is genius! That is how we should pick the next President…Will Crusoe be free in 2016?

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