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Category Archives: Doctor Crusoe

Dr. Crusoe Tells His Story

Dr. Crusoe Tells His Story

Dr. Crusoe here. As you hopefully heard, I’m leaving on tour starting April 17th to travel across Canada to raise awareness forĀ flea and tick prevention as well as to meet fans and sign books as part of the No Bite is Right campaign. I was chosen to be theĀ spokesdog for the campaign, which might seem… Read more!

Dr. Crusoe: Oakley Gets a Check-up

Dr. Crusoe: Oakley Gets a Check-up

As you saw in my last post covering my little summer vacation with brother Oakley, I couldn’t help but notice how many hot dogs Oakley managed to eat at our campfire. Some of my fans as well have been commenting on Oakley’s supposed weight. Now I will admit that Oakley has always been a bit… Read more!

Dr. Crusoe & Nurse Oakley

Dr. Crusoe & Nurse Oakley

This past weekend I took a rare trip to visit my brother Oakley’s abode near Toronto – since most of the time it’s him who will come out to my neck of the woods. The purpose of the weekend was not of pleasure, but of necessity so that Dr. Crusoe and Nurse Oakley could finally… Read more!

Dr. Crusoe: Mum & Dad Get Sick

Dr. Crusoe: Mum & Dad Get Sick

This past week Mum and Dad both had their turns getting sick. First it was Mum, then Dad, and guess who was stuck taking care of them? Me! This is what sparked another one of my many great ideas. I decided I would buckle down and study up over the weekend on all the medical… Read more!

Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund

Crusoe is the wiener dog extraordinaire who has won the hearts of many through his wacky home-made outfits, viral videos, NYTimes Bestselling book, and larger-than-life personality.


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