Cooking with Crusoe – Carrot Cupcakes

Welcome to the first ‘Cooking with Crusoe’ blog post! I know the anticipation has been high since I first introduced Chef Crusoe on Facebook just earlier this week. Chef Crusoe may not know how to cook, but he does know what tastes good, so how hard can it be?

Dachshund Chef Costume

In this episode of Cooking with Crusoe we’ll be making carrot cupcakes, since I love carrots and cupcakes are one of the most popular Valentine’s Day treats! And if I have any last minute babes over for Valentine’s Day I need to at least look like I was expecting them.

But seriously, what girl can resist a dog who knows his way around the kitchen?

Funny wiener dog chef costume

So onto the recipe! Please keep in mind that although I am a self-proclaimed professional chef (among other things), I don’t always know what I’m talking about, so please take whatever I say with a grain of salt (pun intended).

Here’s what you need to make these delicious carrot cupcakes:

  • A bit more than a grain of salt.
  • Lots of carrots, as some may get eaten in the process.
  • A couple eggs (which taste better cooked, by the way).
  • White stuff.
  • Brown stuff.
  • Other stuff.
  • A touch of doxie paw.

I assume you’ll just Google whatever parts I leave out.

Prepare the carrots !!

The first step is preparing the carrots. You’ll want to grate them so you have a good cup’s worth. If you’re anything like me, you’ll likely feel an overwhelming temptation to pose like Bugs Bunny first though.

I’ve always wanted to do that..

dachshund with carrot

But if you’re going to pose like Bugs Bunny, you at least have to munch on the end of a carrot like him, too!

(This is why you need extra carrots).

dachshunds love carrots

Prepare the rest

After you prepare the carrots, you need to prepare the rest of the stuff in your mixer bowl – including the white, brown and other stuff. They say measurements matter in cooking, but I’m a realist, so I don’t bother with that. I call it ‘free-ballin’.

Keep in mind that the white stuff (flour) might make you sneeze, wherein it could potentially end up all over you.

Funny dachshund picture baker costume

But that’s ok. Part of being a good cook is being able to get messy. As you know, I’m all about my image when I do certain activities so the fact I have flour all over my face just adds to the ‘baker’ look.

Now as you saw in my last blog post with my new Vine videos, my posts are no longer just photo productions, but will now also feature my 6-second clips from Vine.

So check out my below video clip on the first segment of our carrot cupcakes!


We had to take a pause after this for my ‘crew’ to clean me up.

You may also find that working in the kitchen gets pretty hot. I found it a nice relief to take off the big muffin hat I was wearing to cool off. Plus, Mum says I look super cute like this.

cute dachshund picture costume

Put it in the muffin tray

Once you mix the batter, you can spoon it into the muffin tray. This one was a bit tricky for me to do myself, so I had Mum do it for me while I watched curiously.

I’m a very observant dachshund.

funny dachshund baking cupcakes

I usually watch Mum cook from the floor, so it was interesting to finally see things from counter-level. It should be like this more often now that Chef Crusoe is in the house though ; )

Bake for 20 minutes

The next step is to bake them for about 20 minutes. Us dogs have a pretty good internal clock, so I said heck with the timer.

Dachshund Baker Cooking Costume

Like many other things in this house (which are under ongoing discussion), the oven wasn’t made to be at doxie eye-level, so I had to use this dinky stool to see in.

Oh well, at least I could enjoy those sweet carrot cupcake aromas and be nice and warm while sitting there.

Add icing and serve

The last step is to add the cream cheese icing and serve them. Supposedly it’s rude to eat one before you serve others, but hey, carrots and cheese – how could I resist?

I’m sure no one will notice that one has been nibbled on.

Dachshund Pupcakes

I just hope I don’t eat them all before I have a chance to serve them to some nice ladies on Valentine’s Day. Speaking of that, I should probably hide them from Dad, too.

Hope you enjoyed my cooking lesson for carrot cupcakes. I aim to provide you more with lessons on having fun in cooking rather than the beginner stuff of ingredients, measurements, and steps.

And oh, hope everyone has a very romantic Valentine’s Day tomorrow!

Keep free-ballin’,

~ Crusoe



31 Responses to Cooking with Crusoe – Carrot Cupcakes

  1. I love reading and looking at your posts. I always look forward to seeing what Crusoe is up to whether through your blog or Facebook. Thanks so much for posting and please tell Crusoe that Roscoe P. from Missouri says hi!

  2. Hey, some of the world’s best cooks are men!!!! You look hot in your chef’s coat and hat, Crusoe! Love the photos!

  3. Chef Crusoe, Millie says that you are the hottest chef around and your recipes instructions are very good by her standards(even though her mom was a bit confused), I personally don’t think she was looking at the instructions; just the chef! 🙂
    Millie and her BIG sister Leta love carrots, but her little sister Bebe is picky and won’t touch them, her loss.
    Have a very Happy Valentine’s Day!!
    Love and Doxie smooches from Millie!!!

  4. Cooking with Crusoe is TOTALLY awesome and I always enjoy your posts. Crusoe you have to be the most handsome, well behaved, best trained Dachshund I have ever seen! You always amaze me.
    <3 Happy Valentines Day <3

  5. Wow, very entertaining…I had no idea. I mean, of course you still have chefs to prepare and serve you meals..but it is wonderful that you are not afraid to dabble around in the kitchen. Props, but I know little Milla is secretly hoping that not THAAAAAT many ladies/babes get to “try your cupcake” if you know what I mean. wink wink

  6. “Please keep in mind that although I am a self-proclaimed (fill in the blank), I don’t always know what I’m talking about…” I’m going to use this phrase to preface everything I do. Responsibility gracefully avoided! Thanks, Crusoe!

  7. Looking forward to your next cooking lesson…I keep telling you Crusoe you should go for your own tv show! 😉 You are indeed the dog with the mostest! Patty

  8. “White stuff, brown stuff, other stuff.” Love it! Culinary Chef Crusoe Cooks Carrot CupCakes …..THAT could be the title of your first chapter. You are looking mighty hot in the chef’s whites and toque. Lucky for us, we still see evidence of flexation. Always aware the Ladies Are ‘A Looking!
    To you, & your mum and dad: keep up the fantastic job!

    Sintilitating, sensational, seamless, sedulous & still looking, Bonnie Lee <3

  9. Wow what a great cookin’ lesson, Crusoe! That looks like so much fun! Mom doesn’t do much cookin’ around here. I must say your Mum does an excellent job on your wardrobe. Everything always fits you so nice. And I love the 6-second vine videos! Keep ’em coming, Crusoe!

    Take care, Buddy,

    Ranger, and of course my Mom

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