A Dachshund’s Particular Peculiar Habits

Nothing brings to life the character of a dog like their particular peculiar habits. It’s usually what really sets us apart. They say we are creatures of routine, but that doesn’t seem to jive well with my free-spirited and adventurous disposition. Just goes to show we’re all different. Of course, there’s also our ‘quirks‘, too.

Here are some of my peculiar habits..

  • One of my many household rules is that the first one in bed (usually me) gets to choose the pillow they want. I am usually the first one in bed, wherein I choose Dad’s pillow. I’m not shy to make myself comfortable while waiting with a ball for him to get there for a little bedtime-playtime  : )

dachshunds are ready to play

(Mum would also like me to point out the wiener dog bed sheets).

  • This one is probably more common than ‘peculiar’, but I always say;

“Mum and Dad may own the house and the yard, but I own the block”.

wiener guard dogs

Neigborhood Watch? Ha, they should call it Wienerhood Watch. Oakley and I got it covered.

    • I don’t think I’ve really told people about this yet, but I am actually a sock-snatcher. I will literally take a sock right off your foot. I mainly like men’s dress socks (you know, the thin ones) that are nice a stinky from a full day of being worn to the office. I will then go and nibble at your toes to grab the end of the sock. Then it’s a tug of war to get it off.
Dachshund Pulls Sock
I like it when you don’t make it too easy to get it off. There’s got to be a bit of a challenge.. Once I do, it makes for a great chewy. But I don’t destroy them, so don’t worry. Mum calls it the pre-wash.
Wiener Dog Sock
    • I’m not usually a grumpy wiener dog, but I do have my moments. I don’t like being smothered or kissed or hugged too much. I guess it’s just my manly instincts, and just being at that age where you don’t want to kiss your mommy. Anyway, I don’t mind if Mum gives me a peck on the cheek, but when she starts doing her smoochy-smoochy stuff I get a little annoyed. I don’t ‘growl’ per se, but I vocalize my discontent or wriggle to get loose. The fact of the matter is I just want to play. So just throw my ball (or take my picture) – that’s all I want.
    • Let’s see what else.. Oh! I like love pinecones. They’re like a cross between a stick and a tennis ball – fun to chase and easy to crunch and rip apart. What’s not to love about that? I also like acorns, but supposedly they aren’t good for doggies so Mum doesn’t usually let me play with them.
  • Most of the time I am a very happy, go-lucky kind of guy. I’m cheerful and always ready to play – anytime. Yet, there are times where I may act a little strange to Mum and Dad. For instance, sometimes for no apparent reason I will go hide under the bed. Mum and Dad try to get me out using playful voices, toys, treats.. you name it. I’ll just stay there as long as I feel like it, because they can’t even reach me. I did this when Oakley left..

Dachshund Hiding Under Bed

  • And as my last peculiar habit for now, I have to admit that I am a very, very picky pooper. I will spend as much time as needed to find the perfect spot, turning in circles and circles. It’s a long process, and at the slightest noise or even if you look at me, I will stop and start all over again.

Anyway, there’s definitely more but I’ll have to think on it.

But what I am most curious about is whether my habits truly are peculiar or not. So tell me fans, do your doggies do any of these? Or what are their particular peculiar habits?

Keep bein’ different,

~ Crusoe



25 Responses to A Dachshund’s Particular Peculiar Habits

  1. Reminds us so much of our SIERRA *JOY* dachshund….everything from the torn up yellow tennis ball – to the forlorn look out the window – the smile and especially lying high up on the bed pillows! Couldn’t live without a dachshund ~ they have more character than any other breed! THANKS SO FOR SHARING!

  2. Molly likes to cover her food before she eats it – with whatever she can find, or whatever you give her – a paper towel, a washcloth, a toy, a sock. She will cover it and remove it – over and over before she decides it is ok to eat. Both Molly and Sophie HAVE to have a cover when they are on your lap, even when it’s 100 degrees outside. I have found that a baby (human) receiving blanket works just fine in the summer and a nice fleece blanket in the winter is great. Two dogs and a blanket keeps me nice and toasty! Molly has to have at least 3 of her babies when we go to bed and if she doesn’t get them all then you-know-who has to retrieve them for her. Molly will paw at me to get my attention, for her blanket, to go outside or after meals when she is ready for “dessert” – TD dental treats. Oh yes, Molly loves Sophie, except when Mom (me) comes home. Molly has to greet me first with lots of kisses, but if Sophie tries to join in the welcome, Molly will either leave me or put her nose across my mouth so Sophie can’t get to me. I think it’s a reminder that I was her mom first! Love these babies of mine! I tell my human kids that they are the babies that don’t grow up and leave home!!!

