Tough Love Swimming Lessons

In my last post you saw how gentle my mum was with teaching Oakley how to swim. With me it was a different story. She says that if I want to be a celebrity I have to learn to do things the hard way. Well, that sucks. If someone had told me that before I probably wouldn’t have decided I wanted to grow up to be a celebrity. I was under the impression my good looks, charm, and stunning physique would be enough. But, oh well, I’m a natural adventurer and didn’t get these muscles just lazing around, so it’s really not that much to complain about.

My mum knows I don’t love the water. So how does she get me to swim? Well, she wades out from the beach and places me on a lone rock about 20 yards out. She leaves me there and goes back to shore, telling me I can stay there or swim back. Obviously, I have no choice.

Dachshund Swimming Lessons

After a short while of pacing around the rock and looking for some possible route off that doesn’t mean getting wet, I realize it’s a fruitless endeavour. I have to swim. Mum is going to pay for this. And so I jump…

Dachshund Swimming

Dachshund Swimming

When I finally get to shore, you might say I am a little less than grumpy. Being a celebrity though, I still need to keep face. If I’m going to do something, I might as well make it look effortless. So I did.

Dachshunds Dont Like Being Wet

It’s a tough road to fame, but it’s a road I’m willing to take. You can’t have success without sacrifice. I hope you can all learn from this experience. It may be tough love, but I can appreciate the deeper value.

Keep ballin’,

~ Crusoe



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  1. Hi. I wanted to comment on the method of teaching your dog to swim. In the past, I’ve done the same thing, brought my dog out to a certain depth and then let her swim back, but this only made her not come when called later. With my dachshund I have now, I throw toys she likes to fetch into the river etc and that entices her to swim.

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