The Portrait-Pose Photo Contest!

I had to work some magic to pull this together, but after some hard work, I would like to introduce you to my brand new and exciting contest. I call it The Portrait-Pose Photo Contest.

I am inviting you to submit your absolute, favorite photo of your dog. All breeds are welcome. Heck, even wired-hairs can have a shot! Make sure you choose your favorite photo though, because here’s the winning prize:

The  winning photo (ie: the winning dog) will be turned into a custom painting by renowned artist, Kellie of Doodle Dog Paintings in her fun, modern style!

This prize painting typically sells for $1200 ! 

Let me show you some examples of pictures she’s taken and converted into beautiful works of art that you can hang on your wall and cherish for years to come..

Modern Art Dachshund Painting

Painting of Dappled Dachshund Wiener DogCustom Dog Paintings Custom Commission Dog PaintingsCommission a Custom Dog Painting Modern ArtPretty cool, huh? View some more examples of Kellie’ work here.

And what’s even better is that YOU get to choose your background color scheme, assuring it will fit into the perfect place in your home. But, to appreciate the true value of her paintings, I need to tell you a bit more about her.

UPDATE: If you have more than one dog, you can submit one photo for each dog. Or, if you have one photo that has two dogs in it, you can submit it twice, but clarify each photo as being for a different dog. Keep in mind, only one dog will be painted though.

About Doodle Dog Paintings:

Kellie lives by the motto, “live for the moment and love as hard as you can!”, and we all know that dogs live in the moment. What started as a painting of her own Italian Greyhound, Kellie’s work soon became sought out by friends, doggy boutiques and dog lovers who all wanted their own original artwork!

Every painting Kellie does is custom-taylored to a client’s taste and their pet’s personality.  Everything is done by hand and many hours of love and labour go into every canvas.

90% of Kellie’s current customers are international, requesting modern originals from around the world! She also has a wide range of prices for her work, and prints are available, too!

And she doesn’t just do dogs; she also does cats, horses, or any animal you consider to be your loving companion.

Learn more about Kellie’s work at  or on Facebook

  • Note: the winning photo will NOT be determined by number of votes, but will be chosen by 5 judges, including myself (Crusoe), the artist (Kellie), among others. Votes can help bring more attention to your photo though!

So, how can you get started? Visit my Facebook Page to submit your photo! Choose it carefully! If you’re not on Facebook, you can send me your photo by email at with the following information:

  • A caption for your photo.
  • Your first and last name.
  • Your city.
  • Your dog’s name.

You can find further contest rules and deadlines on my Facebook page or on my blog’s Contest Page.

Good luck!

~ Crusoe



4 Responses to The Portrait-Pose Photo Contest!

  1. Hey Crusoe,
    It’s your favorite wiener from Milwaukee, Sophie. I’d like to send you a photo of myself for your contest but can I send separate pix of my two bros? My Mom wants to know ’cause she doesn’t play favorites. So my peeps would actually be sending you three photos. Thanks for getting back to me handsome! By the way…awesome prize!

  2. Love the contest Crusoe you did good with your surprise. Quick question on the rules: can the photo only contain one dog. Because all my favorite pictures of my “twins” have them both in it.

    • Hi Julia, you can submit a photo with more than one dog, but technically only one will be painted. You could submit the same photo twice though and clarify each one as being for a seperate dog. Make sense? Thanks : )

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