The Centerfold Photo Contest !

Centerfold Photo Contest, by Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund

That’s right, my new contest is called the Centerfold Photo Contest. Here’s what it’s all about..

This contest is designed to give all my fans a chance to be a ‘centerfold star’ just like me! To enter, just take a photo of your doggy (or use a previous photo) in some sort of centerfold-worthy pose! It could be laying stretched out on the couch all seductively (like my Sunday Pin-Up Girls), a funny portrait, a cute naptime, a glam shot, a jump through the air, or anything else you think might do the trick!

This is your chance to put your dog under the spotlight! And both ladies and gents of all breeds are welcome!

Here’s some examples of what I consider to be some of my best ‘centerfold shots’:

Sexy Centerfold Dachshund


cute wiener dog

Crusoe Runway Pose

Now as you’ll likely learn from doing this, modeling is not as easy as you think. So all your work may just pay off. The winners will receive ‘royalties’ for their work in the form of Barkbox subscriptions! If you don’t know Barkbox, they send you a monthly box of awesome dog goodies in the mail, including everything from toys to treats to doggy cake mixes!

Photo Contest Prize: Barkbox !

But that’s not all. I have some very cool prizes of my own! Each of the top 2 winners will get a pack of my favorite squeaky balls, and the first place winner will be the first person ever to receive my brand new, Crusoe t-shirt !!

My t-shirts will be going on sale shortly after the contest is over, but the question is – who will be the first to sport one?

Crusoe T-Shirt!
This is just a mock-up of the t-shirt design. Actual t-shirt may vary slightly.

Here’s the official breakdown of prizes:

  1. 6-month Barkbox subscription, 1 pack of my favorite squeaky toys, and a Crusoe t-shirt!
  2. 3-month Barkbox subscription and a pack of my favorite squeaky toys.
  3. 3-month Barkbox subscription.

All of the top 10 entries will also be featured on my blog – of course!

Here’s how it works:

  • Starting this Saturday, March 16, visit my Facebook page to submit your entry. You’ll have only one week to submit entries!
  • Submissions close and voting starts March 23, where you’ll have one week again to get lots of people to vote for your photo!
  • Voting closes March 29 and the top 10 entries will go into a final draw to determine the top 3 winners!

Exciting, right?

So are you ready? Start thinking of your winning centerfold shot, and it might just win you some very cool stuff! But hey, it’s not just about winning. We’ll have lots of fun in the meantime. I can’t wait to see all the sexy ladies and cool shots you come up with.

Keep posin’,

~ Crusoe



12 Responses to The Centerfold Photo Contest !

  1. Greta Garbo and Gary Cooper, two red doxies, love your site. Though Garbo would rather “be left alone”(LOL)and Cooper keeps waiting for the clock to strike “High Noon”

  2. April said it’s a shame she lives in Tasmania or she would enter, so I guess that is lucky for the other dogs now they have a chance.

  3. Oh my…..what shall I do? A cutie-pie photo? A ‘saucy’ pic? A ‘tom-girl’ photo? Mum and I need to put our story boards together…look into lighting techniques…
    critique my poses…consult my glamour modeling guide for optimum images… Nails? Hair? Collar? My oh my!
    Better get busy….
    Sassy, scandalous, serene, stylish, and still single,
    <3 Bonnie Lee <3

    • Looks like you got some thinking to do! Can’t wait to see what you come up with Bonnie! I’m sure it will be everything you’ve ever described yourself to be ; )

  4. If I could get the boys to sit still for 5 minutes I might just try them out for the centerfold. After all they do think they are star quality by how they have us trained! Love you Crusoe aka Bat dog!

  5. Wow, sounds fun! I have many friends that have been waiting on pins and needles for the next contest! Side note- can you order xxl or 2x because my dad is tall and my mom has huge boobs? We will def buy t-shirts for humans and canines. Also, we think the contest after this one should include a fan in their t-shirt in cool places.Thanks Crusoe! xo~lickies

    • Hi Denise. All breeds are welcome. You can vote once per day per entry. So multiple entries per day. Thanks : )

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