One Grumpy Wiener..

I’m usually a pretty happy, go-lucky guy. But even celebrities can be grumpy sometimes. Mum thought it would be funny to record all the times I get grumpy and then show me the list after. She made the mistake of showing me the list one day while I was grumpy... The next day she was missing one of her favorite slippers (but she thought it was Dad anyway).

Yet, I’m in a pretty good mood right now so I can laugh about it. Here we go..

I usually don’t get a whole lot of time for afternoon naps (since I’m very busy doing celebrity stuff), so you might say I very much appreciate my morning sleep-in time. I hit the sack with one of my favorite toys, and then usually sleep in to 11:00 am under the covers. On some occasions I have to get up early and go with Mum and Dad somewhere. I’m fine at the time as I like going with them everywhere they go, but later in the day (especially if I don’t get an afternoon nap), watch out – there’s going to be one grumpy wiener.

dachshund under the covers

So to describe my grumpiness

I go into my, ‘don’t-touch-me-just-throw-the-ball’, mood. I don’t want to be cutesy’d, cuddled, cradled, or touched – I just want to play. But only kind of. I’ll come up on the couch or bed beside Mum and Dad and start grumbling – not growling, just grumbling. If they try to touch me I get even more upset. I just squeak my toy in their face.

And I only get like this if I haven’t slept enough that day. Otherwise, I’m a pretty happy dude.

The other time I get grumpy is when I’m thrown off a chase. For instance, in the below picture I was chasing a rabbit I think (can’t remember exactly), and while I was running through the underbrush this big stick got jammed in my collar. So that threw me off the chase right there. But that’s not even the worst part – try walking through underbrush with this big thing stuck across your neck. I kept getting stuck!

So, this is probably my grumpiest face ever.

Grumpy Wiener Dog

I also get grumpy when I get wet. One time Mum put my out on this rock off the shore from our place. She left me there so I had no choice but to swim back. When I got back I was not very impressed.

She said it was “survival training”… (more like wussy training).

Grumpy Wiener Dog

But for real, I don’t mind water if there are balls or ducks involved.

I also am not a fan of bath time. Here is a picture of Mum giving me and Oakley a bath. Of course Oakley likes the water so he just bugs me and pokes around at me while we’re in the tub. I think he knows I don’t like it so he just tries to pester me. All I have in my mind is to get out!

dachshund bath time

And I also get grumpy when I see Mum take out the rain jacket from the closet. Then I know it’s going to be wet and cold. I start shivering before I even get out the door!

So anyway, that’s enough talking about stuff that makes me grumpy, because it’s starting to bitter my mood and remind me that Mum is the one who showed me all of this. Maybe “Dad will misplace” something else of hers tomorrow..

Is there anything that makes your wiener (dog) grumpy?

Keep smilin’,

~ Crusoe



25 Responses to One Grumpy Wiener..

  1. We get grumpy when mamas go to work! But the grump of our family is our chihuahua sis Luna! She is very particular which blanket she wants to go under when it’s bed time. One time mama placed her in the wrong sheet. She always gets out and starts her routine all over again!!!!

  2. You sure look grumpy in that stick picture, Crusoe. I think Swift gets grumpy when people tease him and won’t throw his ball. Once he gets it back, he runs and hides under the bed so no one can take it away. Kool gets grumpy when I ignore him (or when he thinks I’m ignoring him). He does this little whiny-growl that is just adorable – I mean, grumpy.

  3. Wet, cold weather makes me grumpy! That and Mom doing things to me, like; trimming my nails, bathing me, wiping the gunk from my eyes… about anything she does to me makes me grumpy. If you’ve read anything on my fb wall, it’s mostly about my ongoing battle with Mom and my attempts to remove her from the picture. Hey, I’m twenty years old and I can be as grumpy as I want!

  4. You is grumpy at all the correct times, Crusoe. Baths and other chilly things especially! I has one more grumpy that I always does: When I is chewing vigorously on my chewy, I gets very growly if the humans touch me. They might be trying to steal my chewies! And my chewies are MINE!!!

  5. I also have grumpy time when my lap moves too much. When I’m sleeping is it too much to ask that my lap stays perfectly still? Sometimes it’s too much and I get off and give mom ‘the look’.

  6. Just today I was thinking, while standing in one place for 20 minutes while my doxie was counting grass, if dogs can really be rain-challenged or is she doing this just to enoy me. After the mentioned 20 minutes I got my conclusion when she looked at me with such grumpy face expresion that chills ran over my body.. 🙂 I get you Crusoe, hang on.. :*

  7. I get VERY grumpy at my friend Dixie when she ventures too close to my dinner bowl. I also growl at the rain because I hate being cold and wet and miserable.
    You have a very cute grumpy face by the way crusoe

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