I Have a Twin-(half)-Brother!

So here’s the big news I said I had in my previous post. As you can see from the title, I have a twin-brother! His name is Oakley, and he’s actually a twin, half-brother to be specific – ‘same fathas different mothas’. My dad got around quite a bit – which is where I assume I got my charm and good looks from. Oakley is only about 6 months old (whereas I am going on 2), but he still looks just like me! In fact, I’ve been using him as my look-alike in public situations where I don’t want to be spotted. Even though I may have to find a new look-alike after revealing him to all my fans, he’s such a good buddy of mine I figured the world should know about him. In the below picture, that’s the two of us with our noses buried deep in a chipmunk hideout.

Dachshunds Digging

I had invited Oakley up to my lakeside retreat for the weekend since I hadn’t seen him in a while (I’m usually quite busy doing what celebrities do). It was a pretty relaxing weekend, just the two of us. I brought him out on my new boat to show him the lake. He’s a decent swimmer but I still made him wear a life jacket to be safe. I wore mine as well just to set an example and so that he wouldn’t feel like a baby (but of course I didn’t really need it). So that’s me in the green life jacket and Oakley in the orange. You can see why he makes such a good look-alike!
Crusoe & Oakley in Life Jackets
Oakley was doing so well, I decided I would give him a shot at driving the boat. He jumped on the opportunity and did a great job; took it very seriously and was very concentrated. He’s a goofball and is usually quite mischievous, but seemed to find some newfound calling in driving that boat… maybe he’ll grow up to be Captain Oakley. It made for a terrific photo, too!

Dachshund Driving

Oakley can always make me laugh. Especially with the silly pranks he plays on his mum and dad. He loves to grab the end of the roll of toilet paper and make a break for it, making his mum chase him across the house. The other one he does is to pretend he sees a squirrel, take off after it and then hide so his owners go in a blind-eyed, panic-stricken sprint after him. He’s a bugger. That’s the word for him, bugger. He’s my buddy though, and I look forward to the next time we’ll hang out.

Oh, and if anyone out there knows of another dachshund with dashing good looks that could work as my new look-alike, please let me know (the pay is quite good).

Keep ballin’,

~ Crusoe



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