Oakley Learns to Swim!

So this post isn’t really about me; it’s about my brother, Oakley. The picture below is so funny I just had to share it. Oakley is a sensitive pup so will probably be a bit embarrassed by this, but oh well – he isn’t here right now. I have to give him credit though, this guy could swim like a fish from the moment he touched the water (under my example of course, but still..).  The first time my mum (that’s her in the pic) took him out, I think he was a little surprised as to how cold the water was… Just look at his face!


He was swimming around in no time. He looked like a little otter. I have to say though, my mum was a lot nicer teaching him how to swim than me. Wait till my next post when I tell you how she taught me… No wonder I don’t like swimming as much as Oakley does.

That’s Oakley again below. He’s a cutie. I’m sure the ladies are goin’ to love him when he gets a bit older!

Dachshund in Water

Stay tuned for my next post. I’ll show you how I swim!

Keep ballin’,

~ Crusoe



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