"The wiener dog who thinks he's more of a celebrity than he really is (for now)"


As a celebrity, I expectantly have a very full wardrobe, ranging from costumes for entertaining to apparel for keeping up with the latest fashion trends, to even superhero outfits for the occasional crime fighting I do.

My dachshund costumes and outfits are a combination of hand-made, store-bought, and re-purposed items.



Minions Costumes!

As seen in our viral videos topping over a total of 20 million views online.. it’s our minions costumes! I never had so many people ask us where we got a costume than with these ones right here… So you can now find a DIY tutorial on how to make these costumes for yourselves here.

BATDOG wiener dog outfit

BATDOG outfit

It is very important we clarify that this is not a costume – the BATDOG suit is a custom-engineered, flame-resistant, bullet-proof outfit used for fighting crime and infiltrating the dubious wired hair dachshunds. I custom ordered this outfit from Wayne Enterprises (supposedly they have a pet department).


Minions costumes

I’ve probably been asked by literally a million people where we got this costume from. It was homemade/repurposed plush toy. At the moment we do not custom make/sell them. You can find our Minions videos here and here.


Cop car costume

This was a homemade costume that was used in the infamous “cops & robbers” video which can be seen here.


Swiss yodeler

This was the costume I wore while performing my amazing yodel in Switzerland. Read about that here.

Two Monkeys Carrying Box Dog Costume

Two Monkeys Carrying a Box of Bananas Costume

This is my award winning wiener dog costume of two monkeys carrying a box of Dole bananas. I’ve always said us dachshunds are monkeys, so making this box costume seemed obvious ; )

Chef Costume for Dachshunds

Chef Costume

This is my chef/baker costume that I use for my Cooking with Crusoe blog posts. I may not know much about cooking, but at least when I put this on I feel like I do. If you follow my cooking posts, keep in mind they are more for the entertainment value than the educational value.

Dachshund Fishing Costume

Fishing outfit

I am an extremely avid fisherman (dog), so it was only natural to obtain my own fishing outfit to complete the look. I get very excited when there’s a fish on the line, so much so I would probably jump in after it if it wasn’t for people holding me back. See my post dachshund gone fishin’.

Dachshund on Stilts

Dachshund on Stilts!

A popular meme was made of my picture, which you may have seen. It said: “They said I could be anything, so I became a doberman”. My stilts are very useful for accessing a variety countertops and side tables, not to mention they help me see far. Read about my adventures on stilts here.

Crusoe Dachshund - Dog Blog

Captain Costume

For all my sailing adventures across the high sea, I can be seen sporting my captain outfit, completely customized with the dachshund logo. You can find this costume in my blog post where I introduce Captain Crusoe.

Long Body Crusoe - Pirate Dachshund

Long Body Crusoe

Beware the notorious wiener pirate who goes by the name of Long Body Crusoe. He sails the high seas looking for sexy ladies and treasure troves of squeaky toys – as first scene in my summer tribute post.

Dog Hunting Hat

My Hunting Hat

Whenever I embark on a hunting expedition, I need to look the part. Here is my very fashionable and warm hunting hat made with faux fur. It was first seen in my hunting adventures with Oakley blog post.

Wiener Dog Snorkel Diver Costume

Snorkel Gear Costume

On my recent trip to the Bahamas, I brought along a full set of snorkel / diving gear to use. I was quite disappointed when I realized this was not real gear, and that my mask was very leaky. However, I did look really good in it, and that’s all I really care about anyway.

Wile. E. Coyote Costume

Wile. E. Coyote Costume

This was my most recent Halloween costume, for which I won an award for ‘most original’. It was a great costume, however I was always worried someone would light the fuse on that rocket without warning me. So I was always watching my back.

Wiener Dog Life Jacket

My Life Jacket

Here’s me in my awesome Outward Hound life jacket, made specifically for small dogs like me. You can find this life jacket at PetSmart. I use it on most of my kayaking adventures and boating / fishing trips. (Mum insists I wear it even though I’m an expert swimmer).

Wiener Dog Gangster Costume

Gangster Get-ups

This is my brother Oakley (left) and I (right) on a day we really felt like sporting some bling and cash. This pic is from my post on Dachshund Bruthas from Different Muthas. When Oakley and I get together, we often find some very interesting ways of keeping ourselves entertained.