    • That’s very true! We’re like little kids. I forgot to mention, but I bury my food as well, mainly because I feel Dad is going to steal it.

      Love how Molly has to get first kisses <3 lol

  3. I always call my Miss Luci a sun dog. She can find the smallest sliver of sun, and will stretch out full length in it to absorb as much warmth as possible. And she loves to destroy her tennis balls. They don’t stand a chance!

  4. We have two doxie darlings. (and our random furry dog)
    Olivia is our grumpy old lady and prefers to hang out in her “house” in the living room. She blocks the doorway with a blanket for optimum privacy. When she wants to be petted she will stare at you until you pick her up. She also has the be the first to eat and will eat the red pieces of the dog food first, the rest she spits out next to the bowl.

    Easley is the family Princess. When Mommy tries to put on her shoes to leave Easley gets in her lap to prevent the situation. She has to sleep next to (or on) Mommy at all times. She pouts on the back of the couch when she is upset, and will huff to let you know she isnt happy. She also takes forever to find just the right spot to relieve herself… and will run away from it when she is done! She also waits in bed for Mommy and Daddy with her head on the pillow and her paws over the blanket 🙂

    Jasper (the furry one) waits at the back door when its time for their human little sister to come home from school.

    • well we have four very different dachshunds here…Sunshine our oldest at 5 years old is the matriarch…it is her way or the highway…all the toys belong to her, and no one can fetch but her, and she will whine to have a cover placed over her head and you must remove your socks so she can lick your feet…like it or not. Also if you are walking through the dining room she may sit at the doggie door and wait for you to hold it open for her…just when she feels like it. Coco who is 4 is a daddy’s girl…whatever he says she does, she begs for food all day everyday, and knows when the oven timer dings to run for the kitchen, sometimes if she doesn’t trip mommy running for the stove, mommy will give her a baby carrot to keep her out of her hair for awhile. Boo Radley is 3 and he is very afraid of everything, and will wriggle all over you if one of his sibs is loving you. He loves singing…if you sing, whistle, or even hum , he will howl right along. He is the only one who likes to sleep alone , sometimes in his very own house, with his own sports themed flannel blanket. Biscuit is the baby, she is Boo Radley’s natural sister but was the runt of their litter. She is a mommy’s girl, she follows mom everywhere, sleeps with mom, with her own baby comforter, she growls at anyone who comes too close to mom, too fast. She scratches mom’s feet when she is ready for bed. The human children are jealous of her…but I think it is just for show. They all love to travel…going camping every July in the mountains and the Beach several times a year. I was so not a dog person until we met our sunshine and now I can’t imagine our lives without all four of them.

      • Funny funny sir daddi o is 10 now
        He too loves to lick at my husbands feet for hours if we let him
        He Also stares at moms water bottle in the middle of the nite if he wants a drink then we pour water bottle he drinks as it pours into a cup below
        Then he has to drink from the cup
        Luv doxies

  5. We have sock snatcher too!!!! Closely followed by the pre wash cycle for the socks and the toes…. Bertie has to have a ball with his dinner, can’t eat without throwing it around.

  6. We have three wonderful little Doxies; two reds (Winnie and Woody) and a black/tan (Willie). All three have their own personalitites and some of the typical dachshund traits. Winnie and Willie like to help their Mom and Dad remove their socks; Winnie runs off to chew on the sock, while Willie drops the socks once they are off feet. Winnie and Willie are attention hounds! They always want to be in someones lap, getting up into the humans face to give lots of kisses. On the other hand Woody acts more regal and and stand offish. He is sometimes refered to as Mr. Grumbly, he like to sleep late in the morning and would rather sleep than get up for breakfast. This is when he “talks” to us to let us know to leave him alone. However, all three like to keep up with your antics and do some of the same silly things…

    • The three W’s (such cute names!). We call our 4 grandsons the 4 T’s (Trevor, Tyler, Tanner and Tim). Your 3 doxies sound like a lot of fun! To me, dachshunds make our days happier! 🙂 Doggie kisses from Sierra *Joy* who is 12 weeks old now and full of puppy love!

