SuperDogs and Halloweeners

This past week has been particularly exciting for me. For one thing, it was Halloween(er), where I made an appearance at a cool sausage fest (wiener dog party), followed up by driving Mum and Dad crazy by barking at all the trick-or-treaters. Plus as you know, we’re now in the final stretch of my SuperDog Photo Contest, and I am so impressed with all the entries, I can’t even tell you..!

We’ll start with Hallowiener.

As usual, every holiday is about me, so I commissioned my own Dad into carving this pumpkin in a mirror image of myself (see top left image of my blog for comparison).

Amazing Best Dachshund Pumpkin Carving of Wiener Dog

It was pretty good, but I was expecting a little better. Don’t tell him this, but next year I’ll probably look into hiring that Mr. Angelo fellow..

Next was the Halloween party I attended!

We had a good turnout of wieners, all sporting their cool costumes. I showed up fashionably late as usual, revealing my highly anticipated (everything I do is highly anticipated) Halloween costume – which this year was Wile E. Coyote.

wile e. coyote wiener dog dachshund costume

It’s both a great-looking and functional costume. For one thing, chicks dig a dog in a racing helmet. Dad also told me they like rockets. But now I’ll be able to chase down any squirrel there is! I’m not sure how maneuverable I’ll be with this thing though. I can’t wait to try it out. I asked Mum and Dad to at least warn me before lighting it.

Dachshund Wiener Dog Rocket Costume

Here were a few others from the party:

The Three Musketeers. They made for a great team, but I think they need to work on their coordination if they’re going to make it in the musketeering business. They couldn’t even all stand side by side for a photo, let alone in a sword fight.

Three Musketeers Wiener Dog Dachshund Costume

This cute blonde was a Butterfly – although not a very social butterfly. I kept throwing her winks to come check out my rocket but she seemed more interested in staying with her mommy. Oh well, I guess I can’t ‘land’ them all.

Wiener Dog Butterfly Dog Costume

Here’s Michael Jackson. I still can’t tell if that’s a wig or his natural hair. If it’s real, then he really needs to tell me what shampoo he’s using.

Michael Jackson Wiener Dog Costume and Wig

This little Pumpkin may look cute and cuddly, but she sure was a feisty one. Just don’t look her square in the eye and you’ll be okay.

Dachshund Pumpkin Costume

And this little guy was a Pirate, who was all bark (a lot of it) and no bite. He had this same look on his face for the whole night, as if always on the verge of identifying a cause for alarm.

Wiener Dog Pirate Costume for Dachshunds

It was a great night, and my costume was really a hit. I even won for the category of most original. However, ironically, I wasn’t the only one who thought of this costume this year. As it turned out, my buddy Ammo the Dachshund also had the same idea, with only a slight difference in execution.

So submissions for my SuperDog Photo Contest officially ended on Halloween, so we’re now in the voting stage which ends November 7.

There are so many great sidekicks to choose from, I don’t even know where to begin. I’m impressed not only with the cool costumes and superhero outfits, but especially with the creative and original descriptions as to why they should be BATDOG’s sidekick.

I noticed – and as my fan Ruth Oliver pointed out, there are a strange number of wired hair dachshunds who have entered. I can’t tell if this is legitimate or some sort of mastermind scheme, since as you know, I’ve always had a hard time trusting them.

It’s difficult to tell at this point, but if a wired hair does make it to the end, there will be some necessary due diligence, including a lie detector test and probably some personality checks as well. They do represent some good candidates though – if what they say is true.

BATDOG is definitely looking forward to finding his sidekick. He can’t concentrate on driving the batmobile and checking out chicks at the same time..

BATDOG batman dachshund costume - wiener dog costume

But remember now, I’m looking for 2 sidekicks! One will be determined by number of votes, the other will be hand-chosen. So even if you don’t win by votes, having a decent amount of votes shows me you are persevering and really wanting this! So make sure to vote for all your favorites everyday. See the entries here.

Another big announcement I have is that I just officially unveiled my Crusoe Store, which is now selling my Dachshund Christmas Cards!

Get them while they’re hot!

Thanks fans, and I can’t wait for Thursday of this week to announce the SuperDog Photo Contest Winner!

Keep spookin’,

~ Crusoe



12 Responses to SuperDogs and Halloweeners

  1. Crusoe-again and again my mum and I laugh at your blog! You have a great sense of humor! Chicks DO dig a guy in a helmet, especially with a rocket on their back! Yawza!! We liked all the costumes from your party, but we think it wasn’t a Michael Jackson costume, but that of Howard Stern.
    We keep checking our votes to be your Super-Sidekick, and get excited when we are up even a vote. We are trying like heck to generate votes.
    ***VOTE for Bonnie, the Bonzai Bomber***
    <3 Bonnie Lee Sleek, Stelth, and Single

    • Thanks Bonnie (the Bonzai Bomber)!

      I can see a Howard Stern there for sure : )
      Thanks for stopping by, and good luck in the contest!

  2. I unofficially nominate my sweet little longhair Luddy as a really super wiener for coming through hurricane Sandy without so much as a whimper and running out into the yard, ears blowing, whenever “necessary” …and we live on Long Island in NY! Here’s to my little man for being so brave and to Crusoe who inspires me to see the GO in every dachshund!

    • You are absolutely right. I give koodos to any dog who made it through. You must be very proud of Luddy, he’s a fighter. Thanks for your comment : )

  3. Woohoo! Super Heroes Unite! Thanks for sharing a link to my halloween costume pal – did you have any luck catching that roadrunner yet? I’m on to plan B after my rocket malfunctioned…..I really wish I had bought the warranty!

    • No problem, Ammo. Haven’t got the roadrunner yet. We’ll have to coordinate an ambush. I’m thinking of getting a skateboard to ride while the rocket pushes me (less work for my legs ; )

  4. Some great pics and looks like a great party.
    Due to that snippy Sandy we are not going to be in this years contest. We live in Battery Park in NY and it’s a bit of a mess.
    I have been on double duty barking and supervising the clean up !
    Since we did have trick or treaters in our building you will be happy to know I drive MY mom crazy barking at them too !!!!!
    Next year my man – side kicks for sure !!

  5. You are indeed the life of the party. It looks like all you doxies had a great time. Your dad is also very talented carving that pumpkin,truly a great likeness to the most loveable doxie! Where did your mum get the Wile E coyote costume, I know my boys can use it to chase those pesky little squirrels that dare invade their territory or is it a one of a kind costume for a celebrity like yourself?! 😉 You are too cute.

  6. You looked great I wish I could have made it from Tasmania in time. From April the sexy red dachsund from Tasmania

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