Sexy Ladies Wiener Party

Pool Party Dawgs

Here’s me with a few sexy ladies in our poolside getups where we enjoyed some sun, cool drinks, and fun in the pool. As seen in my Sexy Ladies Wiener Dog Pool Party post.

Funny Dachshund wearing Glasses

My ‘Thinking Glasses’

I’ve always said these glasses are not for reading – they are to help me think more sophisticatedly. I only wear them when I have some critical thinking to do, or when I need to portray an image of being an exceptionally smart dachshund, (which I am).

Doggy Dentist Costume

Dentist Costume

Not so much a costume as a persona. On my recent trip to the dentist with Mum, I ended up saying ‘heck with this quack’ and taking over to do it myself. I seem to have a hard time getting along with doctors and vets and such.

Wiener Dog Funny Skunk Costume

Skunk Costume

I wore this costume to one of the annual wiener dog races in Montreal, for which I won best costume. A lot of people were laughing at me when I wore this, which I was not very happy with. This is supposed to be a cute costume, not a funny / look at the skunk! / haha / type of costume.

Dachshund Santa Costume

Santa Costume

Every year, Santa Crusoe comes to town – usually with his little elf helper Oakley (that’s my bro). By coincidence (or perhaps not), wired hair dachshunds have never seemed to make the list. I guess I’m not surprised. They’re not to be trusted.

Winter Dachshund Jacket

Winter Jacket & Neck-Warmer

Where I live it can get pretty cold. This is one of my many winter outfits for confronting those cold days. Don’t I look nice and cozy?

Dachshund Spring Jacket

Spring Jacket

This is my lovely Spring/Fall jacket. It has a soft interior and waterproof outside so I don’t get all wet and water-logged (nobody likes a wet wiener). It’s also specifically made for dachshunds.

Dachshund Hoodie Sweater

Hoodie Sweater

This is my nice and warm hoodie sweater that I usually wear around the holidays when visiting my bro and family. It’s stylish and cozy!

Dachshund Spider Costume

Spider Costume

This is my spider costume which I really only wear to scare to away visitors I don’t care for. In this picture, I was waiting for the ‘potential renters’ to come check out our condo (before moving to our new house) to spring out and scare the bejeebers out of them. This is MY home.

Dachshund Boxers

Sexy Boxers & Shades

When I’m feeling particularly sexy I like to throw on a pair of smiley face boxers and pose on the couch with aviator sunglasses. This one really drives the chicks wild.



22 Responses to WARDROBE

  1. Yes where do you get Crusoe’s jackets? They are so cute! Anything that I find for Rocky that’s long enough and fits around his chest isn’t very fashionable…

  2. LOVE all of it! Can’t have a favorite..but the boxers are quite spif. Love your ear popping out of your face mask at the dentist, the cooking and Batdog eyes…Ahhhh, I am going to swoon.
    We can’t wait for your trip south! However, there are many reports of alligators in the area where you are going, BUT Batdog will keep all safe. I will be watching the NY-Canadian border and will send reports as needed.
    Sedulous, sibylline, supercilious, silly, and single,
    Bonnie Lee <3 <3

    • I’ve handled alligators before, so I don’t worry about them. Thanks for keepin’ watch on the border! I might have to look up a couple of your adjectives this time ; )

  3. I think you and Bonnie just need to get a room, Crusoe, and the put the poor darling out of her misery! She’s got it baaaaaaad for you!! P.S. Love your wardrobe. You look awesome in each item. So handsome! Kiss-kiss on your cute little “anchor.” xoxoxox

  4. We love seeing this gorgeous hound and reading his stories. We have a black/tan boy, just like Crusoe and a stunning little red girl dachsie, both of whom we ADORE, just as Crusoe et al are. I wish every dog on earth could be adored like this!! Lovely pics and stories. Thank you!

  5. My dachshunds n I absolutely Love your site and of course the handsome Crusoe man! My dachshunds,Miss Daisy n her sidekick Happy go ‘Luckie’, enjoy the adventures of Crusoe. With all our dachshund love, DD,Daisy,n Luckie

  6. I love the minion costume!! As much as my friend loves her dachshund. I was wondering if I could possibly buy one, please.

    Thank you for your time. I do look forward to hearing from you

  7. My husband and I absolutely love your daschund in the hunting outfit especially the fur top hat! May we know where you got outfit and especially the hat because we love to get one for our daschund Little Ace?

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