  7. I have three little critters. Burrito, our oldest boy is a daddy’s boy. He’s not big into cuddling but loves to give hugs! He always wants to play fetch. In fact he would never stop if we didn’t put the ball away. Hes a very active boy and cant get outside to play and run enough, dad has even taken him on short runs Then there is Bella who is a total baby. She has to be on my lap whenever I sit down. If we go anywhere i have to carry her or she’ll claw my legs up trying to climb into my arms..she doesn’t jump on anything, in fact she knows she doesn’t have to because she just sits at my feet staring at me waiting to pick her up. If I don’t pick her up fast enough she gives a dainty little whine until I do. Then there is Dillo. Dillo is Bella and Burrito’s daughter. Dillo is now 6 months old and runs circles around her dad. She helps keep him active the way he likes by trying to steal his toys and gets her mom upset by stealing a spot on my lap to cuddle. Eventually they’ll share my lap and Dillo will lay down on top of her mom chewing on her ear until its soaking wet….she is the sweetest pup. She has a blue eye which she has trouble seeing out of and has depth perception problems. She runs up to us to say hi and ends up head butting us in her excitement.

    My babies have been a blessing in my life and bring a daily dose of laughter and happiness

  8. OMG, Crusoe, you’re just like my litlle girl, but of course much more manly :). She also hates to be kissed when not asked (but will kiss anyone on the street) and actually making me insane with that, Also, she is a sock killer and for her too the magic is in the struggle. She is also a slipper-shoe-shirt killer but who’s counting. Of course, her favourite place to sleep is under my pillow, and the walks are everything but walks. There are a lot more similarities but I just wanted to say that you are adorable, you doxies are one extremely special breed, and from this wiener owner to your mom – I understand you. ♥
    I wish you a lot more great post and hope to keep in touch
    Big greeting from doxie loving Croatia
    Dina and Miss Vinnie

  9. My Clifford Franklin loves to chase anything that squeaks and is a huge lap dog. He always wants to be in my lap

  10. We have two short haired cinnamon-red brazilian beuties. Priscila is our oldest, she is 2, very ladylike and a window watcher. She knows everithing what is happening on the block. Penélope is 5 months old, a real kisser e chew non stop, not is safe with her (shoes, socks, walls, drapes, named it, she chewed). Both are not morning persons and love looong naps on our bed, specially covered with comfy blankets. They are the joy of our home and the cuties of the neighborhood.

  11. how do I get this dog housebroken we have tried feeding him and put him in his cage but when we go outside he just looks around

  12. Petey is our resident dental hygienist. He licks every one of the other dog’s teeth clean every night. He is not mine; I am his. He loves to ride in the car, especially through a drive-through. He sleeps under the covers with me every night, and wears clothes because he gets cold. He’s in my lap right now under a soft blanket. He is a rescue dog who lost his owner to old age. I got him when he was 2 years old. He’s about 4 now. I love my Petey Boy!

  13. I realize this thread is old but I have my first Doxie, Mitzi. Mitzi was a retirement gift from my husband. She is a wild boar miniature dachshund. After reading all of the replies in this thread I realize that everything she does is normal Doxie behavior. The only thing that is unusual about Mitzie is she is a service dog. I wear her in a sling over my heart and she alerts me when my heart rate drops so that I can get to a safe place before I get dizzy. But don’t worry she gets plenty of exercise which she loves. She is such a cutie and loves everybody she meets including children and Rottweilers.

    • I have a Doxie Simon who I have had for 15 years. He is quite the character and has many of these odd traits like I have read here. He barks at airplanes and birds , he growls at people who get ear me, and he has always been very protective. He does the whole turn around and around to poop and always burrows to sleep under blankets or rugs. Lately he has been crawling under my bed and scratching the carpet before he lays down to sleep. I love him dearly and he is my best friend. He will kill any snake he sees and will not let me or anyone else get near it so to protect you. Simon is the best dog I have ever had!

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