It’s Almost Moving Time !

There’s only a week and a half left before I move into my new home, and I am very excited to say the least. Especially to show everyone photos of my new place !

I’ll start by saying that I am quite embarrassed that Mum and Dad came home with a bunch of banana boxes from the grocery store to use as moving boxes. What kind of cheapos am I living with..?

Now with my current shoulder injury (which seems to be getting better), I can’t do much around the house – including helping to pack. So instead, I have taken the rather favorable position of being ‘moving coordinator’. This means I get to sit on my step and tell Mum and Dad what to pack.


“Mum, I want you to start packing that box with my toys, but ONLY broken toys that do NOT squeak. Once you’re done, mark the box as ‘non-squeaker toys’. The other box will be for my toys that DO squeak'”.

(You need to be organized to be the moving coordinator).

So anyway, of course Mum didn’t do it exactly as I wanted, even with my clear directions. If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself, so I just had to get in there and fix things myself.


In retrospect, it wasn’t the best idea for me to have gotten involved – because once I started pulling them out I couldn’t help but want to play with them. In the end, I just ended up unpacking both boxes.

And yes, I have a lot of toys. That’s one of the good parts in being a celebrity.

The other thing I have to keep a close eye on is Mum trying to slip a few of my old and worn out toys into the garbage while packing them (and even unpacking them!). She’s been known to do this before. So I carefully sniffed out all the boxes to make sure there weren’t any toys hidden within that might not ‘reappear’ later on.


And it was only while writing this post that I noticed I had dried yogurt on my nose the whole time. Geez, Mum and Dad could have told me that before we begun a photo shoot..

As you can tell, I don’t take this subject lightly.


As for Dad, I have to make sure he delicately wraps & packs all my trophies, awards, and pictures and marks the box as ‘fragile’. He seems to think that packing useless stuff like his books and video games are more important, so I had to remind him that I’m the moving coordinator by chewing on one of his boxes. That got his attention.


Similar to the toy situation, once I saw all my gleaming trophies come off their shelves, I couldn’t resist taking a picture with them. Here’s me with a couple of them. But keep in mind I still have hundreds more now packed away in one of the boxes.


Now since I am unfamiliar with what our new neighborhood will be like, I have been searching for a good guard dog service for the time of our move. With me being busy watching over the move, there won’t be anyone (any dog) to keep an eye on our stuff while we move in. And I still don’t know if there are any wired-hairs in the area yet, as I’m sure they would jump at the opportunity to steal one of my trophies and claim it as their own.

So if anyone knows a good guard dog service, do let me know.

The days are counting down!

Keep packin’,

~ Crusoe



14 Responses to It’s Almost Moving Time !

  1. Hi Crusoe! I, too, am often called upon to clean a yogurt container. Then I go out in the yard with yogurt on my face and the squirrels are all pointing at me and laughing. Stupid squirrels. Have a great move, Crusoe! Keep packin’!

  2. Crusoe, we are getting a germanm shepherd tommorrow. Although she willbe too little to guard you right now (she is only 8 weeks old) I am sure when she gets bigger she can help you out. Good luck with packing. – Glory and Pogo

  3. We wanna know who the heck is packing those nacho chips? I see them laying there on that plate. I hope they got wrapped up really well so they won’t break during transport.

    We can’t wait to see the new Crusoe Casa! It’s gonna be fun exploring it once you get there.

    Lily Belle

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